My Best Friend's Girl (R)

We were destined to be friends from the beginning. We were of the same age, lived on the same street, and went to the same school and were usually in the same class. We called ourselves The Mod Squad, The Three Amigos, The Three Musketeers and even The Three Stooges.

We walked to school together. We rode bikes together. We played all the neighborhood games together. . We went to the movies together. We watched Serguci League Baseball games at Beano Field together. We did everything together. I liked it best when we talked about life together

Mike was the self-assigned and natural leader. He was confident and tough and stood up to anyone, even kids older than us. Trish was the princess. 'Trish the Dish' we'd tease her when we were young enough not to care. She was Disney pretty, bubbly, fun and a dedicated and loyal friend.

I was cast as the sidekick, always by the side of the other two, the defender, the nice guy, the comedian who went for the laugh to cover up my social awkwardness and insecurities.

It was only when we reached puberty and adolescence that the whole sex thing started to become an issue. It was hard not to notice Trish growing breasts and Mike explaining to me what a wet dream was all about. Suddenly, our childhood innocence and easy going friendship became a little more complicated.

It was confusing for me. Trish was my friend and there was no other girl that I was as emotionally close to. She was one of the most beautiful girls in school but she was my friend and I wasn't supposed to be sexually attracted to her.

It was only a matter of time before Trish was going to choose between me and Mike as far as who her boyfriend was going to be and I knew I didn't have a chance. By the time we got to high school, Mike was the popular, well liked, good looking sports hero and class leader. He was everything I was not or ever could be. I was insecure and shy, not the best looking guy around, and a bit of a goof.

I was hurt and rejected when Trish finally did choose Mike Junior Year but I wasn't about to dump her as a friend. I signed on for the continuing role as side kick and best guy friend and it was my job to defend Trish and lend a shoulder to cry on when she and Mike had a fight and to pinch hit for Mike when he was detained or otherwise indisposed. I'd take Trish out to a movie or to Johnny C's Diner or to Beano Field when Mike wasn't available and I'd play the role of best guy friend as best I could.
We double dated too sometimes, usually when Trish talked one of her girlfriends to tag along with me and I played along but I had known from the time I was ten years old that Trish was the only girl I was interested in even if she was my best friend's girl. I was her best guy friend but there were times that I would wake up in the middle of the night with my underwear soaked having just had a wet dream about her.
I felt that something was wrong with me. I felt that I was some sort of a pervert lusting after my best friend's girl. I had to listen to him talk about their sex and romantic life which was complete torture. Mike was a bit profane and graphic about it whereas Trish was much more discreet and mysterious, rarely telling me much even when those two were on the ropes after some blow up, misunderstanding, or argument.
I stopped trying to rationalize my feelings for my best friend's girl. It was romantic lust and sexual fantasy. I was in love with her but I could never tell her that. I remember summer afternoons at Mike's pool with Trish and her friends. The girls were all in bikinis and I couldn't help but look at all of them, especially Trish of course. She was just as pretty and sexy as any of them.

I also remember hot summer nights swimming in the pool with Mike and Trish. I was usually the third wheel on those nights unless Trish had dragged some girl friend along to keep me company and I always found nocturnal swimming arousing and swimming with a pretty young girl in a bikini made it even more so. The fact that it was my best friend's girl holding onto me in the dark didn't make it any less erotic, only more confusing.

One night after Trish and Mike left the pool and went into the house, I took off my trunks and swam around nude. There was no lighting in the pool (not that anyone was looking) so my actions were obscured and I found myself so sexually charged that I had to relieve myself right in the water.
My fantasies during masturbation were also disturbing. There were many girls that I fantasized about but usually I would succumb to fantasizing about my best friend's girl. It was somehow more erotic but I often felt guilty about it later.
I managed to make it through high school without revealing my secret and Mike and Trish made it through high school as a couple. The three of us graduated together and spent one last summer as a team in Hillsboro. Mike worked for his father, Trish was a life guard at the public pool, and I was stocking shelves at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store.

