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Chapter 5: In Regards to Your Eyes

Skye is sick and tired of Jace at this point.

As much as she loves him, and as much as she truly cares for him, he was being a bit obnoxious.

This time, he hadn't just fallen asleep.

He had fallen asleep, and was snoring like a freaking grizzly bear in the middle of English class.

All the girls giggle and the boys just laugh, all of them promising to thank Jace for making their day once he woke from his seemingly eternal slumber.

Skye could only thank God that was partially deaf and rather stupid despite years of college.

But that didn't help the fact that Skye could neither shut Jace up nor wake him up and she couldn't really just hit him until he snapped out of it. She'd have to punch him in the face before he'd even bat an eye of awareness.

Jace mumbles a single word in his sleep that sounds incredibly much like Skye's name and everyone turns to look at her, while Mr. Gill keeps rattling on about scientific method. Her face turns bright red and she sinks down into her seat and pouts as the kids behind her whisper something similar to, 'I wonder if he's dreaming about her,' and 'I wonder if it's a wet dream.' Finally, Skye loses it, poking Jace in the side right where the nerves are, hoping he'd either shut up or awaken.

He squeaks in a very unmanly fashion, jumping up and starting loudly, "And this method is used when dealing with very large or very small numbers that would otherwise-."

Skye yanks on his arm and he falls back into his seat, beyond confused.

Mr. Gill turns to see what made the noise, and the rest of the students barely manage to conceal their laughter, some having to bury their heads in their hands to smother the giggles.

Seeing nothing wrong, Mr. Gill goes back to teaching.

"You were snoring!" Skye whispers fiercely.

"Sorry, I can't help it!" Jace whispers back, being totally honest.

Skye crosses her arms and keeps her face emotionless.

"You can't seriously be mad at me for snoring?" He asks incredulously, noting the unhappy and slightly blushed expression that Skye currently wore. "Did I say something wrong here?"

"You talk in your sleep sometimes. You know that." Skye grumbles. "You said my name aloud while you were sleeping, and it was very embarrassing!" Just thinking about it makes her blush again.

Jace grins, not seeming very sorry. "Oh, I see… Sorry, but I have no filter between my brain and my mouth when I'm sleeping. You're lucky I have one when I'm awake. Or else I'd be spewing out so much random knowledge that you'd-." Jace stops so suddenly that Skye forgets she's mad and looks over at him.

Jace has his head in his hands and stares unseeingly at the desk, squinting as if in pain.

"Hey..." Skye says abruptly. "Are you okay?"

"…Just…give me a second." He mumbles, wincing.

"Mr. Gill," Skye has to practically shout to be heard by the senile man. "Jace has a really bad headache; can I take him to the nurse?"

"Whatever. That better be where you're going Miss or you'll be in detention along with your headache prone boyfriend." Mr. Gill grumbles unhappily, mad that his lesson was so rudely interrupted.

Skye grimaces. "Yes, sir. Thank you."

Jace mutters something under his breath, and Skye takes his hand and half pulls him to his feet. He follows her out of the room under his own power, but leans against the wall once they're outside the room, and sinks to the floor with a groan.

"Migraine again?" Skye ask softly, sitting next to him.

"Yeah." He replies, still staring unseeingly at the ground, his head in his hands. "And this one just sorta…came out of nowhere."

Skye frowns. These headaches normally do occur after he's had a vision in the form of a dream, but they usually have to build up over the entire day before they reach this level of hurt.

"Come on," Skye says, dragging him up to his feet. "Let's get you to the nurse. She'll let you sleep a while too."

He moans and shakes her away. "I'm fine. I just need to walk around a bit…I saw my sister earlier ya know…she was on her way to detention and-" Skye stops him mid sentence, not really interested in his sister's affairs.

"Fine, but I'm going with you." Skye answers stubbornly. "Last time someone found you passed out in the hallway, I was the one who had to cover it all up."

Jace chuckles a bit, but Skye can see the headache/migraine is really getting to him. He concentrates on walking, and keeps hold of Skye's hand, though usually just staying within a foot of her would be enough for him to keep from waltzing into things.

"That was just bad luck." He says with a grin. The smile doesn't reach his blind eyes though, and Skye notices.

"If by third period you're head still hurts, get out of the rest of the day." Skye tells him simply as they come up to the infirmary. Jace had wanted to take a walk, and he had, so now it was time he suck it up and go to the nurse.

"But what about the meeting?" He complains as she drags him toward the door. "I'm fine, my head doesn't hurt anymore! Please, just not in there!" He squeaks.

