Second Chance


Ever wondered what would happen to Romeo and Juliet if they were given a second chance, to be reborn in the same world, same city, same town? They would make sure that this time round, there will only be success, no failures and no tragedy now.

"We will never be separated, Juliet," Romeo promised. He was wearing the significant ancient English wear, holding on to Juliet dearly as they were about to be reborn.

"Yes, we would never be, Romeo," Juliet promised.

"I would go to the mortal world first and we will meet there, sooner or later," Romeo said.

"I will wait for you, Romeo," Juliet promised him again.

Romeo inched down to kiss her on the lips for the last time before being sent to the real world.

"Bye, Juliet."

"Bye, Romeo."

"See you later."

"See you later."

In a certain household, a newborn baby was entitled to them. Wails of cries and laughters were heard across the streets and yet, no one complained about it. The couples who had the baby was worked hard for several years and this time, they succeeded and gave birth to a baby boy.

"He had such soft brown hair," the mother cried.

"Look at his eyes, they are just so soft and sweet chocolate," the father smiled, visioning how suave his son will look by the features he has now.

"What shall we name him, husband?" the mother, who was carrying the baby, turned to face the father with her tear-welled eyes.

"He is indeed our jewel and I hope that he would be able to find his own true love in the future. For that, I would name him, Romeo," the father said, wisely.

"But, isn't Romeo from the story 'Romeo and Juliet'? It is a tragedy, isn't it, my hubby?" the mother asked the father, arguing that she doesn't want her son to experience such painful and unfruitful love.

"But I am sure that my dearest son will prove us wrong. And in the end, doesn't Romeo still love Juliet whole-heartedly that he is willing to die for her? I want to make sure that our son spent his life to the fullest with the ones he loved, Megan," the father explained.

"As you wished, Adam," the mother finally gave in to the father's argument and since then, the baby boy was named Romeo Charles Montague.

In another household, a few months later, a baby girl was bestowed upon the Capulet family.

"Jesus! How adorable this baby girl is!" the grandmother squealed in delight upon seeing the baby grandchild arriving in the house for the first time in her life.

"She had those chocolate eyes of her father," the grandfather chuckled.

"And those mahogany hair of her mother," the grandmother added in.

A newborn is always a delight to a household. Having another family member around would always enlighten the household a bit more, especially when it is a baby.

"Mum, we haven't come up with a good name for this baby," the father said, troubled by the stress on giving his daughter a good name.

"Our family is the Capulet family. I am pretty sure there is a romance story with a Capulet as the leading character, right?" the grandfather asked a pretty obvious question.

"By romance story, do you mean the famous 'Romeo and Juliet' play by William Shakespeare?" the mother asked, shifting the baby a little as she squirmed adorably.

"Yes. I am thinking of naming her after the female leading character, Juliet," the grandfather said.

"Why Juliet, father?" the father asked.

"Just so because I wanted our grand-daughter to find her own Romeo and change the ending of the story forever, so that people would not think of Romeo and Juliet, the play, as a tragedy. It could be a romantic happy ending, too!" the grandfather smiled.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. And so, since then, the baby girl was named Juliet Felicia Capulet.

Chapter 1

"Juliet! Could you help me with this part? Please…" Heather, Juliet's best friend in school, pleaded her to help her with her art piece. In fact, Juliet herself was not good at art too. She had gotten herself a 'D' in the recent examinations but she was far better than Heather who got only an 'F'.

"Let me take a look at it first," Juliet felt stressed when she was put to help alter a totally screwed up 'masterpiece' by her best friend. The theme for the art work was supposedly 'dragons' but Juliet thought she could only spot instant noodles…

"I'm not sure if I can do a great job on it, Heather," she looked up to face her friend just to realize that she had vanished in thin air. Heather must have gone flirting with other guys in class.

Just after she said that to herself, Heather reappeared in front of her, panting heavily.

"Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-li-eet!" she stopped to take in a deep breath.

"Cool down, Heather. What's wrong?" she asked, stroking her friend's back to ease her breathing.

"A hunk! A HUNK is transferring to our school today! He is going to be transferred to our class!" she said in between deep breaths. Juliet should have known that her best friend is such a boy-crazy young lady.

"Well, that's great news for you, Heather!" Juliet congratulated her friend even before she had become real couple with the supposedly 'HUNK!' But she knew that if a guy was asked out by someone as pretty as Heather, he would never reject it. At least for now, the theory proved her right.

"JULIET! Why aren't you moved by hunks?" Heather reprimanded her best friend for not giving love a chance.

"Because I have not met my Romeo?" Juliet laughed at the silly joke. No one else would name their children Romeo and Juliet after the famous play. It was just too silly and childish. She bet she was the only one in the world with such a name.

"Don't say that, Juliet! There will be someone named Romeo or someone who you think that he is your own Romeo. Give love a chance, Juliet! You're pretty yourself. You should find yourself a boyfriend and try falling in love for once, just once will do and you will be enchanted by the beauty of love!" Heather acted like a matchmaker, pairing Juliet up with the top most wanted guys in the school.

"Stop it, Heather! You know how serious I am when it comes to love," Juliet laughed at her friend's bad matchmaking.

"I know, I know, Juliet. You only want to be loyal to one and only one man, right?" Heather asked.