Things got weird again when Mike left for Boston College ninety miles away. Trish was staying at home and going to Green College in nearby Greenville while I was taking classes at Blue County Community College and I found myself once again playing the role as fill in for Mike, keeping Trish entertained and company in Mike's absence. We spent a lot of time together and I felt guilty that I was glad not to be competing with Mike even though he seemed to be the only thing Trish could talk about.

Mike came home most weekends but he didn't seem to be pining as much about Trish as she was about him. He was meeting plenty of 'babes and broads' in Boston and enjoying his newly discovered life. Meanwhile, Trish and I were pretty much doing the same thing we had been doing since we were six.
It was a late Sunday afternoon. Mike hadn't come home this weekend and Trish's parents were out. I was over to the house hanging out with Trish which was nothing unusual. She was sitting on the couch reading a book and I was sitting on the floor next to her reviewing some notes for class.

Trish is tall with brownish blond hair and green eyes. She has a light Irish complexion with just the right amount of freckles. Her frame is slight and willowy and she definitely has nice breasts and a shapely rear. She was dressed simple enough in jeans and a t-shirt.
"I'm bored," she announced.
A smile came to my lips. "You don't like your homework?"
"I'm done," she said, tossing the book aside.
"I don't know what to tell you," I said as I continued looking at my notes.
She slid off the couch and sat on the floor and then the next thing I knew she was laying on top of me.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I'm bored," she repeated.
She was lying on her stomach with her head lying on top of her folded arms. "This feels nice."
"You're crushing me," I protested.
"Are you saying I'm fat?"
She wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination but because she was tall she did have some mass to her.
"Trish, are you trying to be annoying or does it just come naturally?" I teased.

"You feel nice," she told me. "You'd make a nice bed."

"I bet."

"I'm bored, Danny. Let's do something," she said as she wiggled on top of me.
If she was my girlfriend I would have thought that she wanted to fool around but since it was my best friend's girl I just figured that she was trying to annoy me.
"What do you have in mind?"
"I don't know," she confessed.
"So I'm supposed to entertain you?"
"Yes, you are," she giggled. "You are here just to entertain me!" Trish rolled over on her back as if I was some kind of couch.
"Okay, I'll entertain you!" I told her.

I flipped over onto my back, sending Trish flying. I tried to grab for her but she was too quick. Laughing, she sprang to her feet, ran across the room and headed up the front stairs to her bedroom.
I almost caught her as I sprung up the stairs but the bathroom door slammed and locked just in front of me. The only sound I heard was Trish's mocking laughter.
"I can wait out here all night," I told her through the door.

"So can I," she replied
I heard the sound of the shower turning on and figured she was bored enough to take a shower while teasing me in the process. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to. Wait for her in her bedroom? Go back downstairs to my notes? Go home? I hesitated for a few minutes wondering what Trish looked like in there, naked in the shower. I sighed and started for the stairs but then I heard her voice calling out.
"DANNY!" She bellowed.
"WHAT?" I screamed back.
"Can you get me the shampoo that's in my mom's shower?" she asked hopefully. "She's always borrowing my good stuff," she complained.
"Get it yourself," I teased.
"I can't," she groaned. "I'm naked."
"So?" I laughed, trying to get her going.
"Danny, please," she begged.

"Oh, alright," I replied. "Hold on a second."
I went into her parent's bathroom and searched behind the shower curtain for the shampoo. I spotted one that looked lady like and special and I brought it back to the other bathroom door.
"Trish," I called. "Is this it?"

The door opened a crack and I could see Trish poke her head around from behind the door. "Yes, that's it," she said as she reached her hand out to grab it but I pulled it away playfully.

"Danny!" She protested.
"Come get it," I laughed.
"I can't, Danny. I'm naked!"
"Well, you're going to have to," I dared although I knew she wouldn't.
"DANNY!" She screamed.

I held the bottle just out of reach and laughed. She pulled her hand back and slammed the door shut.

"Come on, I'm only kidding around," I told her.

The door opened and Trish stepped out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her. "Give me the shampoo," she ordered.

