I don't sleep

The reasons are simple

In some cases I can't

I just lay there

Eyes wide open

Darkness engulfing

But mind racing

In some cases I am afraid to

The nightmares always come


Sometimes of the man with rope sewn into his flesh

Other times mere torment

In some cases I want to

Just to escape the real world

Even if to decend into the nightmare realm

Because sometimes

Anywhere is better than the real world

In all these cases though

I don't

An hour a night maybe?

An hour of nightmares

An hour away from this hell hole called teenage life

Or I'm just beating the lab rats

The ones that died after five days

Of no sleep

Whatever I'm doing

I can't keep it up forever

Up until 5

Reading Lord of the Flies

Or Catcher in the Rye

Then nearly two hours

Laying there, in either nightmares or thoughts

I might sleep at some point


But I might just

Never sleep again

Until it kills me and I enter eturnal sleep

Or I might


My nightmare riddled sleep

Stuck in the hell of my own minds creations of torment

For hours until madness

Or I light just

Go to bed

And fall into a




Good night