The Silver Chain

Chapter 1

The bathroom light flicks on. Sam reaches into the medicine cabinet and pulls out a little white bottle. He opens it and pops out an ibuprofen. He grabs a glass sitting on the sink counter and fills it. He pops the pill and drinks the water. He doesn't usually have headaches at night. Especially this late. It was at least past two in the morning.

As he closed the medicine cabinet he noticed something shine in the mirror. It was just the silver chain around his neck. He never takes it off. He doesn't know why but he never takes it off. He walks back to his room. Closes the door. Lies down and shuts his eyes. There's a light illuminating his face. Bright blue. It's the moonlight coming through his window. It's a full moon.

Sam wakes up in a jolt. His head is pounding. His breath is shallow and his heart aches. His jaw is twitching and his cheeks are pale. His eyes are wide and his pupils are blown. He feels like he's having a heart attack as a snarl escapes his mouth. He rolls off his bed and falls to the floor clutching his ribs and his heart. He looks up at the window. His face shined on by moonlight. His eyes set shallow and more pupil than iris. His face stretched and his hands impossible to keep still. His heart stops. He stops moving. Sam lays there, dead.

His mom had heard noise from her bedroom and she opened the door to Sam's room. It was destroyed. His bed was over thrown. The walls covered in gouge marks. Vomit on the floor. Blood spattered blankets. The window was gone. There was no Sam. But his room was on the second story. He still must be in the house because all the doors and windows on the first floor have a security system that sounds an alarm when opened from inside or out. All the doors were locked. The windows were closed. The security system was still engaged. But she couldn't find Sam anywhere. She checked outside by his room. Nothing but broken glass.

She finally called the police to report Sam missing. She was distraught. Sam had no reason to run away. He was a good kid, honest, and did well in school. She was worried someone had taken him. He obviously put up a fight when they took him.

The police came and searched Sam's room. At first thought it looked like a grizzly bear had torn everything to shreds. They looked for hair, blood and anything else they could find. But it was all Sam's. They set out a search party to look for Sam in the woods behind his house. They looked for hours and the sun was coming up.

Back at the house Sam's mom steps outside still in complete shock. She walks down the lawn. The block riddled with police cars.

She passes the old oak tree in their yard. She hears a loud thump. She turns around and there's Sam. Crumpled in a heap. Clothes in tatters. Unconscious and barely breathing. His face contorted with pain.

Sara walks over to the outdoor stage in the quad. Sitting on the steps are Kevin, Alex, and Jennifer. They are usually five of them including Sam and Sara; they are a couple so it's rare to see them apart. But Sam hasn't been to school in days. Sara has tears in her eyes. She can't hold it back and tears stream down her face. All three stand up and rush over to her.

"Sara what's wrong?" said Alex

"Sam hasn't called" replied Sara

"But it's been days since we've seen him" said Jennifer

"Maybe he's just sick" said Kevin

"But he would have at least texted me" cried Sara "I'm so worried"

"How about we go to his house and see what's wrong?" said Kevin

"We'll go right after school okay Sara?" reassures Jennifer "everything is going to be okay"

They all meet up after school and walk to Sam's house. Sara knocks on door. Sam's mom opens it. She has bags under her bloodshot eyes. Her skin is pale and her posture is slouched.

"Hi miss Marshall is Sam home?" chirped Alex "we haven't seen him in days and Sara is starting to get worried"

"Oh I'm sorry but Sam is in the hospital." said Mrs. Marshall

"Oh God why? What happened?" cried Sara

"I still don't know. I walked in to his room one night and it was destroyed. I called the cops and later when I stepped outside he fell out of a tree already knocked out and he's in a coma right now." sniffled Mrs. Marshall "you can visit him in the hospital if you like. Room two o five."

"Thank you. We will." said Alex

Sara was distraught as everyone tried to comfort her.

"It's going to be okay" soothed Jennifer as she held Sara close.

Everyone started walking to the hospital. It was about 5 o clock. They walked through the doors and took the elevator up to Sam's room. There was a nurse at bedside. Sam was laying there in the hospital bed with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry but visiting hours just ended." said the nurse.

"Please just for a couple of minutes?" cried Sara. She was starting to tear up.

