It's sad

When you're stabbed in the back

The burn and sting pulse

And you turn your head to see your attacker

Only to see someone you trusted

Someone you had come to love

The pain of seeing that trumps that of the knife

And you're not sure whether to cry or yell

To beg for an explanation or to run away

In the end all you can do is stand and stare in disbelief

And listen to the questions being screamed inside your head

The combined pain will become too much then

And you will fall

Then you will scream

You will yell

You will cry

Even if it's all in your head

Then you'll realize the saddest thing

The person, the one you called a friend

Couldn't even look you in the eye as they struck

Did they feel guilty?

Or did they just pity you?

Then you will start to question everything

Were they ever your real friend?

Did they ever care?

Was this all a game to them?

Then you will deny everything

You will keep a straight face

You will say you don't care

That you are okay

That you're not the least bit broken

And then when you're alone in your bed at night

You will cry

That feeling of betrayal will leave you with a crippling scar

And you will never be the same

Some people rebel

Some people start fights

Some people move on

But me, I stayed quiet

I never told anyone of the pain I felt

And I became cold

Now I'm not even sure if I regret it

But the one thing I will never let myself forget

The one thing I will always remember

Are the eyes that avoided my own as they twisted a knife into my back

The eyes of a coward

One who couldn't even look me in the eye as they ripped my heart to pieces

And then left me to rot

I healed, but I can no longer trust

I sewed my heart back together, but I can no longer love

I still breathe, but I no longer know if I'm really alive

I have never been the same

To know what this feels like is something I would never wish on anyone else

But if you do know what it feels like know this

Staying quiet may seem easy

It may seem like the smart thing to do

But take it from someone who knows

Staying quiet is the hardest thing to do

You will feel like your going to explode

And eventually staying quiet will be the only thing you know how to do

Don't become like me



Demand answers

And then move on

No matter how hard it is

Because it's the only way you will ever be truly happy

A poem about betrayal. Hope someone likes it.