As I sit and stare,
not knowing what's out there,
I think to myself I like this rock.
I can see from up high and it keeps my trousers dry but it s a bit of a solitary life.

I once lived in an Orange Tree,
it wasn t always the rock you see,
the smell was awfully overwhelming!
Which is why I risked the ground, as I searched my way around until I found myself castaway.

Before that was cave,
to the dark I was a slave
and that s why I found I had to move elsewhere.
I came out into the sun, got a tan and had some fun but wasn t feeling generally brave.

So here I sit on my rock,
not an item in my stock,
but I m happy as a happy man could be.
There's plenty of water and raw fish although I oughta eat something else for a change one day.

You may ask yourself today
why I have to hide away.
It's a long story and its complicated.
But I have all the time in the world as I sit on my rock unfurled and swat to keep the seagulls at bay.