I ran into the building, seeking shelter from the sun. I was tired, thirsty, and a complete and utter mess. Almost instantly, people attacked me. All sorts of odd acquaintances came up to me and attacked me. They tore me limb from limb, trying to determine who would get to have me first. I was becoming dizzy. Why could I not be left alone? Why did these people want me? I personally thought I was useless, but these things seemed to desperately want me for themselves.

Eventually, one individual managed to win the battle for my body. He took me to a private area, and piece by piece, he changed every aspect of my eyes. He pulled my eyebrows, caked my eyelids in dirt, and made me look more and more like his people. He made me a freak.

Another male came in and continued transforming me. He tore my clothes off and forced me into a stupid getup that covered next to nothing. My breasts were flowing out over the top, and half of my butt was sticking out of the bottom. The alien of a person seemed to like me in it, and he gave it a smile of approval.

Finally, one last female dragged me into another room and made my mess of hair look like a train wreck. My black hair was covered up by one of their coats of blonde fur, and it was yanked and pulled until it stuck up on end. I looked like I had been living in the woods for the past month.

When my transformation was done, a group of five men dragged me onto a wooden floor with twenty blinding suns pointed straight at me. In front of me, there were a million pairs of eyes, eyes that belonged to those freaks. Each one of them was smiling, and some of them were clapping and shouting their praises. I hated it. You all are sick, I thought. You guys like this? You want to look like this? Really? You should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you.

I ran away from the tiny suns, from the staring eyes. I ran away from the odd people and out of the building. You guys call this fashion? Call it fashion if you want. I don't care. I won't have anything to do with this though.