"I'm glad you had time to meet with me, Lord ne Illyo."

Dytan bowed deeply to his king before taking the plush seat in front of the desk. King Reon's office was sparsely decorated, but what furniture it had clearly marked it as a place fit for royalty. "Of course, Your Highness. How could I refuse my king?"

The king snorted. "Yes, well. There is that. Tell me, now. What do you think of your younger brother?"

"Kyave?" Dytan asked, though he didn't really need to. He only had one younger brother. "He's my brother. I love him. He's a bit stubborn. Intellectual, he likes books more than people, but he can be charming when he has to. Why?"

"I'm in need of another ambassador to Heswa," the king said, sitting back in his chair and lacing his hands together. "The old one…didn't work out. I'd prefer someone of the nobility, as not to insult Her Majesty Malwe. Do you think your brother would be good for this job?"

Dytan pondered that for a moment. "He knows very little about Heswa, my king. Quite honestly, I know very little about Heswa. If he would receive any training, I think he would do well, yes."

The king nodded. "Then, if you please, send him to me for instruction as soon as you return home."

"Is that all you needed, Your Highness?"

"No, actually. I was wondering…since the war with Avishul has just been resolved…could you perhaps check in on things with the king there briefly? I hesitate to take you away from Illyo for long, but Avishul…"

"Borders Illyo. I understand completely, Your Highness. Simply make the arrangements and I shall be there."

"Thank you. You may go now."

Dytan stood up, made another deep bow, and swept out of the room.

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