The Silver Chain

Chapter 2

The beast howled at the sky and it put fear into their bones.

It bolted at them. It was running straight at Sam's mother. As it roared she let off another shot. Everything seemed to slow down. And then it all came back. The round had hit inside its mouth and had gone through the back of its head. It still looked as if it was running but death sunk its claws and the beast toppled like a felled deer. It fell at her feet and made a bloody mess around her shoes. She had one hand covering her mouth as she cried and looked at the body of the monster. Jennifer and Alex had started crying. Alex was in Kevin's arms and he looked like he wanted to cry too. She looked up from Kevin's arms and looked at the body. She could believe what she saw.

" Iii -iis it moving still? Iii-it looks like it's getting smaller. Look the body is shrinking." said Alex

"Holy shit it is. No. No. NO it's dead. What the fuck is happening!" replied Kevin.

"The fur is going away... What is this thing. Oh God it's a person!" ,screamed Alex.

The body shrunk and the fur had left revealing before them the lifeless body of Sam. Dead, the shot to his head had killed him.

"OH MY GOD NO!" yelled Alex.

"No. No no no. This isn't happening. NO!" cried Jennifer.

It took a second for her to realize what she had done. She fell to her knees with a horrified look.

"My baby boy... I'm so sorry Sammie. I didn't know honey. I'll be there soon okay. Don't worry Sammie. I love you." she said in a calm voice. She put her fingers through Sam's bloody hair and brought the gun up to her head.

"NO! PLEASE DON-" yelled Kevin

He was too late. She pulled the trigger and the side of her head exploded.

"Oh dear God… No no no… Why." he cried as tears ran down his face.

They all sat there for a couple of minutes, crying. Then they heard a police siren and Kevin got a shock of reality.

" Oh fuck... Okay hey hey... Alex look at me. Look at me sweetheart. It's okay. Shh it's okay. Jenny come here please. Take my hand. It's okay it's all over. Nothing is going to happen okay? It's all over." he said as he hugged both girls.

"Why. Why did this happen." cried Jennifer.

"shhh... It's okay. It's okay. This didn't happen okay? We have to forget about it. The police are gonna be here soon. They will never believe us. So this never happen okay? It was a bear okay? The bear killed Sara. Then it picked up Sam and his mom tried to save him. She shot Sam by mistake and then she killed herself okay? That's what happened okay? Nothing else." said Kevin.

The girls, still crying, nodded and buried their faces into Kevin. They all sat there crying until the saw the blue and red lights. The police asked what happened and all three gave the same story. The police kept questioning them and took all three to the station to record their statements. By the time they all got home it was morning. The news and paper reported it as a bear attack resulting in an accidental shooting and a suicide. Sam's body was taken into the morgue. The injuries sustained to the body confirmed an animal attack. Since Sam had no relatives remaining he was buried three days later by the county, in a pine box next to his mother. Many people left flowers at the graves but the kids didn't visit. They were all scarred from their experience. They didn't go to school for weeks and finally three weeks later they all managed to get to school.

None of them looked their best but they gave each other tired smiles when they met in the quad. Kevin was already sitting when the two girls walked up. He hugged Jennifer and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. He hugged Alex and she pulled her head back and kissed him on the lips. He was completely stunned.

"Thank you for everything. " ,she said with tiredness about her. He just nodded and smiled. They went about their day normally enough. Just another boring school day, but they didn't mind. They needed something normal. Their whole week was normal. None of them had even hinted at the event that had scarred them for life.

"Come on babe no one can see us out here. Let me touch sweetheart." said a boy

"Mike it's creepy out here. Why are we in a cemetery!"

The girl whimpered.

" cause its guaranteed privacy babe. Don't worry there's no one out here and there's no such thing as zombies hehe. Now come on!" he said as he kissed her neck and moved his hands across her body.

"Mmm well okay then hehe if there is zombies maybe they will wanna watch." cooed the girl as she ran her hands up the boy's thighs. They were lying on a patch of grass, making out and petting heavily. The boy had one hand on her hip and the other between her legs. He softly bit her neck.

"OHHHHH! Hey careful. Don't leave a hickey." the girl said softly

"I'll try sweetheart haha" chuckled the boy.

"Hmmm. Mmmmmm. Oh hey looky it's a full moon Mike. Hehe werewolves and zombies babe." cooed the girl.

They heard a scratching noise to their left.

"The hell was that?" gasped the girl.

"its okay don't worry. Probably just the wind" reassured the boy.

"Umm alright. Just the wind I guess." she whispered as they resumed kissing.

A burst of dirt to their left and a huge figure burst out of the ground.

"HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT! AHHHHHHHH" screamed the girl. She was crawling backwards and trying to stand up and run.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. No no AHHHH" screamed the boy.

The beast was hungry from its sleep. It was upon the boy in seconds. The mud covered creature was stepping on the boy and looking down at him. The boy was screaming and thrashing. He was going for the kill when it noticed something.

A girl cowering against a tombstone, she was sobbing hysterically and was shaking her head. The creature turned its head and looked at her curiously. It put its weight down on its foot and with a crunch, the boy was silent and still. It walked over to the girl. It stooped down and looked at her. She was crying and whimpering as the beast looked at her. It almost looked like a curious puppy.

The girl couldn't take it anymore. She scrambled backwards and started to run. The beast stood up and leaped at her. The girl had no chance. It knocked her down and clamped its jaws on her shoulder. Blood gushed from her mouth as she gurgled and tried to breathe. The beast gave a shake and the girl went limp. It started to take chunks out of the girl and eat.

It lifted its muzzle and howled at the night

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