Mrs. Coleman (R)

Sometimes it was easier to like my friends' mothers better than my own. My mom nagged me, made me do my homework, brush my teeth, and get up on time. I saw her with curlers in her hair and no make up on her face. I heard her say nasty things in the privacy of her own home that she'd never get caught dead saying in public.

My friends' moms were usually nice, pretty, kind and helpful and they never yelled at me like my mom did. They never criticized me or made me feel bad like my mom could if she was pissed off at me or I did something wrong that disappointed her.

Mrs. Coleman was one of those moms who I thought was cool. She was my friend Jack's mom and the Coleman's lived three houses down from us so I was over there a lot growing up. Mrs. Coleman married young (nineteen) and Jack's two older sisters were younger versions of their mother so it sure was fun being around the Coleman house with three pretty females living there. Mrs. Coleman maintained her looks and figure as she moved into middle age too.

The Coleman's belonged to the country club where Mrs. Coleman golfed, played tennis and swam. In the winter, the Coleman's were always taking weekend skiing trips. My mom and some of the other moms put on a little weight over the years, developed a few wrinkles here and there, and let their hair go a little gray. As far as I could tell, Mrs. Coleman didn't age. She was as gorgeous when I was sixteen as she was when I was six. She had curly blonde hair and she was tall - at least 5'8" with a beautiful figure because of all her physical activity and I'm guessing genes. Her smile was radiant and her eyes sparkled with an enthusiasm for life. Her voice was soft and melodic and she liked to have fun.

The neighborhood kids were envious of Jack and his two sisters because we determined they had the coolest, sexiest, prettiest, neatest and best mom around. Jack confided to me that his mom could be self-centered, self-obsessed and egotistical at times but I didn't see it and I didn't care anyway. All I knew was that she was nice to me and I liked hanging around the Coleman house. Jack was a good friend, his sisters were beauty queens, and Mrs. Coleman was hip.

When we were seventeen, Mr. Coleman dropped dead at work. He was a few years older than his wife but it was still a shock because he was as physically active and in as good of shape as Mrs. Coleman. He was a bit of a tight-ass with an intense personality as a well known trial lawyer, a work-aholic who wasn't around as much as some of the other Dads, something we couldn't understand given the woman he was married to.

Mr. Coleman's unexpected death from a brain hemorrhage was one of the first reality checks of my young life. My biggest concern before that was passing Calculus and finding a date for Saturday night. It never occurred to me that one of our parents were going to croak on us before we got out of high school and I had to grow up fast trying to be a friend to Jack during his grief and being supportive of Mrs. Coleman, the unexpected widow.

Jack and his Dad didn't have the greatest of relationships so the death left Jack with plenty of remorse, regret and guilt. After 30 years of marriage, of course Mrs. Coleman was devastated. She was 49 years old and her youngest child was about to graduate from high school. What was she supposed to do with the rest of her life?

I spent a lot of time at the Coleman house in the months after the death just hanging out and trying to be a supportive presence to both Jack and his mom. Jack's oldest sister Bess was married and living in Maine and the second sister (Julie) was in college in New Jersey, leaving Jack and his mom alone in the big house. Mrs. Coleman was much more stoic and sad after the death of her husband. She put all her energy into Jack's last year of high school and after a few months of that Jack was ready to go crazy. Some of the other moms in the neighborhood tried to keep Mrs. Coleman occupied and distracted but it was hard not to notice how much tension and loneliness hung in the Coleman house whenever I was over there.

Jack did the best he could. We graduated and I worked the summer at Radio Shack while a friend of Jack's Dad's got him a great job at the country club. We both spent time with Mrs. Coleman when we could, taking her out to dinner or to a movie just to get her out of the house but I was surprised at how disinterested she was at socializing and getting back out there. A couple of the neighborhood moms tried to fix her up with some divorced guy they knew or even a widower but Mrs. Coleman had no interest in that stuff. She got a part time job and she continued her activities and interests at the country club but she really was a different person as a widow than she had been as a happily married woman.

