Or is it?…

It has been almost a year since Hunter and I were married. We have taken our oath of matrimony and have been the leaders of the Dark Angel Kingdom. Now we even have a son that we will, one day, pass the crown down to. His name is Brody since we couldn't agree on a name. Hunter wanted Cody but I wanted Brendon, so Brody it is. I am holding him now, in my luscious room, rocking him on a rocking chair. He is only a few days old but I feel as if I knew Brody my whole life. He has such handsome brown eyes, the same as mine and black hair, he has soft pale skin and small black wings that I so tiny, he can't fly with them yet. He doesn't have his fangs yet but they will come out when he starts teething or so my Mom told me. Thank God for Trish or I would have been positively clueless on how to care for him, since I am the only other Dark Angel Human Hybrid. Now, there is two in the world. I hope to explain to him to never be ashamed of himself, like I was. I never want him to attempt suicide when he's older, not like I had, so in the future I hope he realizes what a magnificent creature he is. Just by looking at this small infant, I know that Brody will be a great king one day. I sigh, as I speculate and imagine Brody as an adult and leading the Dark Angel Kingdom. Yes, he will be spectacular.

Maybe even better than his father.

My thoughts are interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"Who is there?", I inquire, cuddling my baby closer. No response. A few moments later the door is broken in, despite the fact that it's locked and King Claudius is standing before me in all his arrogant-ass golden glory. King Claudius is the King of the Light Angel Kingdom since the beginning of time, a kingdom that I despise. Mostly because I was taught to loathe them and they are the complete opposite of Dark Angels. King Claudius is wearing golden armory, war clothes. A whole troop of soldiers in the same attire are behind, threatening as ever.

"What do you want?", I demand, clutching my baby closer and backing up towards the wall.

"The infant. I apologize but we have decided that he is too dangerous and risky to live.", King Claudius states, reaching his arm towards me as if I am going to give up easily.

"If you are to destroy him then you have to destroy me as well.", I snarl, keeping a defensive position.

"Oh, I was not aware that you were a Human Angel Hybrid too. No need to fret. It will be over in a second.", he reasons, smiling cruelly.

I growl and having no other option, I rush into the guards, attacking them by surprise. I leap upwards and attempt to fly over them, but they grab me and throw me hard to the ground. Brody is crying in my arms and I have to protect him, I need to but in the next instant the guards yank him out of my arms. Then more guards bound and gag me with Power Straps, which disable my powers. I cannot fight back! A guard gives my screaming baby, my little Brody, to King Claudius who gazes at me sadly.

"I'm sorry but we cannot trust you nor your baby.", he says mournfully. Then with one swift motion, he twists my baby's neck. Brody's crying cuts off to a gurgle and the body thumps to the floor.

"No!", I shriek through the straps.

Then King Claudius turns to me and says, "Please keep still. It will be as painless as possible."

I look up at him in glaring, hateful eyes as he bends down to destroy me. Mark my words, I will get my revenge, even if I die, retribution will be sought against him!

I close my eyes, preparing for my death.

Victory! This is the first story I ever finished, EVER! I really hoped you enjoyed!

The story shall be continued in my next story "Dark Power". Although it's not exactly a sequel since the main characters are not the same main characters in this story, I hope you will check it out anyway. Hunter and Evelyn ARE in it, but with lesser roles. Xavier and Trish are minor characters in the story. Sadly, Trevor and Lisa are not in the story but they may/may not be mentioned.

Once again, if you want to see more Evelyn and Hunter then look out for "Dark Power", a twisted, action-packed story about the most powerful Dark Angel that there ever was!