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Chapter 6- Decisions

Taylor smiled to herself. It was cute what Zeke had done. She suddenly had a coughing fit and by the time she had stopped, she had blood in her hands. Taylor had no idea what the virus does, but it does kill. Proof of that is Dora White. She heard the door open. But no one came in. As if they rethought about seeing her. Taylor walked over to the door, looked out, but no one suspicious was there. Only doctors and patients. Taylor realized that all the patients looked as though they worked for the government, all with strong builds and scary faces. She gently closed the door and went back to the diary.

By the time I woke up, Zeke had already left. I think Jacob was missing as well. It was a scary thought that she might not even live. The doctor's said she was stable, but they all half expected her to get worse. They said she lost a lot of blood, and the general shock could be life threatening. I just hoped she was going to be alright. After all, it's my fault.

Zeke sensed someone behind him. "Do you think it's true?" It was Jacobs voice. "What? The legs?" Zeke turned. "No, the fact she likes you. Of corse it's the legs. I doubt it's shock but I'm worried about her position in the program. If the boss hears about this, he might be forced to make her go home, antidote or no antidote." Jacob was leaning against the wall. "Look, I understand how you feel about her, but it may be better if she leaves. After all, her family could care for her while we have no time or facilities. Think about how it will affect her life. If she has no use of her legs, there goes half her life." Zeke refused to meet the boy's cold eyes. He knew where Jacob was coming from, but he hated the thought of never seeing Primrose again.

Without saying another word, Jacob left in order to wake the others. He had bumped into a doctor and explained she had no feeling beneath her back. The doctor decided to take an X-ray in order to confirm the worst thoughts about her never being able to walk again. When he opened the door, everybody was already awake. "Guys, we think somethings wrong." This caught all their attentions. He deeply sighed before the door opened and a nurse came though. "Can you please follow me. We just took an X-ray and we need to show you something." She sounded quite sad.

They followed her to a room with an empty bed and on a wall there were two sheets on a screen that was turned off. The nurse lighted up the screen, reveling what the X-rays showed. "As you know, the sword went straight into her back and out her abdomen. Problem is, it completely severed her nervous system. When we operated, we could only stop the bleeding and we closed the wound. What we didn't realize is the extent of the cut though her back. Normally, people would accidentally go right next to the spinal cord. It's easy to fix and the damage isn't permeant. But in this case, it's completely destroyed. Unless her back rebuilds itself, we can't do any thing. Like this, she has no control or even feeling in her legs. Meaning she may never be able to walk again." The nurse pointed to the X-ray and showed Primrose's back was completely severed.

There was a tense hard silence. Taylor felt so guilty. If only Primrose hadn't protected her. There was nothing she could do now. Zeke rushed in, braking Taylor out of her thoughts. "Please! Someone help! She stopped breathing!" He gasped, looking terrified and pale. The nurse ran towards the room and there were already multiple nurses bent over the limp girls body giving CPR. It seemed like hours passed, but at last a breath came.

Primrose's eyes flashed open and her vision took a while to focus. "Get away from me!" She screamed, trying to move away from the scary people in front of her. "Leave me alone!" Her heart started to race. The doctor's didn't know why she was so scared, so they stupidly went closer to her. She thrashed her arms about, attempting to keep the adults away. She started crying and shaking ever so slightly. "Please! Just leave me alone! Leave Dora alone. Why do you have to destroy our lives? I just want too be alone." She sobbed. The nurses and doctors backed off finely, trying to calm her a little. Primrose looked so vulnerable.

Her heat rate calmed a bit and her arms lowed. But that didn't mean she was no longer scared. "Can I just go home?" She sobbed quietly. Rowen walked in calmly while the doctors gave up and left her. "Primrose, you know their just trying to help." She shook her head. "I-I don't know. I just can't trust them. They didn't even care about Dora. How can I just be calm when I have no idea what their doing." She rubbed her arm, feeling insecure. "I can't just take you back to the base and you know it. You know as well as I do that it would be impossible to go anywhere without help. Not to mention you need enough strength to even live without a doctor on standby." Primrose cringed. "Maybe you should just go home. Your parents have already accepted to pay the extra money in order to look after you." Rowen knew this would affect the young teenager, but he didn't know she would react in that way.

Primrose supported her weight on the bars on the side of the bed. She lifted herself and moved as much as her body as she could and made her legs go over the end of the bed and slid off, still using only her arms. Laying on her stomach, she dragged herself over to the near by chair and twisted enough to lift her limp body onto it. She then looked to the astonished adult still at the door. "I can do some things. With this much strength already I'm sure I can get around the base. Do you really think it would be better to give up on the antidote just so I can be miserable and lonely at home with my parents, or continue researching and stay with my friends?" So she was just showing off her strength.

Rowen smiled and shook his head in disbelief. Then he went serious. "I know your strong enough to do this much, what I'm talking about is your mental strength. Primrose, your a fourteen year old who will never be able to walk, run, hang out with friends. At first it might be difficult but it's just going to be worse. I've known many soldiers who have come back paralyzed, and every single one of them had cracked in the first 12 months, with some even giving up on life. Their fully grown men. How do you expect a mere kid to be able to cope?" Primrose looked away and refused to meet the eyes of the man who had done everything possible just to let her research the deadliest thing known on Earth.

Taylor and Zeke walked in. "How did you get there?" Taylor looked between the bed and the chair and then at the girl who had purple streaked hair. "Knowing Primi, she probably wanted to prove to the boss that she was strong enough." Zeke smile. Rowen just huffed while Taylor went over to her friend and hugged her. She began crying and apologizing. "Don't worry about it. I would rather be dead or paralyzed then be the cause of the death of a comrade." Primrose smiled kindly. "With an attitude like that, you will be the first one dead. You know this job is dangerous. That's why I'm saying to go home." Rowen crossed his arms. He knew all too many good men dying to protect their comrades, and all too many comrades dying after their leader is gone. It was useless to protect the weak.

Way to ruin the atmosphere. "Jacob told you, didn't he?" Zeke turned to face the adult. "He didn't have to tell me. She has to go home and she knows it." Primrose just looked away. It was true she knew, but still she refused to accept it. She couldn't just leave. Not after what Zeke had done. Taylor turned around. "We can take care of her!" She said very hopeful. "It's not that easy. We already have next to no time on a good day. How do you expect a disabled person be able to keep up?" Rowen sighed. "So what if I'm disabled?" Everyone looked at Primrose when she had yelled. "So what? I can handle this and worse. What I can't handle is your saying just because of one injury, I have to leave my friends and my research!" Her expression was dead serious. "Primrose! Look at yourself. You have no use of half your body and you think you can just go on as if nothing happened?" Rowen hated sounding cold, but he had no choice.

Zeke understood it was best for the girl in question to go home. But he had had enough of standing by and accepting everything that came his way. But this was different. This was Primrose at stake. "My uncle works with disabled people everyday. I'm sure he would be able to slightly adjust her lab in order to let her move around easier. If we all pitch in we can even buy a wheel chair." Rowen sighed deeply. He rubbed the back of his neck. "You know how irritating it is to work with kids right? They never give up. Fine. Primrose can stay but on one condition. She must go home if it all gets too much." Taylor and Primrose exchanged fists. Zeke just thanked Rowen.

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