Dear Long and Lost: I Love You

I opened the door to the attic. No one had been up here since we moved many years ago. Everything was covered in dust. There were old paintings, boxes and cherished memories. The sun was shining through the ripped curtain. I then saw something shiny. Carefully, I walked over to it. It was the lock to a chest. A treasure chest. What could go in it? The correct key must have been gone for decades. Nearby, I found a blunt object and smacked it open.

A big cloud of dust hit my way. After clearing the air, I peered inside. There were antiques, jewelry, belongings. There was a bunch of papers. Letters. Love letters. But from who? All they said was Eden and John. Wait….. grandma and grandpa?


"I can't believe it," Eden said. "You got the scholarship?"

"Yes! I did," replied John.

"Congratulations! We should go celebrate. Where should we go?"

"Eden, listen to me. This is hard to say." John sat down on the small couch.

"You're breaking up with me, right? Now that you're some fancy lawyer-"she choked on her words.

"No, no! I would never! I love you. It's just that, this is going to be in Poland." Eden nodded. "For a few years."

"And that means that-"

"We'll be separated in that time," John said finishing her sentence.

"Can't I just go with you?"

"They won't let me." There was silence.

"John you know that I can't do long distance. It nearly killed me last time," pleaded Eden.

"We will make this work. I promise you. I will marry you someday. When I come back, we'll go to the courthouse, buy a little house in the suburbs, have a little baby girl, and die old together." He held her across her stomach. Then kissed her neck.

"I don't know. I love you John," Eden said, turning out of his arms. "How are we going to make it a few years apart? It's hard enough two days."

"We will make it work. Now, Eden, how about we go savor the time while we have it?"

"I like the way you think." Together, hand in hand, they left the house to celebrate John's scholarship for cultured law.

"I love you John," said Eden, holding on to John. The smoke from the trains was nauseating.

"I love you Eden," he replied. "You promise to write me every day?"

"Only if you do."

"All aboard!" shouted the man. It was now or never. John needed to leave. John kissed her one last time.

"I love you," he said for the last time. He headed towards the train. Just as he was about to go in, he turned around to get one last look at Eden. He absorbed her. Everything about her. Her smell, her face, her personality.

"Ticket please," said the man. John handed him the ticket, and got his seat. The exhausts of the train started up. The whistle blew. Slowly, it sped up and left the station.

"Good bye my love!" Eden tried to shout at John. She then wept into her hanker chief that was John's.

Miserable, Eden went back to her apartment on 23rd Street. Her small, and now empty, apartment. She sat there alone. Eden then got thinking. She walked over to her desk. It was filled with her artwork and his contracts.

She cleared it all off and took out a new piece of paper and a fresh pen. She then wrote the first one:

Dear John,

It has only been a few minutes since you have left, and I already miss you. The place is so small. This is going to be hard without you for five years. Tell me where you are, where you're staying. What's it like? How was your trip? Tell me all about it. I love you.

Your dearest,


Eden put the pen down, got up and went to bed. She cried herself to sleep.

Author's Note:

This is one of my favorite stories so far. This is only the first chapter. There will be plenty more to come. Let me know what you think! Please review!