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"You didn't come and see me once. You didn't even send me a card." Raven said accusingly to his father.

"Raven, you know that it was hard for me to come and see you. I was in Ireland and you were in one of the best hospitals in England. I would've gone to see you otherwise but I was busy as well…" Raven cut his very untrustworthy father off, disappointment creeping in to his voice.

"I know, but I really wanted you there. To know that you were there to support me."

"Next time son. Next time I promise to be there next time." Raven's father, Julius, got up to leave. "Now, get some sleep. You look completely worn out." And with that, Julius, or Jules to his wife, left the room. Raven had a medical condition that involved him having to have blood transfusions every 2 months because his body can't produce blood properly. Unfortunately for Raven, complications arose because he was allergic to every type of blood they gave him. This made him bed bound, tired and quite ill for his duration in hospital. But he was home now, in his own bed, in his own house in Ireland and taking erythropoietin, which he had been taking for the last 10 years of his life. The erythropoietin helped his body create red blood cells, which meant he didn't have to have as many transfusions as would if he wasn't taking them. Raven's last thought before he fell into limbo was 'Will father keep his promise this time. Or will it be like all the other times when he said he was busy…'

Julius walked out of his son's room and made his way down the hallway. As soon as he turned the corner, his older daughter pounced on him.

"Did you mean that promise? Or was it another heartbreak for Raven?" She asked, waiting for and answer from her unreliable father.

"I…I don't know Finn. I'm just a fail of a father to you and your brother."

"No you aren't."

"When have I been there for either of you? Ask yourself that. I make promises then shatter the trust you have given me multiple times that I really don't deserve when I break them. I want keep the promises I make but I don't know if it is within my ability to." Finn's father sighed and put his head in his hands.

"You are really not a bad father. You just need to stop making promises you can't keep." Finn gave her father a quick, reassuring hug and stalked off to her room. Julius stood there for a few minutes, absorbing what his daughter had just said to him. The only thoughts that passed through his cranium were 'I WILL be there for Raven this time. I AM going to keep my promises in the future' He was brought out of his repeated thoughts by his wife, Honey, hugging him from behind and whispering in his ear.

"What's up Jules? Why are you just standing there?"

"Nothing's wrong Honey, I was just thinking and only thinking."

She moved in front of him and looked into Jules' eyes.

"You look tired, why don't you go get some sleep and then tell me what you were thinking tomorrow?" It wasn't a question really, more of a demand. "I'll be up in a minute; I'm going to check on this kids."

"Sounds like a plan. See you in a minute then."

A Little Less Than 2 Months Later…

Raven was hoping that father remembered his promise to be with him this time. It was time for another blood transfusion in England. Being in England freaked Raven out a bit, and he found that not everyone who spoke to him could understand him because of his heavy Irish accent. He knew his mother and sister were going with him, but he didn't know if his father was. He was out now and would hopefully be back before they left so Raven could ask. But the time when his father would be back passed and they were forced to leave without saying goodbye to Julius. He was upset but held his emotions back, but though Honey didn't see the feelings that he hid behind his poker face, Finn did. She quietly patted Raven's knee for support and to let him know that she was there for him this time, even if their father wasn't. It was along journey and their mother was tired of driving. About halfway there, Raven and Finn had fallen asleep on each other's shoulders. It was lovely to see them together, and sad to wake them up as Finn was always out with her friends, being the social butterfly she was. And Raven was stuck in either a book or his bed. But unfortunately, they needed to check in to the hospital, so Honey woke them up.

"Kids, we are here. You need to wake up." Raven was up instantly, but it took a little while for Finn's brain to kick in and wake her up. They got out the car and checked in, instantly being ushered into a private room where the transfusion would take place. They were late and so the doctor just wanted to get it done so the could deal with the allergic reactions that always took place. They sedated him, stuck the IV needle into his arm and started. It was all over in about 10 minutes. And in them 10 minutes there had already been reactions. Red blotches on Raven's skin, and his breathing had become laboured and uneven.

When Raven eventually woke up, there were three people in his room. But usually, there were only two. Honey and Finn. But the other occupant wasn't normally there.

"Father! You're here!"

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