Kiley picked the phone up off the kitchen counter as she dug through the fridge, looking for the glass bowl of chocolate pudding she knew her mom had hidden in there.

"Hello?" Kiley pushed things around, finally spotting the pudding in the far left corner.

"Hello, is this the Rinne residence?"

"Yes, who's this?" "Got it!" Kiley said under her breathe as she grabbed the bowl of pudding.

"This is Marie; I work at St. Mary's Hospital. I'm sorry to inform you that your parents were in an accident. Do you have a car or shall we send someone to get you?" The bowl slipped from Kiley's fingers, as she froze, and shattered on the floor at her feet. "Miss Rinne?" Kiley thought quickly.

"I have a ride."

"Okay then, goodbye." Kiley slammed the phone down and ran to her room, grabbing her purse and cell phone. She hit speed dial for her best friend.

"Sasha, my house, now, Sister Pact." Kiley hung up as she ran down the stairs. Sash had been her best friend since Sasha moved to Elmwood in 6th grade. They had made a Sister Pact, whenever one said that to the other it meant that they needed them now and no questions asked. When Sasha's car pulled up Kiley ran out the door.

"What's up?" Sasha asked as Kiley got in her car. Kiley looked up at her friends troubled eyes. She had always been jealous of Sasha. With her perfectly straight hair, her dark emerald green eyes, her slim figure and perfect chocolate skin Sasha had always been exotic and beautiful although at first when she moved here it had mostly gotten her picked on.

"We have to go to St. Mary's. My parents were in an accident." As she spoke Sasha rammed her car into reverse and peeled out of the driveway in a rush.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. All they told me was that there had been an accident." Sasha squeezed Kiley's hand.

"It'll be okay Ki."

When they got to the hospital they ran to the nurse's station and asked for the room number. The nurse looked up the names then went to grab her phone. She said Kiley's name and then hung up and turned back towards us. "The doctor will be down to speak with you in a moment."

"Look I can talk to the doctor after I see my parents, just tell me the room number."

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." She said going back to her computer with a stony expression. Kiley and Sasha went and sat on the chairs across from the nurses' station. As soon as the doctor cam in they stood up.

"It would be best if you sat down." He walked towards where we were sitting, holding his clip board and looking grim. Sasha looked at him took a deep breathe and grabbed Kiley's hand, she had seen that look before. Kiley looked at her confused. "Miss Rinne?" He looked between the two of them.

"That would be me." Kiley said looking up at him.

"You are the daughter of Conner and Meara Rinne?"


"Your parents were in a terrible accident, they haven't assessed what actually happened yet. I am sorry to inform you that both of your parents died from their injuries on the way to the hospital." The doctor kept talking but Kylie could no longer hear him, how could this have happened, this couldn't be real, it must be a dream. Her parents weren't dead, they couldn't be, it wasn't possible.

Sasha grabbed Kylie's hands as tears ran down her face but Kylie only continued to stare blankly ahead, she seemed to be in shock.

"I called your grandparents who're listed as next of kin, they should be here shortly."

"Sir, she can't hear you, she doesn't care, shut up." The Doctor looked at Sasha reproachfully but did stop talking. "Ki? Come on Ki, come back to me." Finally Kylie blinked, looked at Sasha's tearstained face and burst into tears. She curled up and cried into Sasha's shoulder.