There was a loud siren, but it didn't effect the young teenager staring intently at the person in front of her. She was clutching her side to limit the bleeding. But she knew it was no use, it was already in her system. But still, she showed no weakness. "Why?" Was the only thing the boy in front of her said before it was too late.

The girl groaned. "I think she is waking up." A voice said. A voice she didn't recognize. She opened her eyes to blurs. she winced when a light shone in her tiered brown eyes. "Taylor? Can you hear me? Taylor?" She had no idea what was happening, her head banging too loud to hear anything else. The thirteen year old faintly felt a hand on her shoulder, gently shaking her. She suddenly jolted up to vomit in her lap on the blanket she never knew existed. "Just calm down, your going to be okay." A nurse rubbed her back soothingly. While her head quietened down and feeling returning to her body, the blanket was replaced and she was given a bucket just in case.

After her body calmed down nearly completely, her hammering head becoming silent and her sick stomach somewhat settled, she finally spoke. "Where am I?" She asked, her hand absent mind idly going to her rough throat. The answer was given by a man who had walked in all of a sudden, surprising even the adults around her. "Your in the hospital, Taylor. Please don't do something so reckless next time." He half laughed. The man looked about thirty, but really fit and healthy. It was obvious he trained or worked out, considering his muscles were practically bulging his neat semi formal suit. He had short dark brown hair, suiting his eyes. He seemed quiet friendly, his expression almost like that of a proud parent. "I don't know you. And I have no idea what your talking about." She stated bluntly.

The man sighed, pinching his nose. "You've got to be kidding me." The unnamed man muttered. One of the beautiful nurses looked cautiously at the main doctor who had been monitoring a machine which was connected to her arm. "Tell her." Was all he said before leaving the room to tend to another patient. The only remaining man went to a bag that was sitting on the chair near the bed. After getting something out, he sat down, putting the bag on the floor. "I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Rowen Bell. Do you remember yours?" She shook her head silently, carefully accessing his facial features as if he were dangerous. Rowen continued. "Your names Taylor. Taylor Grant. We met about six months ago. And I think you will understand everything if you read this." He handed her a purple book. It looked like a diary. Cautiously, Taylor took the book and opened it to the first page. It had a photo of a pretty girl, taking a second to realise it was herself, with details about things like her appearance to the side of the picture.

Name- Taylor Lee Grant

D.O.B- 12/8/1998

Description- Long wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes

Likes- Drawing, writing, athletics

Dislikes- Storms, chili ice cream

Relationships- Jacob Marsh

Taylor noted the name was crossed out. "Who's this? Rowen hesitated. "Jacob Marsh is a criminal and that's all there is to it." The adult said with what seemed like no emotion. Taylor suspected it was more then that, but she let it slide. For now. Taylor flicked though multiple pages, with information about people she had never heard of, or at least didn't remember. It was an odd sensation to only half recognize people. Taylor suddenly had another wave of sickness, being sick in the bucket. "Whats wrong with me?" Taylor demanded when she stopped. "Just read on. You'll understand soon enough." Rowen sighed. So Taylor flicked to the page to where the diary started.

What has happened to my life? Seriously, today was extremely crazy. Sure, my baby sister drove me insane again, and went as terrible as usual at 100 meter sprint, but something that was different to most mind nominally boring Saturdays is the fact that my life turned upside down. Not literally of course, but still. And it all started when a too cute boy walked up too me at a lunch break from athletics.

The dark haired guy walked towards Taylor, as if she was the only thing in the universe. By the time he made it to the post she had been sitting on to eat, she had stood up. He casually leant on the post and immediately began talking. "Are you Taylor Grant?" He asked, kind of freaking her out with his obvious knowledge of her. She nodded slowly, so he went straight to business. "The names Jacob. I'm here on behalf of my boss too take you to the special place in which I, and many others, work at. But of course, you will have to agree first." Ignoring the fact that someone her age legally had a job, Taylor thought about it.

