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Summary: After sneaking out to see his vampire boyfriend, werewolf Erik comes home to an angry father. M/M spanking

Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Angst

Warning: Contains language and violence, if that's not your cup of tea then I suggest you leave now.

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Author's Note: This is a one shot set after Caressing Moonlight series, it can be treated as a sequel but I've written it as a standalone. So you don't have to read Caressing Moonlight to understand what's going on, but it would be nice to. This chapter including a (non-sexual) spanking between father and son, and gives a peek into Erik's world and pack life.

Caressing Danger

My time with Raphael was amazing. My first time at an S & M club – not something one easily forgets. My vampire boyfriend Raphael was a regular patron at the S & M club Caressing Moonlight, and he took me for the first time. It was amazing, teaching me sexual pleasures I didn't even know existed.

Unfortunately going to the club involved me sneaking out of the house. Dad didn't like me going out with Raphael at night – vampires were weaker during the day, so that's when we were allowed to see each other. Stupid rule, but my father was the alpha of our pack. He was naturally going to be a control freak.

I was lucky that he didn't mind my homosexuality – in fact he really embraced it, welcomed it. Even in packs today homosexual amongst fellow wolves wasn't tolerated. It could be an instant death sentence. Talk about homophobic. My homosexuality didn't bother my father, but dating a vampire did bother him.

So I had to sneak out at night for after daylight hours dates.

I pulled up to my house and parked in front of it. Two cars were parked in front of the house, neither belonging to my parents. We often had other members of the pack staying over, for various reasons. The entire neighbor never suspected this normal looking suburban home to be the home to the alpha of a werewolf pack.

I crept around the house. The lights were off in the living room but I could hear the TV, so I went around the other side. I hopped the fence and almost landed on my younger brother's bike. That would have made too much noise – I'm glad I missed it.

I went to the back, around the porch, and I was glad no one was out here. The porch was used often. Sometimes werewolves just needed to step out and take a breath of air.

I went to the other side and looked at my opened window on the second floor. I squatted and then jumped straight up. I grabbed the windowsill and used the momentum to keep going. I slipped through the window and rolled into my room. All of this was done relatively soundlessly, I might add.

The lamp beside my bed was suddenly turned on. The shadows covering the conservative room were chased away. I froze, the scent of my father reaching my nose. I stood up and turned towards the bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed, hunched over with his hair spilling over his face. He looked like he was my older brother, not my father. He looked up at him with yellow eyes. His hair was longer than mine, going to his shoulders were mine was pretty short, expect for the front.

He wore his tight fitting jogging pants with a wife beater, his feet bare. He didn't just waltz into my room; he's been up for a while. He always slept in the nude.

"H – hey, dad," I said meekly.

"Down," he growled, and I dropped down on my knees. Today at the S & M club Raphael said I was a fast learner. No, I was used to following orders. The only difference between Raphael's punishment and dad's punishment was the sexuality. Dad's punishment wasn't going to be sexual.

"I'm sorry," I said immediately.

"I told you that if you wanted to date that damn vampire you'd be home at a decent time," he said. "I said no night time dates. Didn't I say that?"

"Yes, but he's not a bad guy, dad," I said. "We've been going out a while, I know him."

"I don't care if we all know him," dad snapped. "He's a vampire, Erik. Trusting them is a stupid mistake. Never trust a vampire."

It was a saying the supernatural community. Never trust a vampire, don't anger a witch, run from a demon. It was guidelines to keeping alive and out of trouble. None of my pack members liked me dating a vampire, but since my dad okayed it they didn't complain.

"I know, but Raphael is trustworthy," I said.

Dad sucked his teeth. "I should have never agreed to this…"

"I'm an adult man," I said. And then I wished I hadn't, because then the room became chilling. I lowered my eyes so I didn't have to see my dad's eyes. I wasn't a submissive wolf, but everyone was submissive to their alpha.

"I am your alpha, and your father," dad said, standing up. The higher he got the smaller I tried to be. I got down to my elbows and lowered my head so my face was nearly touching the floor. "I don't care how old you are, as long as I am your alpha you will follow my orders or suffer the consequences."

"I'm sorry, dad," I said.

"You will be," he said.

He reached down, his fingers grabbing my ear. I cried out as he pulled me up to my knees. I stumbled to my feet and followed him out of my bedroom, into the hallway. He was taking me to his study.

It was kinda like his discipline room. He brought any werewolf needing a good yelling at or spanking into this room. He had an assortment of belts in his desk. Maybe he was into S & M…? On second thought, I really didn't want to know what my dad was into sexually.

He pushed the double doors opened and pushed me into the room. As he closed them I went over to the desk. There were sweaty spots where the last werewolf was told to put his hands on the desk. I couldn't pick up a scent. I put my hands down on the desk. It was low for me, which was the point, so I had to really lean over it to fully place my hands on the desk.

When dad came around he kicked my legs further apart. "First your brother, and now you."

So that's who was in here last. "What'd he do this time?"

"Got in a fight with a demon over something stupid," dad said. "Luckily the demon was a lower class, but that's still stupid and reckless. You two don't respect me like you should. Maybe I haven't been hard enough on you…"

He reached his desk and opened the belt drawer. He pulled out a thick strap lined with silver. Well, shit, I thought I was just going to get a normal strap.

"Please, dad," I said, taking my hands off the desk and raising them like he held a gun.

"Put your hands back on that desk," he snarled.

I put them down and lowered my head. "Please, dad… not that one…"

He moved around the desk, completely ignoring me. He stood to my left and kicked my legs opened again. He put a hand on my back, forcing me to arch my back. He brought the belt back and it swished through the air. I hated that sound!