I grinned and laughed as I backed down the hall with the bottle just out of her reach. "You said you were bored," I teased.
"Give it to me," she demanded as she followed trying to grab for it.
She held the towel up with one hand and reached for the shampoo with the other but I kept it just out of her reach. I kept backing up and I didn't realize that we were now in her bedroom. I didn't stop until my legs hit her bed. I was momentarily distracted and Trish lunged for the bottle but I held it up high toward the ceiling.
"Ahhhh," she yelled in frustration. She was leaning into me on her tiptoes and the feel of her body against me was electric.
Now my reaction was a mixture of amusement at her plight and sheer lust as I was witnessing my best friend's girl with just a little towel barely wrapped around her. Her tits were bulging out of their tiny restraint and they jiggled every time she jumped up to try and reach the shampoo.

The next time she jumped up to get the shampoo, the towel stayed and her nipples poked out of the top of the towel. I couldn't believe my eyes. For a second, Trish's beautiful tits where right there in front of me.
"Oooph!" she yelled as she grabbed for the towel and pulled it back up. "Danny," she composed herself. "This is juvenile. Give me the shampoo."

I laughed again but I think I was blushing having seen her breasts. "You want it? Here it is," I taunted her by waving the bottle.
She held on to her towel with one hand and with one Herculean jump, she vaulted for the ceiling but she lost her balance in the process and she fell into me, knocking me backward. The towel fell from her grasp and fluttered to the floor as we both fell onto the bed.
"DANNY!" Trish screamed in horror.

We were both on the bed and she was naked and for a moment we both froze and looked into each other's eyes before she finally got up, grabbed the towel and while she was facing away from me I got a great view of her pretty ass as she nervously donned the towel.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" She barked. "Why did you do that?"
I got off the bed. "I didn't know that was going to happen," I defended, red faced.
"You're an asshole," she declared as she tried to hit me but I could tell she wasn't really pissed off as there was a hint of a smirk on her face.

I grabbed her by the hands and we started to wrestle. I lost my footing when she pushed me and we landed on the bed again but this time I was on top as I had maneuvered myself to let her fall next to me. She rolled onto her back as I climbed on top of her. I was also between her legs and her nipples were popping out of the top of the towel.
I was wearing a pair of basketball shorts so my boner was quite evident between her legs. She just lay underneath me staring up at me and we were both panting.
"You saw me naked," she said with embarrassment.
"Yes and I want to again," I confessed.
She bit her lower lip and looked up at me with knowing eyes. I had been with enough girls to know what "that look" meant so I started to grind my cock into her crotch. She gasped, put her hand to her mouth, and ground her crotch into my cock.

Her eyes never left mine and she started to pant again as she answered each of my thrusts with her own. I was up on my elbows with my arms at her sides and when I grabbed the top of the towel she started to breathe even harder. We both starred down as I slowly exposed her whole breasts and all the time we never stopped grinding our crotches together.
Her breasts were beautiful. Not too large but well rounded and she had pretty pink nipples. My mouth just naturally went to them. At first, I kissed her nipples but then the lust overcame me and I started to suck on them. I could feel the passion build up in me and when I looked up to see that it was my best friend's girl's tits I was sucking on I wanted to cry.
I didn't know how far she was going to let me go but I wasn't stopping until she told me to stop. She answered me only with her eyes and so far the answer was yes and I knew I had to feel her pussy so I rolled onto my side and I slowly pulled the towel the rest of the way down her body until I saw her blond pubic hair become exposed. I tossed the towel to the floor and looked at her naked beauty.

"Trish," I sighed, running my hand up her inner thigh.

She closed her eyes. "Oh God," she whispered.

I found her labia, her lips and then with my middle finger I entered her. Trish arched her back, thrusting her tits skyward and her hands clasped my penetrating hand involuntarily all the while letting out a great exhale. One finger became two and resting my thumb on her pelvic bone I thrust them into her. I felt the spongy wetness that was Trish's pussy and her hips rocked forward and she panted with every piercing.
Her hand left mine and she frantically grabbed for my dick. First she massaged it through the material of the shorts but then she found my waistband and her hand entered my shorts and she enthusiastically squeezed the head of my prick.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as she stroked my cock. Mike had apparently taught her well. Her hand glided lightly over my skin with just enough pressure and she made sure that she paid attention to the head of my cock as well. I probably could have came just by her jerking me off and maybe it would have been the smart thing to do, both of us masturbating each other to orgasm but our hormonal-fueled lust has a way of trampling all reason.
I could smell her perfume and the light muskiness of her pussy. My next thought was that I wanted to taste her so I started to crawl down her body. Meanwhile my hand left her slit and my hands started to shake as I looked at her totally naked.
Trish knew where I was headed. "Danny don't!"
"Ssssh," I comforted her.

