Chapter 2

"Juliet! Juliet! The teacher is looking for you!" Heather came running into the class again just to find Romeo and Juliet talking happily among them. The two had recently become good friends. "Oh, Romeo, there you are. Miss Lydia is looking for you too," Heather gave an evil smile. Juliet had an ill feeling that this meet-up with the teacher had got to do with Heather.

"Why? Do you happen to know, Heather?" Romeo asked. His hand accidentally brushed across Juliet's hand, making her embarrassed.

"I'm not too sure myself. You will know it once you get there. Hurry up, the two of you," Heather said, pushing them out of the classroom, towards the staffroom. "Miss Lydia is waiting for you," she reminded them.

"Shall we go, Juliet?" Romeo asked.

"Yes," Juliet answered. She stepped forward to lead the way while Romeo followed quietly, silently admiring how soft and beautiful her wavy mahogany hair looks as they swayed from side to side when she walked. Unconsciously, he walked forward to hug her to him, kissing her nape.

"R-Romeo, what are you doing?" Juliet asked, bringing him back to reality.

Romeo stunned at his own actions and released her immediately. "I… I didn't mean to do it… Sorry," he apologized.

"Never mind, Romeo. What's more hindering is what if Miss Lydia sees this," Juliet asked, pointing to the fresh hickey mark on her neck. Romeo blushed instantly. He couldn't deny that she was delicious and that kiss was worthwhile.

"This should do," Romeo said, adjusting her shirt a little, hands trembling with the urge to unbutton all her buttons on her school uniform and kiss her right away. Little did he realize just how Juliet's heart was racing throughout this whole episode. However, Juliet's deep breathing made Romeo stopped his actions and focus his attention on Juliet.

"Juliet? How are you, Juliet?" Romeo caught her before she goes falling on to the hard cold ground.

Juliet was too embarrassed to explain it to him. In fact, she was so embarrassed about what they did earlier that her legs went jelly and numb that she fell to the ground.

"I'm alright, Romeo. We should hurry up to the staffroom now. Miss Lydia is still waiting for us," Juliet answered and smiled to Romeo.

"Yes, milady," Romeo teased as he helped her to get on her feet and headed to the staffroom together when they realized just so many people were waiting for them. They recognized most of them from the drama club seniors.

"I'm sorry for being late, Miss Lydia," Juliet apologized on behalf of Romeo too.

"It's alright since I had asked for you two to meet me in such a short instance," Miss Lydia excused her for being late. "More importantly, you two are going to be acting in an inter-countries play in Vienna this coming September with these people here," Miss Lydia explained and handed them their scripts.

"Romeo and…" Juliet said.

"… and Juliet play by William Shakespeare?" Romeo continued her sentence for her.

"Yes, that's right. And now, I am going to announce everyone's role in the act for now," Miss Lydia said casually as if she had told them about this before.

"We are going to be casted in this play? We, the amateurs in acting, are going to act in this inter-countries play?" Juliet exclaimed.

"I don't see the problem with the two of you acting. Just treat it normally and naturally," Miss Lydia explained.

"But… But… This is the play that…" Romeo tried to explain the embarrassing relationship between their names and the play.

"I know, I know. That's one of the reasons why I had chosen the both of you apart from how good-looking you are and how popular you are amongst the opposite gender," Miss Lydia chuckled.

Romeo and Juliet shy away bashfully. Sure they had received lots of confesses from the opposite sex especially Romeo who had just transferred into the school and received more than three confesses a day usually.

"Well, well. Just listen to your roles for now," Miss Lydia said. She announced the seniors' roles in acting first.

"Relax, Juliet. We wouldn't be as unfortunate as to get the grand prize," Romeo calmed her down. He stroked her back gently. Juliet looked up to him and smiled a little. Yes, they wouldn't be so unlucky.

"Henry as Benvolio, Leo as Montague…" the list continues.

"And last but not least, Juliet as Juliet and Romeo as Romeo," Miss Lydia chuckled to herself as she read out. It almost seems to her that they are going to act out something about themselves.

"What?" Romeo exclaimed dramatically. He is a natural borne talent in acting.

"Me and Romeo getting the main characters? We can't do it, Miss Lydia," Juliet tried refusing Miss Lydia's proposal.

"We'll work it up somehow then, Juliet. We'll just do more practices," Miss Lydia is just so cunning.

Romeo almost coughed out his lungs when he flipped through the script and realized just what he is going to do with Juliet. Kissing. He had to kiss Juliet in the script. Well, it is not that bad an idea to be able to kiss such a pretty lady but to think that that will be his first kiss is just to obscure!

"We have to k-kiss?" Romeo spluttered out the word, making all the other members of the play looking at the two of them with fiery eyes. From their looks, Romeo thought that he could hear them bellowing 'Juliet it mine!' or 'Romeo is mine and only mine!', or things like that. It was just too scary to think about.

Juliet's face reddened as she heard what Romeo had just said and almost burst like a balloon when Miss Lydia nodded her head. She is going to kiss Romeo. She is going to be the real Juliet in the play. For some reason, she was anticipating for Romeo's kiss.

"Well, looks through the script during the week long holiday and practice it with your partner as written in the script. I expected a rather good one in the following week when you get back to school. Is that alright?" Miss Lydia asked.

"Yes, Miss Lydia," everyone answered her in unison and left the staffroom, scrambling back to class to be on time for the next lesson.

"Hey, Juliet!" Romeo called out to Juliet once they turned round a corner and no one's there.

"Yes?" Juliet replied, turning around and smiled to him with her best smile.

