It can sometimes be hard to hear and see someone only through a phone. There's so much that can be said, but so much that cannot. But at the end of the day, if it's something that's real and worth wild, hearing them through the phone is perfect. It can be just enough, :)

Hear Me Through The Phone


by XxmickeyTxX


Our voices.

They intermix

Like the shallow waters

Of an undersea abyss.

They splash around together,

Until we get lost in each other for what seems like forever.


I can hear you through the phone.

I love to hear your voice

As soon as I get home.

They may think its crazy,

But I'll tell you right now baby,

Just hear me through the phone.


I feel you,

Even though you're so far away.

I hear you,

Even though I may not be able to make you stay.


Our voices.

They fall within each other

Like the ending line

Of a NY symphony.

They come alive with the strum of a chord,

And each time we never get bored.


You hear me through the phone.

Every time we speak

You're always at home.

It sometimes feels like you're just waiting

Like you're just waiting

To hear me through the phone.


I see you,

Even though you're so far away.

I can hear you,

Through the phone

Each and every day.

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