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The Night Class

Chapter 1: When All Else Fails

Tall walls, touching the sky higher than the planes could fly rose up from the ground menacingly. The stained glass shines like a full moon on a clear night but gives an eerie feel to the already frightening building. The bricks shine like a penny recently cleaned with hydrochloric acid. The wood creaked with the strain of the merciless wind, and the huge metal doors were standing at attention like fearless soldiers.

"This is Lamorn High?" Mara says doubtfully, looking over these traits. "It looks like a prison."

"Don't worry, Mara, it's just a school, and besides Jace loves it here." Her mother assures her quickly. "Just a school."

Mara looks at her with the one last chance her mother might decide to change her mind and take her back home. Where she belonged and was needed. "Mom, I'm not Jace... can I please-."

Her mother stops her with a raise of a hand. "No, we talked about it already. Your father and I have decided. Lamorn High is the best option for you two."

"But why!" she drops her bags onto the leaf covered ground and looks at her mother straight on. "What's so important about this school? Saint John's Boarding school was right down the road from the house…but NO …we had to go across the world! Seriously! What's so important about this school? I'm pretty sure we could'a found a boarding school in the United States, so why did we have to come to London?" Mara had nothing against London. Besides how stuffy and arrogant many of the people seemed.

Her mother sighs. "Mara…darling, you'll understand soon enough…"

Mara shoots her a silver eyed glare before throwing her bag back over her shoulder. "Yeah whatever…just lead me to my demise then. Thanks." She says bitterly, not bothering to disguise her anger.

"Oh come on, Mara…it's school not a death camp…"

"Call it what you want-" Mara sighs and hold her backpack tight to her side. "But I call it-"

"I know what you call it…and I don't like that language." Her mother gives her a hard brown eyed glare that allows no room for argument, no matter how much Mara wanted to fight back and rebel.

Mara grumbles under her breath as she slowly walks toward the boarding school, knowing she has now left behind everyone and everything.


Mara now sits nervously in a chair facing an empty desk. What kind of principal is late to a student's first day, she thinks sourly. She leans back in the plush chair and looks around the room. The walls are painted gray and they are bare, without any décor. Mara wonders briefly if she really has been brought into a prison camp.

The only thing hanging on the walls are several diploma papers and a huge rather egotistical painting of a man. I wonder if that's the principal, she thinks as she stares at the portrait, her frown growing.

"You are Mara, I presume?"

Mara jumps and turns around, her silky straight blonde hair is twirling around her shoulders. "Yes, and are you Principal Cox?"

The principal is short, his head is completely bald, so bald that Mara watches the lights reflect off it. His dark gray eyes are too close together and glasses rest on his crooked nose. His freshly pressed shirt is tucked into his strange looking dress pants. A neon chartreuse tie pops out from under his black suit top, and huge black loafers stick out from his pants. He is a plump man, and he did not look like he was in a good mood.

"Yes." His voice is deep as he shuffles across the floor to the desk. Mara shifts nervously in her seat as he sits down heavily in his seat. "So, Mara…you are new here."

"Well, duh-" Mara puts a hand on her mouth. Did I just say that? She thinks slightly shocked. "I'm so sorry, sir. I spoke out of turn." When in doubt, sound smart and act polite.

Principal Cox fixes his tie and looks at a file on his desk. "Why did you come here?"

"I dunno..." Mara says as she crosses her arms and looks away from the weird principal, unable to keep from slumping in her seat. All of the people native to London have some sort of accent, but his was over the top and very much so obnoxious. Mara already wants out of this place.

"It is 'I do not know' not 'I dunno'…you American's and your grammar." He flips through her file, probably thinking about how much of a bad student she was. She was expelled from three schools, and rejected from numerous others. Not much of a track record. Truthfully her parents were surprised when they accepted her to such a stuffy school.

"Sorry, sir…I will try to talk better…" Mara was really starting to get annoyed. This man was all out strange.

"Good to hear that…now…onto your classes." He straightens the papers on his desk and sets them aside. "Here at Lamorn High, we have three teachers, and only three teachers." What is that supposed to mean, she thinks nervously as she shifts in her seat. It was suddenly not so comfortable anymore. "Our teachers; Mrs. Maxwell, she's the math, and history teacher. Mr. Gill, he is the Reading and English teacher. And finally, Mr. Craig is the science teacher.

You will have a rotation of these three teachers in an eight hour class time. These teachers know there topics and subjects, so they are never wrong." The way he says this makes Mara understand without a second thought- she is not to question the authority of the teachers. Ever

He shuffles through a new stack of papers until he finds a white slip of paper. "This, is your schedule. You start with Mr. Craig, then you go to Mrs. Maxwell, then onto Mr. Gill." He continues shuffling through papers until he finds a plastic card. "This is your student ID, this is the only way you will be able to get into all your classes, your dorm, and any other campus buildings…any questions?"

"Yes…actually, where's my dorm? Or who am I dorming with?" Mara asks in a tiny somewhat scared voice as she fiddles with the button on her green sweater.

"'Dorming' is not a word…got it? I thought we were going to be working on your grammar." His slanted eyes narrow as he looks at her with pure disdain.

"Got it, sir…" Mara frowns, but doesn't particularly care. "Who will I be living with? I hope not my brother."

He looks down at his chart and flips the page over. "Mara Jacobs, you are-"

"Um…it's Mara Jane Marie Jacobs…it's my full name…sir…" She shrinks away from his hard glare.

"Fine. Mara Jane Marie Jacobs. You are to be rooming with Miss McCallister." He sets the papers down and stands up. "Nice to meet you. Now I never hope to see you again." On that note, he turns and shuffles out of the room.

Mara stands there alone. "Um…aren't you goin' to show me my dorm?"

No answer.

"Well…I guess I have to show myself the way." She says to no one.


"Jace!" Mara drops all her bags and tackles her brother in a giant bear hug. "I missed you! After the accident I was so-"

"Shush!" He hisses in her general direction. "No one knows! Don't blow it."

Mara cringes at her brothers harshness. "What do you mean? They don't know you're-"

"Jace?" a soft voice says from somewhere behind Mara. "Did you know there was a new kid?" A girl walks out of the shadows and stands next to Jace. She looks at Mara and her lips curve into a delicate frown. "You the new kid?"

This girl had long black hair and stunning blue eyes. Her skin was pale but gave off an elegant glow. She was thin, her Aeropostale shirt showed it and her ripped skinny jeans were almost baggy. She wasn't unhealthy thin, a strong and powerful looking skinny, if it made sense.

"Yeah…" Mara shakes her head to clear her thoughts, why did Jace not tell anyone? She holds out a hand. "My name is Mara Jane Marie Jacobs…"

"His sister?" The girl points a thumb at Jace, a slight accent floats with her words, but it's somehow different from that of the other accents she had been hearing all day.


"Well…I'm gonna call you…" she thinks it over for a second. "MJ."

"MJ?" Mara asks with a frown.

"Yup…well MJ, I'm Skye. Skye McCallister."

"Huh…" Mara picks up her bags, looking at the papers the principal had handed her.. "You're my new roommate."