Zeus never saw it coming. Never in his wildest dreams did he think Prometheus would betray him this way. His name means fore-thought, after all, he should know that his actions will cost him. Zeus let out a trembling roar of anguish, his thunderous power lashing out down towards the earthly being his brethren has forsaken him for. He knew Prometheus was angry at him, that had been fighting for some time now, every since the meal with the grease covered bones, but this, this was going too far. His actions will cause all of their kind to suffer, no immortal will be safe, and for what? Some pathetic mortals that will be over and done with in the blink of an eye. Zeus lets out one final groan, covering his eyes with his hands and sinking down onto the floor. He's aware that his sons, Apollo and Hermes, are watching him nervously. Hermes can't stop fidgeting and Apollo keeps rubbing his hands over his lyre compulsively, as if it's broken and he is thinking of how to fix it.

"My sons, my sons, have none of us seen this coming? Not you, Apollo? My brightest and strongest? Did you not foresee that Prometheus wold betray us like this? If only your oracle had mentioned something, then we all could have been spared. And you, Hermes, my cleverest one, so much like Prometheus, did you not see the plan forming inside of his mind? No, no I suppose neither of you did, for not even I, king of the gods, wisest of all, saw this coming, and now we must suffer for our blindness."

"Father," Apollo speaks, "What wrong has Prometheus done? How could he have brought you so much anxiety? Surely whatever he has done you can correct? Is it not within your power to destroy the thing that is making you tremble so?"

"Alas, my son, no. No, it is not within my power, not now at least, now I must wait until the time is right to strike. I almost curse myself for pardoning Prometheus in the Titanomachy. I was foolish for believing he was one of us. I should have given him Atlas' fate instead, or imprisoned him in Tartarus with the rest of the titans."

Hermes, now fluttering above the ground can't help but ask, "What has he done, father? How has Prometheus wronged you so to deserve this kind of talk. Is Prometheus not a great ally after all? Tell us, please, perhaps we can help rid you of this torment."

Zeus merely sighs at his sons, "I will tell you. Prometheus has given the mortals the gift of fire."

Hermes immediately stops his fluttering, feet gracefully landing on the floor, and his face twists into a look of confusion. He looks to his elder brother, but gains nothing on how to react to this new information, for Apollo himself did not know what to make of this news.

"What is so dreadful about that, father?" Apollo asks naively.

Zeus begins to pace, thinking about how to tell his sons what this truly means for their kind.

"You know your brother, Hephaestus, is the god of forge, and that he is also, at times, thought of as the god of fire as well?"

The two nod.

"Well, although he can bend the fire to his will when he creates his craft, he is not the embodiment of the element. His abilities are more concerned with what is made from the fire he uses, not the fire itself. Do you understand? I am the embodiment of storms, when I am angry the sky rages. Your sister, Athena, is the embodiment of wisdom, and so on. Hephaestus is the embodiment of forge, not fire. Do you know what this means? No, no of course you don't. Let me explain further, fire has yet to become a divinity, has yet to take shape, like the great Chaos that came before all has yet to take shape. Before, before this act of betrayal, when it was just us gods using fire, fire hadn't truly been activated, but now, now, Prometheus has given fire away. Not only has he given it away, he has given it as an act of protection for the humans, so that they may live. However, the humans don't understand fire, they'll be burnt by what protects them. It will take their lives and yet they'll depend on it forever more to sustain life. Do you see now? He has unleashed a curse upon all of us."

"So you're saying fire will take the form of a god. Or some type of immortal, but so what? Just because Prometheus gave fire to the humans is no reason to assume we're in any sort of danger." Hermes begins, not fully comprehending his father's fears.

"Hermes, brother, the problem is not that fire is becoming a divinity, it is that we, or should I say father, will not be able to control it. Since it was given to the humans, it may not abide by our laws. It may challenge our authority with the humans. It may turn on us. We now have to fear the heat of the flame."

"Exactly, my son. Prometheus knew what he was doing, he knew the consequences of giving fire the to humans. Now he must pay for the pain he has surely brought upon us."

"Father, what do you plan on doing?"

Zeus doesn't reply to his older son, instead he stalks off, horrible plans running through his head, all begging to be used. When he finally has decided what to do with the traitor he has found him, laughing away as if nothing could ever happen to him. Zeus grabs him quickly by the neck, squeezes tightly, breaking his wind pipes, and hurls the momentarily incapacitated immortal down the great mother below. Calling upon an eagle, Zeus begins to wrap chains around the titan's body and a sturdy pole. The eagle arrives as Prometheus begins to awake, his immortality healing his throat.