Jack left for college in Michigan at the end of the summer while I remained in Hillsboro, going to Blue County Community College and working at Radio Shack. Jack asked me to 'look after' his mom from time to time so I would stop by the house every few days to check in and see how she was doing and if she needed anything. I used my computer skills to make sure she was all set with Skype, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail so she could properly communicate with her three out of state children.

I did some minor handyman jobs around the Coleman house and even had dinner with Mrs. Coleman at her house a few times when visiting. I was a college freshman and although I was still living at home my parents gave me my space and independence, especially since they were focused on my three younger siblings who ranged in age from nine to fifteen. At eighteen, I was considered old enough to fend for myself and they didn't ask a whole lot of questions about what I was doing with my extra time. As long as my grades were good and I had a job, they let me be.

I noticed that Mrs. Coleman was uncommonly pale and seemed to have lost some weight in the months since her husband died. The mourning process had taken its toll on her but she remained pleasant toward me even though she was generally subdued and quiet.

One night she called me on my cell and asked me to come over because she thought there was someone prowling about the house. I conducted a check and sat up with her for a while just to make sure there wasn't anything going on. She seemed strangely spooked for some reason so I tried to talk about stupid stuff just to distract her.

At one point, Mrs. Coleman excused herself and went into the kitchen for a moment and I could hear her quietly sobbing from where I sat in the living room. From the wall mirror hanging in the dining room, I saw her reflection and that her shoulders shaking were shaking. I didn't know what to do and I just sat there like a lump for a long moment but finally I walked up behind her and hugged her tightly from behind, my arms encircling her waist. I could feel her buns through the robe. She stiffened momentarily but then relaxed. I don't know why I did it. I just wanted to comfort her in some way and somehow holding her like that felt right even though it was probably inappropriate.

Mrs. Coleman turned around suddenly and threw her arms around my neck. "Oh thank you Tommy for being so understanding," she said as she looked into my eyes with a soulful look that seemed to be screaming out 'do something.'

So I leaned in and kissed her without even thinking about it. At first, she started to return my kiss but then she abruptly pulled away and gave me an angry glare.

"Stop it, Tommy…this isn't right!"

I was mortified thinking what a jackass I was. "I'd better go," I mumbled with embarrassment realizing what a fool I was.

"No, don't," she said. "There still could be prowlers out there. Could you just hang out on the couch for a while, please?"

"Okay," I agreed with hesitation, not sure what she really thought of me or what I had just done.

Mrs. Coleman went upstairs and I took a seat on the couch, watching ESPN with the sound down while wondering how long I should stay before I let myself out and head home.
About an hour later, Mrs. Coleman came down the stairs dressed in a floor length quilted robe which zipped up the front. She approached the couch and sat on the arm. Then she reached out and took my hand in hers.

"Tommy, forgive me for being so short with you earlier," she requested softly. "It was an emotional moment for both of us and I know you meant no harm. I know you are here to try and comfort me and I'm so glad to have you here."

"I didn't mean to cross a boundary or do something stupid," I whispered. "I'm really sorry."

She gave me a sweet smile and then she placed a kiss on my forehead and she left as quietly as she had appeared. I waited another hour to make sure she was asleep before I slipped out of the house and went home where I spent a restless night beating myself up for being so stupid but I also dreamed about her.

I avoided Mrs. Coleman for the next few days, afraid to stop by the house after what happened between us. She called me about a week later and said she thought there was a squirrel in the attic. Actually, it made sense. There were plenty of trees around the house and it was perfectly reasonable to think maybe there was a squirrel up there so I stopped by the next morning and checked it out but I didn't see (or hear) anything.

I came down from checking out the situation and found Mrs. Coleman bustling around the kitchen in her colorful house robe and slippers. She seemed to be in a usually upbeat mood! She smiled at me when I reported no squirrels on the premises and then she gave me a generous hug! I felt a twinge of excitement as her body pressed against mine.

"Sit, have some pancakes," she said. "I've already fried up the bacon."