Skye rolls her eyes. "The nurse loves you! She's not all that bad. Don't worry about the meeting. I'll handle it."

Jace seems unconvinced, but has no choice when Skye shoves him into the infirmary doors and he has to walk in or go splat into them.

"Oh, Jacen, how wonderful of you to visit!" Skye hears the older woman say happily as the door shuts with a foreboding thud.

Jace would hate her for that later, but he'd get over it eventually.


Skye is so dead for throwing him under the bus.

But then again with the way his head feels it's about to explode, she was probably right in bringing him here.

"So, what brings you here today?"

"…Migraine." He mumbles, rubbing his temples.

The single word sends Ms. Camody springing into action. Instantly the lights and radio are clicked off, and Jace is guided to a cot.

"Rest for a while, and I'll bring you something for the pain, dear." She whispers.

Jace carefully reaches out and finds the corner of the bed, and lies down with a sigh. He's beyond just tired; he's exhausted to the point where simply keeping his eyes open is a daunting task. He could close them, seeing as how they're useless anyways, but he had to keep up the façade.

So he lets his eyes close now, and takes a deep breath.

The dreams don't hesitate to take him.


"—and I was just trying to figure out who the heck was talking to me and-."

"Uh huh." Skye replies in a monotone, barely listening to Mara's fantastic tale of how she ended up in detention with the ever trouble making Amy.

"—that reminds me, she told me some really interesting stuff. Something about a group called the… the Night Class?"

Skye freezes, her eyes wide. She sits up in her seat, and glances around the half empty study hall class to see if anyone was listening in.

"She did what?"

"She told me about the Night Class. And she said there was supposed to be a meeting during fourth period, but it got pushed back or something."

"Forget all of that. Amy is known to be a trickster. She was obviously lying." Skye flips her hair over her shoulder and snorts, glad she had been in the theatre back home before she left. "Night Class…what a ridiculous idea. Meeting off school grounds in the middle of the night...pft. Unlikely."

"All right…" Mara says slowly, unsure who to believe. "If you say so… I mean, it does sound a little silly…"

"Yes, yes it does." Skye says definitively. "Now, have you seen Jace around at all?"

"I did on my way to detention, but not after that, no. Why, is something wrong?" Mara immediately becomes worried at the prospect of her brother going missing.

"He had a migraine last time I knew." Skye tries her best to seem dismissive, as not to give away their relationship. Doubtless Mara would learn of it from someone eventually, but Skye certainly wouldn't be the one to tell her. "He went to the infirmary second period."

"Oh, I hope he's okay…" Mara bites her lip. "Do you think we should go check on him?"

"He's probably fine," Skye says simply, going back to her translations to brail for Jace. She always got started on them during her study hall, but this girl was being insanely annoying and asking questions as per usual. But Skye couldn't ignore the worry at the back of her mind and she frowned. Perhaps it wouldn't be too bad to check on him.

"But… I guess we could go see how he's doing."


There was no way he could ever assume this was a reality.

But it seems so real—every detail is there, screaming at him and impossible not to notice.

Jacen only sees and his dreams and he only wishes he were blind at night.

Because the things he dreams of are never pleasant and they are the only thing he has left when it comes to seeing.

He hates every moment of them.


Jace opens his eyes warily, and sees the ocean, vast before him, the waves slow and methodic as the makes their way up the sandy beach.

He stands alone on this beach, with no one or anything of note. He could see only crabs skittering across the sand, and farther off, an unfinished sand castle that was moments from getting swept up in the tide.

Jace stares out over the waters, watching the waves crash down, then withdraw and repeat the action, never stopping.

And then he sees her.

A little girl stands amongst the waves, the water up around her thighs. Her pure white sundress clings to her skin, and her hands skim the water.

"I said hello, mister." The little girl says simply, staring directly at him, her green eyes looking wise beyond her years. She must've only been around ten, her long red hair flowing down and reaching the water.

"Hello…" Jace replies back, unsure of what else to do. He had seen this girl many times. She never told him her name, if she had one, so he started calling her Alice. Without a name she was so outlandish and almost scary, so he gave her one.

"Things are different now. Aren't they?" Alice says quietly.

Even over the rolling waves, Jace can hear her perfectly. "I suppose." He replies evenly, casually stepping closer.

Alice steps back to compensate, not seeming to want him to be any closer. The water reaches up past her waist now, and Jace worries she might get dragged down with the strength of the tide.

