Xue walked down the hallway, flanked by three guards. Her jumpsuit felt far too snug as she pulled on the collar. The band of escorts and the queen stopped outside the Clinic door, and Xue put her hand to the scanner. The glass rolled back to the welcoming maroon walls.

She stepped into the room to find the boy sitting on the hospital bed, reading a book titled: Gungarim to English. The whole point of all of Earth deciding to speak English from now on was based on the fact that when the Jozwins contacted Earth, they were confused at all of the languages. That was the first time any interplanetary species spoke to humans, and it was a failure because Jozwins assumed everyone spoke English, and they landed in Peru.

He looked up at her walking in and smiled, but then sneered at the Guards. "What have they done to you, Queen Jesepya? You speaking their English, you wearing their clothes, I assume you not even knowing why you…" He checked the dictionary. "Here" The guards moved to protect Xue, but she raised her hand for them to stop.

"So my name was Jesepya?" She asked.

The boy scowled at her. "You not do know your own…culture, foolish queen. You Queen of Jesepya. You parents never shared naming you. Kept you secret from rest of planet until…" He tried to motion for Xue to come closer, but his IV got in the way.

She stepped towards the Jesepyan, and kneeled down to his eye level. His face clouded up in emotion, as he decided whether or not to tell Xue what he was thinking. He seemed to make up his mind, but had a relatively hard time getting it out, and had to continuously look back to the dictionary. "My father, told me, before… it happened. he told me to finding you. He says you being on Earth. My father… general of the Jesepyan army. He says you the last hope of us. He says we last hope for Jesepya. Cryptic."

Xue nodded. It was too much to be taking in at once. She was a queen? She was the last hope? And who was this boy? What happened to his father? Recognition seemed to dawn on the alien's face, as he turned to Xue's big, blue eyes.

"Do you never remember? When I was of the two earth years, we had met you. You had must have had one earth year, and were supremely happy to meet someone with your age. Do you not remember your… friend Vesper?" He looked with the pleading Blue eyes that they shared, and seemed to be willing her to say yes. Vesper, that must have been his name, seemed like a mirage. She remembered a name, swimming freely in her subconscious, not a memory to match it.

And then it flooded to her.


I was in a room with my parents; I could only see the door ahead of me, opening slowly. It was not a door from Earth, no. it was a solid curtain that anyone could pull away. The walls were a color only defined by the word plum, and my parents at on thrones of a lilac metal. I sat on a mat on the floor. Light streamed in from the window.

Out from under the door came a kid, a Jesepyan, at eye level, speaking a series of clicks and hums. He was absolutely comical, tripping over his own words, and then waiting for a response from me. I spoke in the foreign language, and he responded.

A man with a confident air to him walked in, and patted the kid's head. He bowed to my parents, and began talking while the boy and I played with a odd contraption the boy was holding, with seemingly harmless dials and odd runes printed on the side.


"I remember you, Vesper." Xue said, smiling.

Vesper reached for her hand, but the Guards stiffened. He settled for just looking into her eyes. "You are beings so… enchanting when you looked into your memories." His eyes drooped closed as the guards took Xue's hand and led her out.

(Merely five minutes later)

The entourage brought her to the Dormitory, and left her outside Viclia's room, where Rin was waiting, her wings finally compressed back into the form that was known as humanoid.

The species of the universe were classified into two groups: Humanoid and non-humanoid by the Classification Act of 2057. Humanoid creatures had four appendages, a body, and a head. At least one extremity required digits possible of grasping and holding objects. The body must hold at least one organ, and the head must have at least three sensory organs. Viclia's race was infuriated by this act, for they only have two appendages, an arm, and a foot, and no body, only a head.

Xue was about to ask what Rin was doing outside Viclia's room, when the familiar voice of Cathie rang out from inside.

"I understand that you meant no disrespect, but we specifically warned all of the delegates not to bring that up to her."

"You! You bring this up to the IPEP Council, and the Bicelp will declare war on you petty humans."

"That's the sad part. You signed a contract and treaty with us. If you declare war, the universe covered by the IPEP Agreements of 2060 will turn against you." The Doctor replied.

"I do not require your incessant pleas for me to flee. I shall pack up my baggage, and call my government to instill a ride back to the Anglomedia System."

Rin shooed Xue away, and ran to her own room, just a mere two doors down. Xue slipped quietly into her own quarters, and tried to finish the last chapters she needed to read for classes, but all she could think of was the memory of Vesper. She never had a memory clearly of another of her species, and now one had been thrown in front of her, with no graces whatsoever… until he claimed she was enchanting.

It was going to be tough, and that was all she knew.