"Well okay but just you. And you have 2 minutes." said the nurse as she let her in reluctantly. Sara nodded as she stepped inside and the nurse closed the door. Sara rushed over to Sam.

"Oh god Sam what happened" Sara said as she laid her head on his shoulder. She noticed the chain around his neck. The silver chain he never took off. "Even after all this you still have that thing." she said with a small tired smile.

"I'll come back tomorrow okay? I love you." sniffed Sara. She stepped outside and everyone walked out of the hospital.

Three weeks past and Sara visited Sam every day. The doctors still didn't know what was wrong with him. One day Sara walked into Sam's room and his mother was there.

"Oh hi Mrs. Marshall, Um… I'll come back later I guess," Said Sara.

"No no I was just about to leave." said Mrs. Marshall.

"Oh okay. Um do the doctors know what's wrong yet?" Sara said hopefully.

"No but they said he has increased brain activity and he should be walking up soon." Mrs. Marshall said with a smile

"Oh thank God" said Sara with a tear running down her face.

"I'll just leave you two alone then" Mrs. Marshall said as she closed the door."

"I hope you wake up soon Sam" said Sara

It was about 5 o clock when's nurse walked in to Sam's room.

"I'm sorry visiting hours are over." said the nurse

"Oh okay sorry. Bye Sam. Love you." Sara said somberly as kissed his forehead and walked out of the room

It was about 2 o clock. The window in Sam's room was open. Curtains pulled back. A bright light shined through onto Sam's face. His eyes opened wide. There seemed to be no iris left in them. Almost. A ring of rust colored iris boarders his pupils. He rips out his I.V. and stands up. He looks at the window. He jumps. His room was on the 7th floor. He lands on his feet with a light thump sound. He stands up straight and a massive roar escapes his lungs. He runs with inhuman speed towards the fence. One leap and he clears it. Sam is running on all fours. His face contorted and limbs with bones almost perching skin. Running in steady stride through a field of cracked dirt. A shadow in the moonlight.

The next day Sara went to visit Sam. Only the nurse, Sam's mom and a cop were in the room. The hospital bed was empty.

"Where's Sam?" Said Sara in a shaken tone.

"We don't know. We came in this morning and he was gone. We checked the security tapes we only caught him on one of the outside cameras. Running towards the fence surrounding the hospital. The police haven't found him yet." said the nurse.

Mrs. Marshall is holding back tears but Sara was already crying.

"I have to find him." cried Sara. She ran outside and pulled out her phone and dialed a number. "Jennifer? Sam is missing... They don't know. I'm really worried. We have to look for him... Alright I'll meet all of you at Sam's house. Bye"

Sara walks to Sam's house. When she got there the whole group was waiting.

"What are we going to?" asked Alex

"Yeah where are we going to look for him?" Said Kevin. "Its not like we even know which way he went. He could be anywhere."

"When Sam ended up in the hospital his mom said she found him because he fell out of a tree. We just have to look around in the forest and see if we find footprints or clothes or, or something!" Sara said as she trembled on the point of tears.

"It's okay Sara we'll find him. Don't worry." reassured Jennifer "we can look in the forest behind his house"

"But it's getting dark soon I don't think we can" said Alex

"If we don't she'll start bawling again" Kevin whispered to Alex "don't worry we won't get lost and if it gets too dark we can turn back"

"Alright then I guess" Alex mumbled

"Let's get started then" said Jennifer

They all step off the ledge of the sidewalk, sun setting behind them, into the dark forest. Hoping to find Sam. Sara panic stricken and the others with a sense of dread and obligation by Sara's cries.

Light fading as the search. Jennifer still holding Sara. While Kevin and Alex try and find any sign of Sam. Now tripping on stones and roots in the darkness they were getting cold and tired of searching. Well into the forest but having made no turns, could easily go back.

"Maybe we should go back. It's getting pretty dark and we don't want to get lost" said Alex

"But we can't give up. We haven't found him!" said Sara on the point of tears again

"I'm sorry Sara but if we're out here any longer we could get lost" said Kevin "we have to turn back. I'm sorry"

"Come on Sara we have to go" said Jennifer as she grabbed Sara's arm

"NO!" screamed Sara as she pulled away. Tears running down her face. Shimmering as a bright blue light illuminated her. The light of a full moon.