"You're not happy, though. Are you?" She asks plainly, her eyes boring right through his soul.

"That's not true." Jace answers, frowning. "I love my sister…but…"

"But you know things are going to get nasty. You want to protect her."

Jace nods. "I do. I want her to be safe."

The little girl laughs, shaking her head as if Jace didn't understand something utterly important. "But you can't shield her. Not from herself. Remember last time you tried that?"

"…In regards to your eyes…"Alice brushes her hand across her eyes, and they fog over. "You lost your sight because of her. And yet you still want to keep her safe."

"It wasn't her fault." Jace snarls, stepping forward once again, fists clenched at his sides. "She didn't-."

"You're right. She didn't try to stop herself. She didn't try to control her abilities. She didn't love you enough to stop herself from hurting you." With each reason, Alice takes another step back into the freezing water.

"…She didn't care…but I do…and so does Skye…"

The water flows around her and drags her down without so much of a whisper from Alice. She doesn't fight the dangerous tide and she disappears, leaving Jace alone on an empty beach with nothing but his thoughts.


Jace awakens with a gasp, flailing widely into an upright position.

The lights are still off from what his partially light sensitive eyes can tell, and his head still aches, possibly even more than when he had fallen asleep.

But the dream was so real, and he could almost taste the salt of the ocean on his lips.

Then he reaches up to brush the back of his hand against his eyes and realizes dimly it wasn't saltwater he tasted.

He'd been crying in his sleep.


"Hello, Ms. Camody." Skye says warmly to the older lady. "I wanted to see if Jace was feeling any better."

Ms. Camody frowns, glancing back toward the room Jace was in. "I'm afraid he might be doing worse, deary. When I last checked on him, he was crying in his sleep, because the pain I so bad. I might just have to keep him here for the night, if he doesn't feel any better soon."

"Can we see him?" Mara asks nervously.

"He woke up little bit ago, but don't keep him awake too long." The nurse warns. "He needs his rest."

Skye and Mara both nod, and walk back into the little room with several cots. Jace lies alone on a cot in the back of the room, one arm over his eyes and his fists clenched.

"Jace…" Mara says slowly, keeping her voice low. "Are you okay?"

Jace jumps at the sound, swearing and holding his head. "Sorry." He mumbles weakly. "You scared me…"

Skye goes pale and turns to Mara, saying softly, "Go to Ms. Camody and see if she has anything he can take."

Mara nods, her eyes still filled with worry, and walks back out to find Ms. Camody.

Skye steps toward Jace quietly, and sit on the edge of the cot next to him. "You gonna be okay?" Skye asks, her voice hoarse.

"Yeah. Just…I'm sick of dreaming." He mumbles.

"Ms. Camody wants to keep you here over night." Skye informs him, aware that soon Mara would return, and hopefully with something to help Jace.

Jace opens one eye to give her a pointed look, even though he can't see. Skye figures it must be out of habit that he gives people that look."I can't stay here. I need to go to the meeting."

Skye sighs, frustrated. Jace always has to be difficult. "You shouldn't come, at least not when you're in this bad of shape. I pushed back the meeting to eight in the garden, and if you're okay by then, maybe."

Jace gives her a crooked smile, and sits up, looping an arm around her neck and pulling her closer. "You worry too much, mo ghrá."

Skye smiles at his use of Irish. "You make me worry, mo bláth íogair."

Jace kisses her lightly on the lips and pulls away before Mara returns, medicine and a glass of water in hand.

"Ms. Camody says if this doesn't help, you're definitely staying the night." She announces solemnly as she hands him the medication and water.

Jace rolls his eyes. "Next thing I know she'll be dragging me to the hospital."

The silence that follows makes Jace frown. "She's not seriously considering taking me to a hospital for a migraine, is she?"

"If you don't get better, yeah. And I'll help her drag you there if I have to."

"Same here," Skye says simply. "This could be more serious than the other migraines you've had in the past. This one came out of nowhere."

Jace sighs and falls back against his cot. "Whatever. But I'm fine." He says before taking the pills Mara had given him and drinking the entire glass of water.

"I'll come and visit you after classes are over to see if you're any better." Skye tells him, hoping he had read the hidden context. I'll come get you for the meeting you're well enough to come.

Jace smiles and decides to reply using sign language. I'm fine. He signs at her. I love you, and I'll be waiting.

Mara looks confused, but Skye ignores her questions as they walk out.

The meeting would go on as planned, but she would have to get word out, and quickly.

She also had something to say Amy about her information leak.

And it wasn't going to be nice.

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