"I know," I grinned. "I could smell it all the way up in the attic!"

I sat at the breakfast table while she fixed the pancakes and when we were done eating she asked if I'd like to look at some family photo albums with her. I agreed and we sat together on the couch looking at old photos. We laughed as we looked at how skinny I was as a kid and she blushed when I said how gorgeous she looked in her well fitting one piece bathing suit! Periodically she would reach her arm and hand across my chest to look closer at a photo and I was aware of excitement as her breast pushed against my arm. The light flowery scent of her perfume added to the feelings I had.

I also noticed a change in her demeanor. She was acted like the Mrs. Coleman who charmed me when I was a kid! She was smiling, her attitude was buoyant and almost flirtatious at times and she told me all sorts of stories about her husband and her kids and her life in the house we were seated in. Part of it felt perfectly natural. I was Jack's friend reliving old memories but another part of it felt strangely weird and awkward as she was treating me as a contemporary and a friend, not as her son's sidekick.

When I made a joke about one of the photographs she reached across the couch and pinched my arm! I noticed that her robe had opened a little to show off her gorgeous bust line!

"You look a model in this one," I remarked, pointing to a photo of her dressed up in a lovely dress standing in front of the fireplace.

Mrs. Coleman giggled and patted my leg. I felt like melting.

When we finished going through the albums I told Mrs. Coleman that I had a class and she let me leave which was sort of a relief because I was starting to get a little nervous being around her all of a sudden.

Mrs. Coleman called me a few days later and asked me to stop by to check her computer because it apparently had some sort of virus. The music was playing on the stereo when came in and there really was some sort of spam virus on the computer so I did a scan and a sweep and got rid of it, resetting the computer to an earlier time to make sure there would be no problems.

While I was working on the computer, Mrs. Coleman was slow dancing to the music and when I finished she invited me to join her for a minute. Not wanting to miss a chance to hold her in my arms, I nervously agreed and she melted into my arms as we moved around the living room floor. Her cheek was suddenly next to mine and her breasts pushed tightly against my chest causing a major arousal.

"Tommy, dancing with you is soooo nice...I am having a lovely time," she whispered at one point.

"I haven't seen you this laid back in a while, Mrs. Coleman," I remarked.

She held me tight around the neck and pressed me close, her breasts pushing against my chest. I had an unstoppable desire to make out with my friend's mother and this re-enforced the reality that I was a screwed up, perverted sicko that deserved to go straight to hell.

Mrs. Coleman rested her head on my shoulder. "Thank you for spending some time with me," she said quietly.

I felt a slight shudder as we continued to slow dance until the DVD ended.

"I should probably go," I said when the music ended.

"Yes, you probably should," she agreed, giving me a gentle kiss on the lips before she disappeared up the stairs and I thought I was going to rip my pants I was so tight down there.

I decided to keep a low profile after that and I was relieved when Mrs. Coleman didn't call me either. I was hanging around Donovan's Department Store about a week later picking up a few things when I heard a voice behind me.

"Well, hello there, Tommy," she said sweetly.

I knew who it was before I even turned around and she broke into a big grin when I did turn to face her.

"Hello, Mrs. Coleman," I said politely.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Oh, just getting a few things for my mother," I answered.

"What a nice son you are, Tommy!" She laughed.

"What brings you here?" I asked.

"Oh, I saw this light fixture and I decided I had to have it," she said, holding up a small chandelier. "I thought it would look nice in the front hall. Do you think you could install it for me? I'd hate to wait for Jack at Christmas."

"Sure, I can put it in for you," I replied.

I met her back at the house and went to work installing the light fixture while Mrs. Coleman sat on the bottom of the stairs watching me. She told me about buying the house with her husband and she filled in some details about her life. She was still in high school when she met Mr. Coleman and they married when he was in law school and she was only nineteen despite the protests of her family.

Her daughter Bess was born a year or so later when they moved to Hillsboro. Mr. Coleman joined a small firm and helped it grow into a well respected larger firm and he eventually became senior partner while she kept busy raising her children as her husband became busier and more distant.