"Don't be too troubled by it. I think it wouldn't be as bad as we thought," Romeo reminded her, rubbing his neck to hide his embarrassment.

"Of course I know that. Romeo, it's time to get back to class now," Juliet, in turn, reminded him of the time. Romeo smiled and followed her to class. Both of them knew just how this would help them in stepping closer into their relationship, closing the gap between them little by little, like what they wanted to be. They knew for sure that to have been named after the famous couple and to become tablemates isn't something that is of mere coincidence. They were fated to meet together for more than these reasons. To find out, the only thing they could do is to do what they want to do and let their hearts and minds have the time to find out for them the answer.

"… a + b is equals to b – c if we solve this part out with simultaneous equations…" the mathematics teacher continued his lessons after Romeo and Juliet came running into the classroom. Juliet fumbled to take her exercise book out from her bag while Romeo just took them out from his under desk compartment. He looked at her slim nimble fingers rummaging through her pink bag, trying to find her book.

What are those fingers for? They are so long and slim… Could she be a violin player like me? He thought, taking note of how long and agile those fingers are if they were to be used on a violin. She could be a wonderful player.

He chuckle a little as she became stressed out when she realized she had not brought her book with her. If was one of her few rare times when she actually forgotten to bring something. He pushed his book towards the middle of the two desks, offering to share his book with her.

"Thank you, Romeo," Juliet said.

"Of course you should thank me. And shouldn't you do something more than to thank me for this episode?" Romeo teased her.

Juliet blushed a little.

"What do you want then?" Juliet asked politely.

"What do I want from you? For a girl as pretty as you to ask a guy like me for something from you, of course I would ask something like a kiss or a hug," Romeo teased and laughed a little.

However, he didn't know that Juliet would treat his answer for real and kiss him on the cheeks.

"A-Are we even now?" Juliet asked bashfully.

"How could we be even?" Romeo sighed in defeat. He hung his head low towards the table, hand supporting it.

"Eh? Are you mad about having I kissing you?" Juliet asked in embarrassment. She was actually enjoying it herself.

"Of course, I am!" Romeo said, still not looking up at her. Juliet was a little hurt about it.

"That's it for today, everyone. Thank you, class," the mathematics teacher ended the class.

"Thank you, teacher," everyone said in unison.

"Ro-romeo?" Juliet said his name carefully. Romeo sat on his desk while Juliet stood in between his legs.

"Say Juliet, do you like me?" Romeo asked out of a sudden.

"Eh? I'm not even sure about it myself-," Juliet answered him.

"Just listen to your heart for once and answer my question. Do you like me?" Romeo asked again when everyone dashed out of the classroom for lunch break.

"I… I think I am beginning to like you a little. I'm sorry! I know it is wrong to say something like this but I…" Juliet was cut off by Romeo.

"It isn't wrong to say it, Juliet," Romeo calmed her down when he noticed how her precious tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. "I'm sorry for making you cry," Romeo apologized.

"What about you, Romeo? Do you like me?" Juliet asked.

"At times like these, you should really follow the script. The balcony scene, remember? When Juliet was calling out to Romeo," Romeo teased.

Juliet chuckled and followed on with the acting. "Romeo, Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" she asked.

Romeo was touched by it and his hands moved over to touch her cheeks unintentionally. Juliet winced a little by the sudden action but she got used to it and moved her hands around his neck.

"Romeo is always here and he is always your Romeo," Romeo answered her bumping their heads gently as they smiled in unison. "I love you, Juliet. I love you very much," he answered her previous question.

"Me too, Romeo. I have fallen deeply in love with you, Romeo," Juliet said as they tilted their heads slightly and inched forward for a deep romantic French kiss.

"Aren't the two of us like the real Romeo and Juliet from the play now?" Romeo joked.

"You mean like how we might be the reincarnated souls of Romeo and Juliet from the past?" Juliet added in to the little joke.

"We may be, Juliet. Especially when we could get so in love within such a short period of time," Romeo pouted.

Juliet inched forward to kiss him gently on his lips. "How do you know whether I am really in love with you, Romeo? I might be cheating on you," Juliet teased.

"Oh? Since when such an obedient girl like you know how to do such things?" Romeo asked as he tickled her sides, making her legs numb for the second time in a day.

"I don't really know. I may not be as obedient as you think, Romeo. I might be some pro judo fighter, you never know," Juliet chuckled as she tried thinking of many examples of her being a not good girl.

"Try that on someone, Juliet. You will realize just how good I am to you actually," Romeo boasted about his gentleman's behavior.

"I didn't know of anyone's boyfriend would ask her girlfriend to go find some other guy… I am sorry. I was just thinking that we look like some couple now," Juliet became all clumsy and worried about making a mistake and making Romeo angry.

"Hush, hush. You feel that we are like a couple now?" Romeo asked the delicate and vulnerable girl in front of her. God, she is just so cute and beautiful.

Juliet nodded her head in embarrassment.

"What if I propose to you?" Romeo asked again carefully, not wanting to make her cry again.

"Eh?" Juliet exclaimed.

Romeo hopped down from his desk and hug Juliet tight to her.

"Say Juliet, I love you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Romeo asked her.

"Of course I would and I want to," Juliet said excitedly, hugging Romeo tighter than before like a six-year-old sister hugging her long time never see big brother. She is just so adorable that he couldn't be able to resist not being able to hug her at least once a day from now on.

"Thank you, Juliet," Romeo said once she calmed down.

"For what?" Juliet asked innocently.

"For giving me so much happiness that I couldn't even asks for more from god," Romeo replied embarrassing as he inched down to kiss her on the lips again.

"You're welcome," Juliet muttered in between kisses.