"We can't just give up! I will find him"

Something lands with a light thump behind her. Jennifer stares above her with an open mouth and a pale face. Alex wide eyed and stiff as a pole. Kevin lock jawed. Sara turns around.

A six foot tall shadow looms before her. It takes a step forward. A massive paw is reviled in the light. Another step. The massive figure stands before them. Death brought to life. 6 feet tall on hind legs. Massive paws with inch long claws. Foot long snout with jaws the size of hands. Teeth protruding from its closed mouth. And a silver chain around its neck. It shimmered in the moonlight.

Sara screamed. She could believe this was real. She just knew she had to run. A cold shot of adrenaline coursed through her body. She turned and ran. As fast as she could. She ran past the others who were still in shock, at the massive beast standing before them. Snapping out of the horrified daze they started running trying to escape.

As they started to run a switch was flipped and instinct kicked in. It got down on all fours and tore into the earth as it kicked off to follow its prey. Built to kill it could have taken all of them in seconds. But it went for the slowest first. She tried to run. It was on her heels. One swipe to tear into her.

Alex couldn't believe this was happening. But she could think right now. Her mind blank. Body moving to escape. Fear stricken heart. Running for her life. She could hear the heavy breathing of the beast. She could hear the crunch of the leaves as it hit the ground with every leap. She knew she could not outrun it. She was dead. She tried to keep running. It was so dark. Her foot hits a tree root and she falls.

It made a final leap for her. Already falling upon her, Kevin takes his swing. He had picked up a yard long stick as wide as his fist. When it hit the beast it snapped in half, but not before sending the beast falling back with blood on its brow.

"Run!" yelled Kevin as he dropped what remained of the branch.

Both of them ran through the forest trying to get back to Sam's house.

The pain only enraged the beast. He looked for his pray. His eyes glowing in the darkness and ears perking up. He heard a snap of wood.

Jennifer hiding behind a tree trying not to cry. Tears rolling down her face and her hand covering her mouth, she sat there motionless. Not knowing if it would find her and too scared to move. She hears a twig break. A yelp escapes her mouth. She hears a roar. Her mind snaps. A cold injection streams through her body. She runs.

The beast sees its prey. It roars and digs in its pads. It takes off into the chase. He's hungry.

Alex and Kevin break through the forest. They are back on the street. Sam's house is just yards away. They made it.

Jennifer runs as fast as she can. She can hear it. The growls come from all around her. It's playing with her. He enjoys watching her run. He knows he has won. She trips on a tree root and falls. She's in a clearing. The moon is right above her.

The beast takes a step forward into the clearing. Jennifer turns around. It roars. Jennifer stunned with fear, she can't move. It charges at her ready to kill. She closes her eyes. She knows it's the end. She waits for a second. Death did not come.

She opens her eyes. The beast is before her but it is staring a big, proud buck that had stepped into the clearing. The buck bobbed its head and lowered it to show its antlers. The beast curiously stepped closer to it. The buck thrusts it's antlers suddenly and the beast, startled steps back. It snarled at the buck as it looked up. It suddenly bolts out of the clearing.

The beast howls. It takes off after the buck. Jennifer ran. As fast as she could. She tripped and bumped into trees but she was desperate to get out. She is still running when she notices her feet are on pavement. She was on Sam's street, just a block from his house.

Sara runs as fast as she can. Branches are hitting her face. She can't breathe anymore. Her legs are giving out. She's trying to outrun death. She isn't thinking. Fear has taken over. She has to stop. She can't take it anymore. She falls to her knees. Trying to catch her breath. A roar not too far from her. She lies down behind a log. Praying she lives. Praying the beast doesn't find her. She hears something. A shadow passes over her. A big buck jumps over the log and runs into the forest.

Thump. She looks up and there's the beast. It doesn't see her. It's sniffing the air. It's looking for her. She's dead. She knows it. She's frozen up against the log. It steps over the log. She wants to scream. It steps forward. She prays it doesn't turn around. She begs her maker to let her live. Its ears are moving back and forth. He's in the moonlight and she sees him very clearly. A living death with a chain around its neck. A familiar chain. Sam's chain.