Despite all the years learning about stranger danger, she contemplated following the boy. But she wanted to trust him for next to no reason. It must of been the look in his eyes which mesmerized her. Finally reaching a decision, Taylor slowly nodded. Jacob grinned. "Then follow me." They discreetly left the oval, no one paying any heed to them. Though twists and turns around busy streets, Taylor couldn't help but feel like something was going to happen. But it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was kind of exiting. They at last came to a stop in front of a huge building which Taylor barely recognized. They went though a large glass door.

Taylor's jaw dropped when she saw what was though the door. There was a lobby branching off to multiple rooms every witch way. It wasn't exquisite, most of the color was dull, but it was still quite amazing. Jacob navigated though until they came to an big office. Again, Taylor's jaw dropped. It was huge and important looking. Jacob sighed, closed the door and led Taylor away. He did't explain anything so she was half confused about his came to another room, this time it was filled with heaps of advanced technology and supercomputers.

Jacob ignored Taylor's once again dropped jaw. This place wasn't that amazing. "Primrose! Get out here!" He called suddenly, startling Taylor. A girl came out of the mess of technology. She looked only just older then Jacob and Taylor, quiet cute with her brown hair that had awesome purple streaks in it. She wore a plain purple top, showing a paler purple singlet underneath. She smiled kindly when she saw Taylor. "Hey, I'm Primrose White. Your Taylor right?" She offered her hand, acting more like an annoying adult then a lazy teen. Primrose wasn't exactly tall for fourteen, but she wasn't short either. Jacob left the mess of a room, leaving the girls alone to get too know each other. That and he had work to do. "Wow. Neat stuff." Taylor commented, shoving her hands in her pocket. Primrose beamed. "I know! Half of it I got just got recently. The other half I had too make myself." Taylor raised her eyebrows.

The older girl smiled brightly, showing Taylor around the room. "This here is my pride and joy. Twelve times faster then the average super computer when it comes to processing data. Oh and not to mention hi-definition which even makes even old blurry movies as clear as day. And my favorite part ever, I got a super cute cat wallpaper!" She went to the main screen to show the cutest cat Taylor had ever seen. "So your like, good with computers or something?" Taylor asked while looking around to the expensive looking computers around her. Primrose scoffed. "You kidding? I'm a genies!" She wasn't exactly modest. "I could never do something like this. Say, can you run? Let's race." In truth Taylor just wanted to be better at something then Primrose. Bad choice. Before Primrose had knew it, Taylor had convinced her to a race. One lap around the building then back to Primrose's lab. Easy. Or so Taylor thought. Apparently, the place was huge. Even when they had just started, it was obvious who would be the victor. Taylor was barely keeping up with Primrose's twists and turns, already exhausted. It was like a labyrinth. Primrose was unimaginably fast, nearly twice the speed of her rival. And then it got troublesome.

An alarm rang though the building, making Taylor jump and practically stumble rather then run. Primrose stopped. Taylor took a few seconds to catch up. "Whats happening?" Taylor puffed, out of breath. "Don't know. Let's go back." Primrose wasn't even struggling to breath normally. Taylor nodded. And then the alarm stopped abruptly. Primrose sighed. "I think I know what happened." She muttered and then suddenly smiled before dragging Taylor back in a hurry. "Hey! You know I can walk myself." She complained. "Sure. But if I did that, we would never get anywhere since your so slow. Either that, or you'll just get lost!" Primrose chuckled.

Taylor stopped reading the diary for a moment. She didn't remember any of this. Looking towards Rowen, who was still sitting on the chair next to the hospital bed, he didn't seem keen on explaining everything. The door suddenly opened, catching Taylor's attention. A young girl with a somewhat unease expression in a wheelchair entered the room, expertly pulling up next to Taylor. She handed some beautiful purple flowers to Rowen, who had stood up to greet her. "Who are you?" Taylor wondered. The girl half laughed, thinking Taylor was being silly. "Don't you remember? I'm Primrose, silly. You know, Primrose White, your friend?" The paraplegic girl frowned. Taylor felt sick.