"Remind me why we are here, Xue." Viclia called from beside her on the roof of the transfer housing. Her over-muscled right arm was busy wiping at her whips of hair, and her red, scaly forearm bristled with discontent.

"To see the moon, Viclia, to see the moon." Xue teased the pom-poms that formed at the end of her hair, staring at the moon which shined so brightly on the horizon.

"You are a silly little girl. I would wish to see the rest of your race, if they were not missing." Viclia didn't notice the painful stretch that followed her poor English. She didn't notice the wince on Xue's face, nor did she notice the blue tear running down the girl's violet cheek.

"I wanted to see the moon. I wanted to see the place of my first memory. Let me have that without you shredding my kind." She tightly clenched her hands, smaller than a human's, but larger than a Squarp's. Her eyes closed, and she willed herself not to cry in front of one of her only friends.

"Who cares? I am going down back to my quarters. It is nearly midnight." The Bicelp hopped on her one foot over to the hatch inside.

Xue sighed and sat down on the roof. She couldn't imagine life on Earth without her team of scientists. She truly couldn't imagine herself as a human either! She wished she knew her parents, or at least knew her species.


My mother put me down onto the barren ground, her face hidden by the helmet she and my father wore. I didn't know how I knew they were my parents, though. The bubble I was in prevented me hearing anything they said, though I doubt I could have understood them, for they must have been speaking my planet's native language. The bubble was warm and quiet, the automated voice telling me something in that language I never knew, and administered an odd gas into the chamber.

They stepped onto a ship very unlike those the humans use. It was sleek and white, the hatch on the bottom and the main cabin near the front. it was a small blip in seconds, and gone after that. I finally succumbed to the gas's wish, and closed my eyes.


That was the only memory Xue had of someone of her own species. She must have been one human year old, and tonight would be the thirteenth anniversary of that night. She considered it her birthday.

"Happy birthday to me." She mumbled to herself, looking at the one place she knew love.

(The Next Morning)

"Now just raise your arms Xue…" the lead scientist Cathie told her, as she raised her arms, and got a blood test sample from her stomach, then another from her shoulder, and another from her leg. The Clinic was warm, with maroon walls, but sleek with white accents like the MRI machines or the tables.

"So Xue, how was your day, yesterday?" Cathie asked, still peppy as ever. "How's Viclia?"

Xue looked shyly to the ground as Cathie took her temperature.

"Xue, is something wrong? Did Viclia say something?"

She nodded shyly as Cathie took a sample from the Pom-poms on her hair.

"You would think…" Cathie shook her head, her blonde hair falling out of its bun. "The IPEP is really going to hear about this."

The IPEP was the Inter-Planetary Exchange Program, and funded the trips to send species representatives like Viclia to Earth. The only catch? They have to be under 18 earth years old. They service went only to earth, the epicenter of all trade across the universe.

"Please don't!" Xue cried. "She was only talking about my species!"

"And that is what we've warned all of the representatives. I am aware that yesterday was what you considered your fourteenth birthday, so you were probably looking at the moon, no?" Cathie exclaimed as she packed up her bag. "It is 2063, Xue. Alien acceptance laws are set, and you have all the rights of a human. Not a soul can hurt you like they did without facing the law."

"How did you know I was on the roof?"

"Silly! We have representatives from twenty five planets, and you don't think we have security cameras?" the two laughed, until Xue felt a memory flushing forward.


I awaken to the sound of an odd spacecraft landing on the ground near me. The people that step out are wearing bulky suits that made them look unlike anything I ever saw. I started crying, and they came over to my bubble, talking in voices that couldn't be heard. They took the bubble and I and headed back to the ship.


"Xue!" The doctor was shaking her shoulders, because she must have passed out when she flashed back. "Was it the one where the Astronauts found you?"

"Always is. I was so lucky they found me the week after… You and the other scientists named me Xue after the stars, right?" Xue mumbled under her breath as the doctor nodded.

"Here's some water." Cathie mentioned as she handed her a glass. NASA was right; all life forms required water in some way or another, just as all species required oxygen. Xue looked down at her purple hands with three fingers, and feet with four. Everything about her looked thin and sickly, her short figure was the height of a normal human being, but her weight was that half of theirs. You could see her bones in her fingers and could count the veins in her arms. She was lucky she could digest human food and take the nutrients from it, or she would be in a much worse situation.

Just as she raised the cup to her lips, though, the ground violently shook, causing her to drop it to the ground, spilling the liquid everywhere. Xue slipped on her IPEP jumpsuit, and ran out the door with Dr. Cathie.