He swung the belt, using his hips too, and it landed square on me rear end with a loud swat! The silver added to the pain, making it hurt 50 times worse then it normally would have. It felt like it was the tenth blow, not the first, and I was already crying out.

Dad hit me again. I twist my hips and groaned – it wasn't a pleasurable sound. This was the complete opposite of the pleasurable spanking I received earlier today. I squeezed my eyes shut. The third strike came, and then the fourth. The fifth tore a scream from my mouth. I guess we were the only two upstairs because if anyone was up here sleeping dad would have told me to be quiet.

He smacked me again before pausing. "Jeans and undies down."

I started to unbutton my pants, moving too slowly for my dad. Another smack with his belt and I cried out as I fell against the desk.

"Don't think prolonging this will make it easier on you," Dad said. "Hurry up, or you'll get double what I plan on giving you."

How many that was I didn't know, but I wasn't going to give him anymore reason for extra spanks. I unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down to my knees. Even the air against my bottom hurt. I wasn't sure if I'd be pulling my pants back up after my dad was done with me.

"Lean over," dad ordered.

I put my palms on the desk. I heard the belt go back and then come forward, smashing into my ass. I thrust my hips forwards and cried out, nearly screamed, in pain.

"Please, dad," I cried.

He gave me another blow, and a quick one after that, and my legs were trembling in an attempt to keep me up. Pain zapped through me, from my ass throughout my body. Another blow and I fell completely over the desk with a cry.

"Dad, please stop!" I cried.

He just put his hand on my back to keep me down on the desk. He gave me a few more quick blows, moving from my ass to my upper thighs. I twisted my rear end around and cried out, tears filling my eyes when he reached my ass again. No more quick little hits. He draws the belt back and gives me a powerful smack to the ass.

I scream and the tears spill down my cheeks. Another blow and I'm reaching out, grabbing the end of the desk, and clawing at it. He hit me again and I spread my legs, ripping my jeans and underwear into useless shreds. Another blow and I'm sobbing for him to stop.

And he does.

He takes a deep breath and steps back. I look up at him with tear stained cheeks.

"Stand up," he said softly.

I did as he asked, kicking the shredded clothes away from me. I stand up straight, not putting my hands on the desk, and hoping he doesn't mind. He does around the desk and to the drawer, placing the belt inside and closing it up.

I wipe my eyes and sniff loudly. I hated crying, especially in front of him. He said crying to submitting to weakness. As he rounded the desk new tears rolled down my cheeks and I gave up on caring.

"I don't want you seeing that vampire at night, Erik," he said.

I nodded once, sniffing so my snots wouldn't start leaking out my nose.

"Do not disobey me again, ok?" he said.

"Ok," I said, sounding small and pitiful.

He put a hand on my ass and I jerked and cried out. He didn't move his hand, just rubbed it again the red flesh. I put my hands on the desk to hold myself up. The silver added to the spanking made me physically weak, and shaky. I could hardly stand on my own.

"You will be the alpha of this pack, Erik," dad said, reaching for my other cheek. I hissed but didn't cry out again. "You have to be responsible, no more of this teenager bullshit."

"I understood," I said.

"Do you? Do you really?" he asked. He withdrew his hand from my backside. I went down on my knees, my chin nearly slamming against the desk. Dad's hands on my shoulders kept me from falling over. It was common for a werewolf to lose feeling in his legs for a while after being spanked with that belt.

Dad lifted me into his arms and took me out of the study, back into my room. He placed me on the bed, on my side, gently. Still I groaned at the movement. I've been spanked with that cursed belt before – I'd be better by the morning, though sitting wouldn't be fun at all.

"I do love you, Erik," dad said, like he always said after he beat a pack member's ass. He disciplined out of love, and reminded us that if he didn't love us he would just kill us and be done with it. That's a werewolf for you.

"I know," I said, and I really did. I didn't felt any resentment for him, just anger that he couldn't understand. No, not couldn't, wouldn't understand.

He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. He brushed my hair from my eyes before he left the room. The only thing to do was sleep, and that's what I did. I closed my eyes and drifted off, dreaming of nothing.

The next morning the smell of bacon filled my nose and my eyes snapped opened. I sat up and the stinging in my ass made me groan. It was going to be a long day. I went to the mirror near my door and turned around. My ass was still bright red from the spanking last night.

And also from Raphael's spanking, I reminded myself. That brought a smile to my face. I remembered when Raphael used the paddle on my ass, and thought about how I wanted more. When I thought of it that way my ass didn't hurt as much.

I was still wearing my soft yellow shirt from last night, and it still faintly held Raphael's scent. I took a deep breath of it before I pulled it off and threw it on the floor.

I grabbed a pair of underwear and loose fitting shorts and slowly pulled them on. Out in the hallway I could hear three voices, all male, and dad's voice downstairs. They were laughing about something. I went into the study to collect the items in my destroyed pants, mainly my wallet and cell phone. I got a text from Raphael asking me if I wanted to get coffee later.

Dad told me that I had to be responsible, no more of this teenager bullshit – he wasn't talking about sneaking out to meet up with my boyfriend. He was talking about being with my boyfriend. Maybe he only approved of our being together because he figured it wouldn't last long. But in the long run he wanted me to settle down with another werewolf.

How much longer would dad put up with us being together? I had no intention of breaking up with Raphael. Would dad force us to split? Would he make me choose between Raphael or the pack? I didn't want to think about it.

Right now we were together, and we were happy. I texted him a time and place and then went downstairs to join my pack members for breakfast.

The End

Author's Note: Sorry for any mistakes! Did you enjoy it? I hope it was a nice taste of Erik's world. I plan on going deeper into his world, and showing more of his pack, and also going deeper into his relationship with his father. Tell me what you think! Reviews encourage me to write!