I kissed her stomach, her navel and lower until I kissed her pubic bone. Her body was shaking with desire as I kissed the lips of her labia and then as my tongue entered her. My tongue searched her until I found her clit swollen with lust. Her hands ran through my hair and when they reached the back of my head she pulled me into her farther.
I sucked on her clit as I watched her squirm and arch her back in pleasure. She tasted wonderful and she smelled even better. My hands ran up her sides and cupped her breasts. My thumbs ran over each nipple. Her weak hand left the back of my head and caressed my hand that was caressing her breast. She was moaning and sighing and it was getting me even hornier. I was so full of lust that I couldn't think straight. I watched her pussy and tits heave in desire and all I could think about was how I wanted to fuck her. I always had, of course, but now that we were like this, her totally naked, me with my shorts down around my thighs with my dick rubbing against her leg, I wondered if my dream would finally come true, Mike or no Mike.

Trish arched her back again and then she sat up totally involved in her orgasm. She was panting short shallow breaths and then she collapsed on the bed. Her whole body was shaking as wave after wave of orgasm took her and she jerked her body as she experienced each successive orgasm.
I wasted no time in pushing my shorts and underwear down my legs and sliding up between her legs. I wanted to be in her before she changed her mind but as my dick entered the lips of her pussy, Trish snapped back to reality.
"DANNY NO!" She groaned. "Please don't! Please!" I stopped before I really entered her. "We can't do that."
Frustrated I rolled over onto my back. "Oh God."

I couldn't do it with her? I wanted to so badly but I couldn't if she didn't want me to.
Trish rolled over on her side. She draped her arm and leg over me. He head was on my chest. My cock ached for her to touch it.
"I know you want to," she whispered. "I want it too but we can't." She started to lightly run her fingers over my stomach. "You understand, right?"
"I don't like it," I admitted, "but I understand."
"Maybe you'll understand this," she said as she started to lightly brush her fingers along the shaft of my cock.

She was doing it so lightly and I wanted her to touch me so badly that I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my cock as I helped her jerk me off. It was wonderful as she started to do it herself with her head buried in my chest and her leg still wrapped around mine.
"You like this, Danny?" she purred.
"Oh God Trish, It feels great," I told her through my short breaths.

She started to jerk me off faster. I was so full of lust what with happening and that Trish was naked next to me beating me off that it didn't take to long. I was going to come.
"Trish, suck my cock." I begged.
"Danny, no."
"Please don't ask me."
"I did it for you."
"Oh God," she sighed.

And then I watched as my best friend's girl's head moved towards my aching cock and then she took it in her mouth. It only took a few bobs of her head and I exploded into her mouth.
"Mmmph." She complained as my come filled her mouth but she kept sucking me off until I was finished.

It was one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. It felt like I had a second and third orgasm as she kept her mouth on me, working me until I was done. She rolled over on her back as we both lay there gasping for breath.

"I'm sorry I was so quick," I said as I tried to catch my breath. "You just got me so excited."

'It's okay," she said, resting her hand on my crotch.

I returned the favor by placing my hand over her pussy area as we lay side by side naked.

"I always wished you had picked me instead," I finally confessed after years of silence.

'I know," she said softly.

"You did?" I asked with surprise.

"Of course, Danny," she said, turning her head and looking at me. "And believe me there have been plenty of times when I've wished the same thing."

"I'll still wait for you," I promised.

"Don't wait too long, Danny," she warned. "I picked Mike for a reason."

"Do you think he's still as committed?" I asked.

"I don't know," she admitted. "But I'm willing to find out."

"Well, I'll wait and see too," I told her.

"He can never find out about this no matter what happens," she stated.

"I know."

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "I'll always love you."

I could have gotten hard again for her but she got up without another word, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself as she headed for the bathroom. I put my clothes back on and left the house.