She's at her breaking point. She can't believe this thing is Sam. She lets out a whimper. It turns around. It almost seems to smile. A howl was to be the last thing she ever heard. But Grim hadn't swung his scythe just yet. Crack. The sound echoed through the clearing. Behind the beast. It turns around to be greeted with a huge claw to the face. He's knocked back and he roars with anger. A huge bear had taken a swipe at him. The bear roared and looked at him. He stood on his hind legs. He was dark brown and had many scars. This was his territory and the beast was just an intruder.

The beast was taken aback and stumbled but he regained his footing and roared. It leaped at the bear, knocking it down. The bear and the beast taking swings with massive paws. The beast bit into the bear's shoulder. The bear roared with pain and rage. It knocked the beast off and sunk its teeth into the beast's arm. The beast howled in pain.

The beast turned and bit into the bear's neck. It shook its head 3 times. Blood was gushing everywhere. The bear was growling in pain. The beast tightened its jaw and it bit through the bear's neck. The bear's head dropped into a pool of its own blood. The body fell with a heavy thud. The beast howled in triumph. It turned to the body. Excited and made hungry by all the blood, it started to take chunks out of the bear.

Sara can't think any more. She is shocked by what she sees. She just knows that she has to get away. She has to get away from the trees and the animal in front of her. She gingerly gets up, scared out of her skin she starts to back up very slowly. She gets about 10 feet away and she turns and runs. She's running as fast as she can. Tree limbs are hitting her face. Her lungs burn as she gasps for air. Her legs are giving out and her knees are buckling under her. But she can't stop. She's running for her life. She can't even see anymore. All she sees is skinny rays of moonlight coming through the tree branches. She's stumbling over roots and holes. She falls and quickly gets up, not even looking back. She breaks through darkness. She hears buzz of a half broken streetlight over head. She's back on the street. She made it. She walks into the middle of the street and falls to her knees. She starts to cry. She can't believe she made it.

"I'm alive... Ahhahahh... I made it." she said nervously.

"SARA!" someone yelled

She looked up. There was Jennifer, Alex and Kevin. Along with them was Sam's mother. She was carrying a flashlight and had it pointed at her. The light was too bright so she put her hand over her eyes. Sam's mom pointed the light away from her. She stood up relieved that they had made it out of the forest. She smiled at them.

A huge figure erupted from the forest. It leaped onto Sara. She was pinned to the ground.

"HELP ME!" she screamed.

The beast howled. It was seen very clearly now. A huge werewolf. Paws the size of plates. A long furry tail. Dark black hair and a blood covered muzzle. It was death come to life. Everyone felt their heart skip a beat and a cold shiver up their spines. The beast looked down at Sara, who was pinned under its paw. The others watched in horror as he smiled and went in for the kill.

"AHHHH! HELP!" she screamed

Sara felt the pressure increase on her back. She just couldn't scream anymore. She was in so much pain; she couldn't take it much longer. But the pressure kept increasing. She heard cracks and blood guzzled out of her mouth. Something had ruptured inside of her. She couldn't breathe anymore. She looked up at her friends and Sam's mother. She mouthed the words "help me" and she faded off.

The beast snapped its jaws around Sara's neck. After one shake and a crack was heard. He snapped through the spine and wanted to start eating. He growled with delight at the bloody mess that was under him. He bent down and ripped her shoulder open. Blood sprayed as he took a mouthful.

Boom. A shot hit the beast. Its shoulder gushed blood as it stumbled back. It let out a massive roar. Sam's mother was holding a revolver with both hands. She held it so tight that her knuckles were white. Her pale face was stricken with fear. She had put in her waistband when the teens knocked franticly on her door; they weren't making sense so she was scared. It came in handy but the initial shock made her forget about it. Now she was staring down a huge monster. It was pissed and started walking towards her. It stepped on Sara's body. She heard a crack and she was sick to her stomach. The beast was getting closer. She adjusted her grip and started at it. It stopped 15 feet away. It let out a massive roar. It got down on all fours and was ready to take a run at them. Sam's mother shot off another round. It hit the beast in the right shoulder. It knocked him back a few feet.

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