"Yes, you finally understood, Heather." Juliet laughed a little. "Say, Heather. Romeo, Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" she quoted the phrase in which Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet play, said.

"Romeo is somewhere near you, Juliet. Find him with your heart. Your pure heart and beauty is what makes you so attractive to the males. If you found him, share your feelings with him. He would come crawling in between in his tails to you, Juliet," Heather said. The two young ladies laughed at themselves by using such weird languages.

"Miss Lydia is coming! Act quiet and obedient!" the class rep, Royston shouted.

Act quiet and obedient? Shouldn't we be quiet and obedient in the first place? Juliet chuckled to herself upon seeing how everyone is scrambling to their seats as the teacher's footsteps became heavy and louder. Hang on, did she heard another pair of footsteps drawing closer to her classroom. Right Heather was just saying and announcing that there would be hunk joining their class. For some reason, her heart was beating. She thought she had a mild heart attack.

Soon, the door creaked opened and Miss Lydia entered the classroom with a hot guy following up close to her. He had short wavy brown hair and soft chocolate eyes like Juliet herself. For a split second, she thought she had seen him before, but that sudden thought disappeared suddenly.

"Everyone, listen carefully. The young man we have here now is going to join us for the rest of the term." She turned to face the young man. "Would you like to introduce yourself to your new classmates?"

He nodded and the girls in our class squealed. He was by far the most handsome man Juliet had ever seen in her whole life.

"Hi, everyone. I am Romeo, Romeo Charles Montague. I know my name is funny but I can't help it if my parents named me after Shakespeare's play," he shrugged. Everyone's attention was directed at him now, not because of his looks, but because of his name.

"Did you hear his name, Juliet?" Heather was also shocked as heard from the tone of her voice.

Juliet, on the other hand was stunned.

"Romeo, would you like to sit beside the young pretty lady at the back? I think you would be able to make good friends with her though," Miss Lydia chuckled a little, noticing how her class actually has two students named after the famous play. It would be quite cool to have the both of them sitting next to each other.

"Why, Miss Lydia?" Romeo asked, wondering why on earth his new homeroom teacher is chuckling while his new tablemate's face was flushing with embarrassment.

"You would know once you found out her name," she chuckled again. Everyone was sulking, including the girls and guys who yearned to sit beside the both of them. As they watched Romeo walking down the aisle, moving closer to his new seat, their facial expression was worse than a cucumber.

The teacher started her lesson after Romeo had placed his bag on his desk and sat down comfortably in his seat. Deep in her heart, she was excited for the both of them. To have been named after a famous romance play is one thing, but to meet together is one different thing. They might be the rebirth of the real Romeo and Juliet whom Shakespeare had gotten his story from and she should support them with all her will and abilities since she is also a fan of the play.

Romeo was curious about his tablemate's name. He turned to look at her to the left and noticed her face still flushed with embarrassment.

"Hi, tablemate. I'm Romeo, what's your name?" he asked her with his deep husky voice.

She jerked a little and turned around to look at him. He was rather embarrassed to realize how lucky he was to be able to sit beside a beauty like her.

"My name is screwed out…" she tried to avoid the introduction part.

"But it can't be as stupid and screwed as mine too right? I am named after Romeo and Juliet. Isn't that the worst name you could ever have?" he chuckled a little.

Juliet jerked and chuckled a little.

"You smiled. So now, could you tell me your name?" Romeo asked her. It reminded her of how the real Romeo in the play asked for Juliet's name.

"Don't say that, Juliet! There will be someone named Romeo or someone who you think that he is your own Romeo. Give love a chance, Juliet! You're pretty yourself. You should find yourself a boyfriend and try falling in love for once, just once will do and you will be enchanted by the beauty of love!"

Juliet remembered what Heather had just told her. After all, there is really someone named Romeo Montague and that someone is sitting right next to her now. Maybe, she should listen to Heather's advice for once.

Juliet looked over Romeo's shoulder to Heather and Heather gave a wink, signaling to her that she should tell him her name. It would be very interesting.

"Juliet, Juliet Felicia Capulet," Juliet answered him.

"W-What? Come again, please," Romeo winced a little.

"My name is Juliet Felicia Capulet, Juliet," Juliet chuckled a little when she saw just how astonished Romeo was to stand up in the middle of the class and then sat down again in embarrassment.

"You sure you are not kidding me?" Romeo aske.

"Just what I want to ask you, Romeo," Juliet said his name so casually that the both of them blushed in embarrassment. It really seems too fairytale like to them. How could fate be so cunning?

"Maybe we are fated to meet each other after all, Juliet," Romeo tried to break the silence between the both of them. Juliet nodded her head and they both chuckled softly while the lesson is still going on. Heather, on the other hand, was noting and taking photos of this scene down carefully. This is something worth recalling and remembering.

"So Juliet, would you like to be my friend?" Romeo asked her politely and gentleman-like.

"Aren't we friends now?" Juliet asked.

For an instance, Romeo felt his heart stopped beating when he noticed how natural Juliet's smile was. It was as though they had met before but that thought suddenly vanished, leaving him wondering what was he thinking about earlier.

"Should we listen attentively to class now, Romeo?" Juliet asked, busying taking down notes on what the teacher is talking about.

"Yeah, we should." The boy answered.

With that, it brings the chapter to an end.