Racist America

Okay, so first of all, welcome to Woo Woo Woo: The True Stories of T. Afton and T. Scottie. These are just short stories of our everyday life at school and other places. It contains random things that people have said or done, or that we have said or done over the course of our life. These are true, so I don't want any reviewers asking, "Are these real? Did these really happen?" 'cause they did.

So, our English teacher made us read this book called Wuthering Heights. It's by Emily Bronte, and it's probably one of the worst books we've ever read. I mean, if it was written in modern day times, it might be alright, because the plot line was okay, but it was so boring and hard to understand. Well anyway, we watched a parody video based on a song based on the book, which is kinda confusing. We watched it, and the class thought it was funny, so the teacher decided that it would be a good assignment to us that we had to make a sort of parody of the book. So, we got together with a couple our friends: Dylan (who's in the class with us), Javon (who's black), Sean (of the G variety), and Andrew (who just came to screw everything up). If you don't know the storyline, I'm not explaining it. Just go look it up on Wikipedia or something.

In our video, we were in the middle of filming a fight scene in the middle of this open grass area, and in the first take, Andrew was fake punching Sean, the villain. Maybe three cars, including a cop car, passed us by.

"Nah, nah, nah," said Javon. "You're doing it all wrong!"

Javon took a stand in front of Sean, and began talking his way through the fight with Andrew. He began to fake punch Sean, and once Sean was on the ground, a lady drove up in red SUV.

"Hey! Move along!" she yelled out her window.

"What?" T. Afton asked.

"You want me to call the cops?" she asked.

"Not particularly!" we said back.

"Then you guys better move!"

"But..." Andrew held up the camera. "We're filming a video!"

The lady looked at us one last time, and then, obviously flustered, yelled, "Well, okay then." and drove off, rolling up her window.

"Wow," said Javon, appalled at the behavior.

See? It just shows how racist we are in America.