Her voice trailed off as she finished her story. She glanced around the hallway and sighed. "This big old house sure does seem empty now."

"You need to get out more," I suggested.

"I really don't feel like it," she admitted. "Everybody knew me as Brad's wife. I don't know how to act now that he's gone."

"You seem to be acting okay with me," I observed.

She stood as I came down the step ladder and she squeezed my arm. "You are so sweet, Tommy," she laughed. "Thank you."

I turned the electricity back on and flicked on the hall light switch so she could see how the fixture looked.

"Oh, that's great," she smiled. "Would you like a beer?"

"I'm only eighteen, Mrs. Coleman," I reminded her.

"I won't tell anybody," she giggled as she led me to the kitchen. "I'm sure you've had a beer before."

"Yeah, I've had a beer before," I admitted as I took the can from her and took a seat at the kitchen table.

"Have you had sex before?" She asked as she sat down across from me.

I almost spit my swig of beer out all over the table.

"Oh, is that too personal a question to ask?" She wondered innocently. "I found a used condom in Jack's room when he was sixteen so I'm guessing you weren't that far behind."

I didn't feel comfortable telling my friend's mother about my sex life. I wasn't a virgin but most of my sexual experiences were awkward and uncomfortable, pawing in the back seat, a hand job in the dark at some party, copping a feel here, grabbing a piece of ass there, but nothing romantic or worth bragging about.

"Brad and I had great sex together when we were younger," Mrs. Coleman revealed. "But as we hit middle age he lost interest in me in that way. We still had a great marriage but sex was no longer a priority or even an interest. He might have been having an affair with one of his young assistants. I noticed one of them was a real mess at the funeral."

I blushed a deep red and hesitated a moment before saying something. I couldn't believe my friend's mother was telling me about her sex life.

"I don't think Brad enjoyed sex all that much with me and our times together at the end were boring and infrequent. I guess when you get to be my age,you accept it."

I was highly embarrassed and still didn't know what to say.

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" She asked.

"Sort of," I admitted.

"I didn't mean too." She kissed her fingertips and then placed them on my lips. "Could you do me a favor before you leave?" She wanted to know.

I was afraid she was going to ask me to do her right there on the table.

"What?" I asked meekly.

"Could you start the fire for me?" She asked.

"Sure," I said.

Mrs. Coleman went upstairs and I picked up the mess in the front hall and then I got out some well seasoned cherry, apple and hickory logs and soon had a nice blaze going. The smell of the burning wood and the glow and sparkling embers made for what could be an exciting and sensual evening if it had been Bess or Julie I was entertaining instead of their mother.

A short time later, Mrs. Coleman entered the room looking ravishing in a long white silk gown with a sash tied around her waist. That accented her small waist line and gorgeous figure. I was sitting on one of the floor pillows and my jaw must have dropped a foot when I saw her.

"I'm glad you like seeing me in this," she laughed when she noticed my reaction.

"Mrs. Coleman you look fabulous...just beautiful!"

"I have something else I thought you might like too!" she said.

With that she took off her robe to reveal a short (just above the knee) light yellow very sheer night gown with spaghetti straps.
I sat there awe struck...absolutely mesmerized by the beautiful and sexy woman standing just a few feet away. The nightie left nothing to the imagination because every curve of her body was clearly outlined! Her full breasts poked against the soft material showing off her aureoles and nipples. Just below her flat belly a large patch of dark brown pubic hair covered her mound.
I stood without even thinking about it and we walked into each others arms. We began kissing in the most passionate way...our tongues hungrily meshed together as we devoured each other. I reached up under her nightie and began to massage her buttocks and then moved up to her belly and then to her breasts. She began to moan softly while stroking my head and back.

After several minutes she pushed me away, "Let me help you take your clothes off," she said.

With that, she unbuttoned my shirt and took my belt off. As she lowered my pants my erection sprung loose and she let out a little gasp when she saw me exposed. She then quickly removed her nightie and, again, I was stunned at her beauty.

