March 31, 1939

Dear John,

How's it going? I've missed you, buddy. How's the scholarship? Tell me about Poland. Everything sounds wonderful. I know I don't write you often, but I have to tell you a secret. It will be hard to say, but I must say it.
I love Eden. I know that you two are dating and have been at it for five years. I know you love her. But there is just something about her that cannot get out of my head. Her smile, her laugh, the way she gets overwhelmed about life. The time that we have spent has been the greatest four months of my life. And she's so honest and caring with me. I love it. And we're apartment hunting, and redoing her shop, and Rebecca. It's been incredible.
I'm sorry that you had to find out this way. I realize now that you will have to kill me. I will try my hardest to stay away. But if you or her give me any sign to go for it, it will come with everything I've got to be hers.
I'm sorry, John. Are we still bros?



He stamped it with his personal seal.
"Hey there," said Eden. "What are you doing?" She went over to Lou sitting at the desk in the living room.

"Oh, just writing an old friend. A very, old friend," he replied vaguely. It was killing him that he was in love with his best friend's girlfriend. He dropped his pen on the desk.

"You are just so sweet," Eden spoke. Her words were like angelic pillows. She then sat down on Lou's lap. Slowly, she took hold of the letter to John.

"Oh no!" screeched Lou. He snatched it from her hands. "Uh, there's uh...personal guy stuff."

"Alright." She gave him a peck on the cheek, then went back into the kitchen. "So what would you like for dinner?" He loved her. But he knew, he could never have her. And it killed him inside more and more each day.

April 10, 1939

Dear Lou,

I can never forgive you for this. We will never be bros again. I can't even begin. How dare you try and steal my Eden! I love her with all of my heart. If you stole her, I would kill myself. She-we-we have just been through so much these past years for it to all stop, just because of an old friend. Or at least I thought was one. Never write again, Lou. I mean, I know you used to be a player, the dog, and always get the girl and do bad things to them. You even stole the dean's girlfriend. [Remeber how much homework he gave us? ;)]But this is where the line is drawn. Do not take the only thing that is keeping me alive. From going insane, from being over-seas. When I see you again in August, you better not be in the apartment. I never want to see you again. Stay away from my sweet Eden. She is mine. And she loves me.


"Hey Louie. What do you got there?" Eden entered the house. She just came back from grocery shopping. Lou was standing in the middle of the room reading his letter. His hands were trembling from the anger from John. He had only seen him like this once-when they were in school and they pulled off their worst prank. John never got mad. So, he must be pissed off of his mind.

"Um...nothing. Just a letter" Lou's eyes didn't leave the paper. They held fear. Eden joined him.

"What's it about?" She put her arms around him.

"Nothing, really. Just that a big merger was broken. And the company is probably going to never forgive us..." He dozed off.

Author's Note:

Like I said, more juicy stuff was coming up. And there's even more. Thank you for reading. Please stay around for more! :)