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Fifth Caress

As soon as I had permission to I let out the moan I'd been holding in, and it turned a howl directed towards the ceiling. Raphael just chuckled. He rubbed his entire body against mine. I felt his chest against my upper back, his gridded stomach against my lower back, and his hard penis in between my cheeks, his scrotum rubbing my anus. I felt his cold legs against my legs.

My howl ended and I felt his entire body shake was a chuckle. "Ready?"

"Yes Master," I said.

He went down my body and pressed the thick tip of his penis to my anus. "You're not allowed to come until I say – that rule still stands, Erik."

"Yes Master."

He pushed into me. I arched my back and moaned. I wasn't loose enough for the initial thrust, so it hurt more than I liked, but as he pulled out and thrust back in it already started feeling better. I lowered my head and moaned deeply.

His thrusts rocked my entire body. I felt him, so real, so large, deep inside me. I lifted my hands to grab his backside and the chains rattled loudly. Raphael shivered against me. He grabbed my hips and gave a powerful thrust, pushing his full length into me. He couldn't come inside any further. I cried out loudly.

I felt him against me, his chest to my back. I pressed my head against him and we took a moment to breathe. Right now I felt complete. He moved his hips back and forth in a small motion, moving his penis inside me without taking it out. The moans were a continuous noise. I was about to say his name but caught myself.

"Yes, Master, yes," I groaned. He leaned back, grabbing my hips and continued the hard pounding.

My cock ached for attention, but now it seemed to be taking matters into its own hands. I felt a sort of pressure building in me, and I was afraid that I was close to coming, and Raphael didn't give me permission to come.

"God, you're so tight," he groaned, smacking his hand against my sore butt cheek. He increased the speed of his thrusts. I forced myself to relax, to make it less painful and more pleasurable. A little pain was good; a lot of pain was not.

I felt his lips touch my shoulder briefly. He wasn't breathing hard, but vampires didn't need to breath. I closed my eyes, my orgasm coming closer. I could feel it coming on. I thought about asking him permission to come, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

He stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them. It gave me a chance to think. I ran my tongue over his fingers, sucking at them like a cub. I felt his hand slid around my thigh and wrap around my tight scrotum.

I couldn't handle this! I focused on his fingers as he tickled my balls with his fingers. My cock twitched with the need to release. I started slamming against his penis as he thrust into me. He made a shocked sound but continued going.

He got to the rough, savage pace that he got when he was about to come. When nothing else mattered but that orgasm. He cried out, "Come now!" before he bit down on my shoulder.

He didn't have to tell me twice. I closed my eyes and screamed as the warm liquid pumped out of my penis. At the same time I felt he emptying into me, and he sucked up my blood from the two holes in my shoulder. It was pure pleasure. My screams went down to moans, as I gently ground against his hardness that was still inside me.

He stroked my penis and I groaned. "Shit, Raphael…"

"Master," he said.

"Oh, forgive me, Master," I said. I sighed deeply and looked back at him. "That was wonderful."

He hugged me against him. "I know, you were."

I licked the side of his face.

"Okay, were done now," Raphael said. "Your Master's last order for the night: call me Raphael."

"Raphael," I whispered.

He smiled at me. "As much as I love being called Master, I love to hear my name in your voice better."

"You don't always have to be my master," I said. "You can just be my boyfriend, too. Unless I've been a naughty wolf."

"Then I'll spank you," Raphael said.

I heard the chain rattling against the frame. When I looked back I felt my power returning. He undid the handcuffs without me even noticing. I lifted my hands and wrapped them around the arms already around me.

"How'd you do that?" I asked. "Do you have a key?"

"I'm not telling," Raphael said. "Don't want you escaping before I'm done with you."

Raphael licked my wound closed. His healing power plus my own accelerated healing made the fang marks instantly disappear. My father was already displeased that I was dating a vampire. If he found out said vampire was feeding on me Raphael's life might be in danger. I didn't want an entire pack of werewolves after him just because I had fang marks.

We could hardly keep our hands off each other as we got dressed. After I was fully dressed I jumped on him, wrapping my arms and legs around his waist. I lowered my head and kissed him tenderly. No tongue was involved this time, just a simple kiss.

"What was that for?" he asked when I leaned back.

"I love you," I said.

He smiled up at me. "Love you too."

He carried me to the door and I got down on my own accord. We went through the punishment room and I felt sorry for those subs. I got a taste of what they were feeling when Raphael ordered me not to cum. It wasn't until we were both coming that I realized the only reason Raphael said I could come was because he wanted to come together.

I wrapped my arm around him, and when we moved through the second room I wasn't distracted by the other men, even though the sounds of the men getting spanked sent chills through me.

We went down stairs and out the hallway. The orgy on the dance floor had gotten bigger, but the people in the booth seemed to calm down on the fucking. Most of the tables just passed around drinks and conversation instead of spit and cum.

Brick was waiting by the door. He opened it for us and we stepped out into the world. The air was fresher, and it was quiet out here. Brick closed the door and I was able to fully relax. Werewolves don't do well with loud noises and enclosed spaces. At least not for prolonged amounts of time.

"So, how was your first taste of S & M?" Brick asked.

"Nice," I said. I looked at Raphael. "Something I could do again." I was giving him the green light for some more BDSM sex. He could have normal sex, but BDSM was his thing. I think it could be my thing too.

"Do you want to me fly you home?" he asked.

"I'm parked around the side of the building," I said. "You can walk me to my car."

Raphael smirked. I wasn't leaving before a long make out session was done. If we happened to fuck in the backseat, well… I wasn't saying no to anything.

"Okay," he said. "Let's go."

The End

Author's Note: This was the last chapter! But as I've mentioned before, this is just one chapter in a series of erotic adventures. The possibilities of spin-offs are endless, really. It just matters when and if I can do them. I hoped you enjoyed it, please forgive the mistakes, and until next time, good bye!