"What, what are you doing?" He asks, dazed.

Zeus says nothing, simply point at the titan. Prometheus' brows twitch together before he howls in agony. The eagle ripping at his abdomen, tearing at his liver and devouring it slowly. The king of the gods walks away, relishing in the sounds of pain that follow after him. It doesn't last long, however, he knows that a larger threat is now out there, a threat that could ruin everything he has worked so hard to achieve. Breathing out of his nose, the god prays, to whom he doesn't know, that the embodiment will come in the form of a babe, so that he may kill it before it has time to grow strong. Zeus quickly finds Helios, intending on having the god of the sun find the form of this new deity.

"Helios, son of Hyperion, master of the sun, old friend, tell me: has fire been brought into this world yet?"

"No, lord of the sky, not yet. Fire is waiting, it seems, for something to happen first, though what I do not know. I will inform you the moment it takes shape."

Zeus nods and storms out of the sun god's home. Anxiety convulsing within his body, trying to calm down he stops to take in several deep breaths. Finally relaxing somewhat, he looks up to a nasty sight: Hera.

"Hello, dear husband," she says with a sneer, "What has you troubled?"

"It is nothing to concern yourself with, dear wife, man's business, that's all."

Hera laughs, "What would you know about being a man?"

Zeus grabs her by the back of the head, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Don't taunt me, woman."

The anger behind his eyes shown like a strike of lightning lighting up the blackest storm. Her couldn't look away, instead she silently trembled, fearing she pushed him too far this time. The queen thought for sure he would dangle her from Olympus again, like he's done before, when the ground beneath them began to tremble. Zeus released Hera and looked around in panic. There was nothing to his knowledge that could make Olympus tremble like this besides his own anger, but he wasn't doing it. Hera looked wildly at him, silently asking if this was his doing. He shook his head, then heard his name being shouted by Helios.

"It's taking shape, Zeus! At Mount Methana!"

In a flash, Zeus was gone, heading towards the location of the mountain. The sky was red, and fire was falling from the sky. His sky. The closer to the volcano the hotter it became, it was quickly becoming unbearable. Zeus cursed Prometheus, why couldn't fire have taken the form of an infant and decide to grow as most other gods did? Why did it decide to be born this way, as Aphrodite did, fully grown? Blast his luck. Soon the heat was too much and the lord of the gods had to retreat until the eruption ceased. Down below, he could hear the terrifying cried from the humans who were unable to outrun the downpour. When the fire ceased, Zeus made his way to the lip of the volcano and looked down. Fully clothed and grown stood a being staring right back at him. The deity had long black hair, freely falling from her head, a disgrace Zeus sneered at, thinking it should be tied up like the rest of her kind. The young woman continued to stare at him, and he though that, possibly, she doesn't know who he is or what she even is.

"What is your name, girl?"

"Pyra, great Zeus, king of the gods." She smirks at the last part.

"Do you know who you are?"

Quicker than he could've expected for a new creature, Pyra was standing next to him on the volcano, "I am the goddess of fire, and you are the god of the sky. Why are you here, great king?" Her smile widens, it frustrates Zeus. He reaches out to grab her like he did Hera moments ago, intending on teaching her a lesson, but stops before contact is made, feeling to left over heat steaming from her form. "What's the matter, king? Afraid of getting burned?" Her eyes twinkled with twisted glee. "Pyra, I speak to you as an equal, god on god, will you obey me as the others do? Or will you become a thorn in my side that I must destroy."

However, Pyra pays his question no heed, instead she looks around at all the burning at the end of the volcano. "Do you know why you're so afraid of me, Zeus?" The king gulps, trying to remain calm, he will not let her pressure him, and thinks about why he might fear her. At first, just by looking at her, there seems to be nothing to fear. She is just a woman, although a peculiar one, who needs to be taught the rules of his world. He coughs, braces himself, and answers, "I'm not afraid of you." As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he stumbles over himself to get out of the way of a stream of fire. Stopping himself from falling further, Zeus hurls a bolt of his lightning at Pyra, planning on ending her now. However, instead of striking her down as he intended, the lightning doesn't seem to affect her at all. Eyes wide, Pyra reappears in front of him, he can still feel the heat coming off of her new body. "It's because, my king, once it strikes, lightning becomes fire, and without your lightning you are nothing." With one last laugh, the goddess disappears in a flash of smoke, leaving the god to ponder her words and curse Prometheus with a new vigor.

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