Make It Nasty



Shoulders squared and jaw set, it was determination that propelled her into the dusty old bookstore. Behind the counter stood the pot-bellied, bugged-eyed, bookseller, who every second used a single finger to push the wire-rimmed glasses up on his straight nose.

"Welcome to dollar books," He deadpanned, "Is there anything I can help you with today?"

Emery shook her head, "No. I'll be fine, thanks." She replied stiffly, walking past the counter and towards the how-to manuals.

Seventeen year old 'tomboy', Emery Johnson, was going to seduce Logan Isley; Freemont High School's chief athlete, on the football field and on the basketball court. Also, the number one player among multiple hearts of very unfortunate young ladies. Ladies who pride themselves on being fabulously fashionable, unbelievably thin, and super popular. Notorious for his enigmatic personality and being completely adamant against change, Emery recognized that seducing Logan would be none too easy, because above all else, Logan Isley also happened to be the best friend of Emery's older brother, Darrell.

The game of seduction. The act of playing hard to get. Such a precarious ordeal, even though her personality was that of a sheltered good girl, Emery had always taken pleasure in throwing caution to the wind, she figured her plan to snag Logan Isley would serve to be an entertaining challenge, especially since Emery had her eye on Logan for eons, unbeknownst to him. For six years, Emery had observed him, quite intensely too; it was hard not to, when most of her spare time was spent imaging an array of scenarios between them. If the plan of seduction was going to work, she would need to step out of her shell, quite a bit. Instead of creating scenes, she'd need to make them happen.

Emery had crushed on Logan back before the bronzed muscles, the growth spurt, and the deep voice ever came onto the scene. Emery was fond of Logan back when he was just a five foot one eleven year old, who was on the plump side, with a sissy voice, who, even then didn't really acknowledged her. In Logan's eyes Emery was and would always be, 'Darrell's sister'- which for the longest time, she received as an odd endearment.

The incessant crush was all Darrell's fault, for inviting Logan to their eleventh birthday party. She probably wouldn't have ever known Logan existed, had it not been for Darrell's lack of friends, and pursuance of the only other nobody on the playground. As twins, Darrell and Emery always shared birthday parties, and back then, it was Emery who had the abundance of friends, not Darrell. Fifteen kids at the party and two of them were males. Logan stuck out like a sore thumb, and his timid attitude throughout the whole party, didn't make him less prominent. Emery kept an eye on him, and noted the way he blushed every time a girl tagged him during their freeze tag game, it was hard not to see how cute his personality was, and thus her crush ensued, but Logan had grown up immensely, physically and mentally. Since the birthday party, he's taken on the role of the clichéd ladies man, using his scintillating topaz eyes to make any female within a fifteen foot radius swoon in delight. Logan reeled in girls with his overwhelmingly white teeth sinking into his bottom lip seductively, and a single hand thrusting through his dark chestnut hair. Shoving his hands in his pockets that hung low on his hips and subtly (or so he thought it were subtle) flexing his biceps, and giving his next victim, the coy look that was carried on from the days when he was less attractive and more introverted.

Logan Isley would never- not in a million years know of Emery's crush. Mainly because he never really made it a point to call her by her legal name… Of course since the two rarely conversed, it wasn't a requirement, but it still befuddled Emery that 'Darrell's sister' left his lips more times than 'Emery' ever did, but it was time to change that.

The one question that always remained on the front of Emery's mind though, was how in the world was she going to get his attention now that he'd grown into an oversexed ladies man? The answer to that question lied in the grimy aged bookstore, in the self-help section. After hours and hours of searching shelf after shelf, and a considerable amount of inner debates on whether or not she was doing the right thing, Emery stumbled upon the one book that brought a wicked smirk to her lips.

'Make It Nasty: A Girl's Guide to Seducing AND Catching Your Man'

The white book with the red lips and bold pink letters was almost God-like in between Emery's hands. She flipped through and skimmed the book, before deciding that it was everything she needed, and then some. Three simple steps to capturing Logan Isley, written in detail right between her fingers.

'You want him, but he won't take time out of his day to notice you. For seconds, minutes, days, months, maybe even years, you've sat by and watched the only man you could ever want, make advances on other women, and you've stayed in that shell of yours. No longer can you sit by. It's your time. If you want any semblance of this man, then you're going to have to tease him, seduce him, and altogether, make it nasty.'


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