A/N: This is a Mad Libs that me (T. Afton) and Sean G made up in the parking lot of Chief Logan Reservation. There will be a full-length story of summer camp, but we decided to put this as a stand alone. Mind you, this was a Mad Libs, so nobody else had any idea what they were doing.

T. Scotty's Black House of Pain

By T. Afton and Sean

One day, as T. Scotty sat in his (1) bathroom and played with his (2) eyeball , he came up with an idea. "What if I took a bunch of (3) Asians and put them in a (4) skyscraper ?" He called his girlfriend, (5) Madison , and she said it was a (6) soft idea. So, he started filming the show in his (7) closet with the help of his (8) nephew , and he was soon noticed by the great star, (9) Angelina Jolie . "I love this show!" she expressed. "I'll offer you (10) $2 for the rights!" T. Scotty exclaimed, " (11) Suck it! " and left, money in hand.

Room of the house


Type of people


Girl's name


Another room

Family member