Drowning in apathy

Don't even care

Enough to

Try to keep my head

Above the still water

Of apathy

I lay

On the couch

Don't even care

Enough to

Shut my eyes

Against the burning sunlight

I am

The typecast

Ever that one person

Who is the friend

That you walk with

Just so you won't be alone

But when you are going somewhere

A group event

A fun, pointless something

I just

Slip your mind


I don't care anymore

Enought to

Tell you off

For treating me

The way I've been treated

My whole life

You could say it was my pride

That was hurt

Well my pride

Doesn't give a fuck

Ever typecast

And drowning in apathy

Why should I care

If no one else does?

I shouldn't

So I don't


It not a phenomenon

So I will say me good byes

You people will pretend to listen

But you won't

So I'll just

Silently dissappere

Not taking anymore of your time

They might have some

Breif surprise

When they realize I am gone

But they won't really notice

When I leave

Drown for real

Instead of just in apathy