"You have the body of a twenty-five year old," I told her.

"I wish," she groaned, looking embarrassed for the first time since this little game of ours started.
Together, we slid down on the pillows and resumed our hot kissing and touching. She began to stroke me as I played with her nipple with one hand while the other hand reached down between her legs. I gently began to explore her slit and finally I nervously put a finger in her. She was tight and I could feel her jerk a bit as I did so. So I withdrew it and asked is she was okay.

"Just be slow and gentle, Tom."
I was pretty sure that was the first time Mrs. Coleman ever called me Tom (instead of Tommy).
We lay in each others arms for 30 minutes or so just feeling close and being intimate with our kissing. The fire burned hot and bright and provided the only light in the room. The shadows cast off by the fire bounded eerily off our nude bodies and added to the feeling of sensuality! At one point, Mrs. Coleman became a little more emotional and she began to sob softly into my chest.

I held her even more tightly and she apologized for breaking down. "Tom, I haven't never been with anyone other than Jack's father since my wedding night and I'm just not used to this. And I know it's wrong to be here like this with you of all people."

"Because of my age?"

"Yes, because of your age!" She groaned. "And the fact that you're my son's friend. And I watched you grow up. We shouldn't be doing this."

"It's the first time for me too," I revealed. "I mean, like this anyway."

"Tom, I want to feel you inside of me," she whispered. "Please?"
Then she rolled over on her back, put her knees up and spread her legs. I mounted her and let her hand guide me into her waiting slit. Then I wiggled the head in her vaginal lips until she was comfortable with the feeling. I began to slowly slip deeper inside of her her, first pushing inside and then pulling out. As I began to go deeper, I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my cock. I finally reached bottom and then we both began to rock rhythmically in unison.
Then it happened….. what I feared excitement caused me to explode within her. I was disappointed at my inability to control my passion without giving her the chance to have her own orgasm but she just groaned with pleasure and held me close and nibbled on my ear.
"I'm sorry I'm such an inexperienced lover but I would welcome the idea of trying new positions and new places to be together," I said as we lay cuddled on the pillows in front of the fire.

"Tom, you're a breath of fresh air," she assured me. "I'd love to explore different ways of making love with you!"

After twenty minutes or so of cuddling, my erection sprung back to attention! I rolled Mrs. Coleman over so she straddled my lap. As she sat there, my hardened penis resting comfortably in her crotch, I marveled at the fullness and beauty of her breasts. Her pink nipples were topped off by her quarter-sized pinkish-brown aureoles. As I reached up to gently fondle her breasts, her hands stroked my erection. And when I moved my hand down between her legs, I loved feeling how baby-soft her full bush felt. And I loved the way Mrs. Coleman at me, obviously enjoying a new and fresh experience.
My hands grasped her hips and I lifted her torso slightly so I could lower her waiting slit over my now-throbbing cock. Slowly she lowered herself onto me and we both looked down and watched as I descended deep within the confines of her love canal. The warmth and wetness of her vaginal walls gave me a heightened sense of emotional and sexual satisfaction. The tightness I had experienced earlier was gone and now it was like a piston moving smoothly in its chamber as we thrust against each other and we pumped harder and the moans and grunts from both of us increased in both volume and intensity!

Finally, she stopped her movement, leaned forward and kissed me passionately and then her body shuddered. "Oh my God" she screamed..."Oh Tom...ohhhhhhhhhhh...godddddddd...!"
Mrs. Coleman collapsed on me and as I had reached my own climax we both were exhausted. I stayed in her for a few more minutes and finally she rolled off me and we cuddled with her back to me, my now flaccid penis resting comfortably in her crack, my hand lightly feeling her sopping bush! We snuggled even closer and dozed off together!
I am not sure how long we slept, but the fire had died down quite a bit and we both awakened shivering from the chill in the room. We both giggled as we fled up to her bedroom to seek the warmth of her bed. Her naked body felt so good in my arms as we resumed our hot kissing. Our tongues seemed to take on a new urgency in the way we kissed and my erection needed some attention. Now, instead of making love, lust took over as I mounted her again and thrust myself deep into her waiting tunnel of love. We screamed with our need for each other as I pounded into her rapidly with great force. Her fingers dug into my buttocks as she tried to pull me even closer. Our passion mounted as evidenced by our moaning and groaning as we furiously fucked each other! Suddenly the moans gave away to screams as we climaxed simultaneously.

I couldn't believe any of it actually happened and I fell asleep as if I was living a dream. The ringing telephone woke me up. Mrs. Coleman was cuddled next to me and she turned her head and looked at me with a warm smile.

The answering machine had picked up. "Mom? You there? Anyway, Happy 50th Birthday! Woo-hoo! Call me when you get up. Love You."

The machine clicked.

"That was Bess," Mrs. Coleman said.

"It's your birthday?" I asked with surprise.

"Thanks for the great present, Tommy," she replied.

"Oh, it's back to Tommy?" I asked with disappointment.

"It's for the best, don't you think?" She asked.

I felt crushed and I fell back on the bed in defeat.

"We'll always have last night, Tommy," she told me, leaning over and kissing me. "I'll always be grateful and I'll never forget it." Her hand reached down between my legs and she gave my dick a squeeze.

"I won't either." I thought I was going to cry.

"You'll be a much better lover now," she assured me, rubbing me down there. "Just you wait and see. Any girl will be lucky to have you."

"I hope so," I sighed.

She took her hand away from my penis and pulled the sheets up close to her neck. "You'd better go," she said.

"My clothes are downstairs," I realized aloud, not sure if I wanted her to see me naked now that we weren't lovers anymore.

She smiled shyly. "Come on then," she said, pulling the sheets back to reveal us both in our nakedness.

I took one last longing look at her middle aged beauty before she grabbed her robe in one hand and my hand in the other and led us from the room. We walked naked downstairs together and when we reached the living room where my clothes were scattered everywhere, she put on her robe and I got dressed.

"Come on, I'll make you breakfast before you go," she said, suddenly sounding like Jack's mom instead of my lover.

I joined Mrs. Coleman in the kitchen for a much needed bite to eat. She made me pancakes. I said goodbye and she gave me a farewell kiss before I left the house.

"Goodbye, Tommy," she told me and I knew it was over.

I didn't see Mrs. Coleman again until Christmas and I might have avoided her even then if Jack hadn't been home and insisted that I come over for the traditional Christmas Eve gathering. Bess and her husband and daughter and Julie and her college boyfriend were all there and Mrs. Coleman greeted me with a kiss on the cheek when I first came into the house.

"Merry Christmas, Tommy," she said warmly.

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. Coleman," I replied, fondly remembering our night together.

Would any of the others pick up on any of our vibes? I prayed not.

It was a very pleasant evening and I tried not to look at Mrs. Coleman as if she was naked but it was hard not to. It was the greatest night of my life.

"Thanks for looking after my Mom," Jack said to me when Mrs. Coleman was out of the room.

"She really seems happy," Bess remarked.

"Well, time helps," I said. "I think she's finally moving on after your Dad."

"Maybe she has a lover," Julie giggled.

"That's disgusting," Jack protested. "Mom's too old."

"You're never too old," I said.

"How would you know?" Bess challenged.

"My mother told me," I lied. I couldn't very well say "Your mother showed me."

It wasn't all that long after when Mrs. Coleman did get a lover - some guy she met at the country club, Cal, who was nearly sixty, divorced but a nice guy as far as I could tell. Mrs. Coleman seemed happy and I was happy for her. I'd see her around town or when Jack was home from college and I'd come over to the Coleman house. Mrs. Coleman was always nice to me and she would give me that smile to remind me of what we shared.

I eventually met a girl at college and our relationship became serious. The first time we made love, Sarah told me I was the best she had and I knew I had Mrs. Coleman to thank for that.