Make It Nasty


Chapter 14

-I'm back in L.A.-

Emery texted Jimmy on the brand new phone she'd gotten the day before. Releasing a huge anxious sigh she fell back onto her soft mattress, and sighed in contentment, the plush nature of her queen-sized bed was so much more comfortable than the stiff twin she had spent seven months sleeping in.

She still had a crush on Logan.

Keyword, still, meaning it never even disappeared, because it came slamming back way too fast for it to have ever been missing. Emery chuckled humorously, she'd spent seven months attempting to banish him from her brain and within five seconds he was the only thing she could think about- AGAIN. It was as though nothing had changed, before she'd gone to bed the night before she'd thought about him- he'd become so much more attractive since the last time she saw him. Even though he was all masculine before she left, coming back it seemed he was even more so. Emery seriously thought he'd been done growing. She was clearly wrong. And even though she spent the whole time at his house dodging his conversation still trying to hold onto the Emery who didn't like Logan, she realized that he was a little bit more mature.

But, things had definitely changed.

He had Cassidy. He was in a relationship. He was off-limits.

So inevitably, it was time for Emery to really get over Logan Isley because she refused to be the type of girl to lust after a man in a relationship. What better way to get over your feelings than being right around the guy who's causing them. She contemplated writing her own self-help guide, 'How to Get Over Your Brothers Best Friend', but knew she wouldn't be up to the task- she didn't have the patience.

Since it was time to move on, and since she was still wanted male attention, who better than Jimmy. The same guy she communicated with for more than half a year, even though it was scarce communication, they still had a bond, and now it was time to explore it before she trips up with Logan- AGAIN.

-Yeah...? I'm watching my cousins for my uncle... Do you want to come over?-

Emery didn't hesitate replying to Jimmy, telling him she would come over and inquiring his address.

Jimmy was better than Logan anyway. He had gained entry into a nice college through sports, but was considering moving his life in a different direction. He said he wanted to be an architect. Emery liked that he had goals. What did Logan have? An unrealistic goal of playing for the NFL. At least Jimmy recognizes that he's not guaranteed a future in sports. Emery sighed; she was the one that kept encouraging Logan to push harder when it comes to sports. Oh well, he wasn't supposed to listen to her. She frowned; did Logan have any real goals? It didn't matter; she cannot be concerned about him anymore. She needed to move on.

She didn't wait on Jimmy's reply as she got up and went to her closet. She searched and found a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. After pulling the jeans over her hips she stepped into a pair of dark brown Uggs. Then put on a snug wool sweater in a crème color. The fabric reminded her of the Mayfield and Hobbs uniform, and although she was tempted, she opted against changing.

In the bathroom she made sure her make-up was clean, no smudges or stray lines. Mayfield and Hobbs had taught her how to put on the perfect amount of make-up. She never realized that make-up was actually easily applicable, but ever since learning quick techniques she's worn more than just eye-line and mascara- only going as far as putting on eye shadow as well. She wasn't a fan of blush or foundation.

Emery walked back to her bed and picked up the phone finding that Jimmy had replied with his address she retrieved her wallet from her desk and made her way downstairs and into her mother's office. Scouring through every drawer until she found Jimmy's phone, she put it in her pocket before exiting the office and heading toward the front of the house where she picked up her mother's car keys and then outside to the car. It was practically her car, her mother had bought a new one, and left this ten-month old SUV sitting in the driveway like it was garbage. It was a nice SUV too, jet black with chrome accents. Emery was in love, yet she hadn't formally asked for it. She figured she'd need to continue being a pleasing daughter before asking for the spare car.


Emery climbed the steps until she arrived on the front door of modern mansion in the hills. She raised her hand and knocked three times on the large orange door.

She inhaled a shaky breath through her nostrils, "Oh God." An awkward feeling settled around Emery as it finally hit her as to what she was doing.

She'd just driven at least a half an hour to this mansion to meet this guy she's never seen before, and before she could change her mind, she'd already knocked on the door. She bit her lip anxiously as the door unlocked. Run. She told herself. Run back to your car. But, she couldn't move, she stayed still. She'd been waiting too long to meet this kid, and if he wasn't as she'd expected, she didn't rough-house with her brother to let all of her skills go to pot now. Although, the bottom of her boots were a little slippery, and her pants were a little tight, and her shirt was a little too snug. She'd fight him regardless- if she'd have to. The door opened, and Emery said, "Shit." Realizing it was now too late to run.

"Yeah." A smooth voice said, "I'm thinking the same thing."

Her eyes stayed glued to the ground. She didn't want to look for fear of disappointment.

But she had to look!

This was Jimmy!

The same kid that she'd been talking to for seven months. She could look. She'd come all the way over here to coward out now.

Just a peek.

She couldn't look. She was nervous.

Butterflies were inhabiting every corner of her stomach.

Even though it was freezing outside, her face was burning from nerves.

She was terrified.

Why was she always getting into situations she wasn't prepared for?

Just look Emery.


"Emery, what the hell are you doing here?"

She knew that voice.

She knew that voice saying her name.

Her head shot up and her jaw hit the concrete on the doorstep, she frowned slightly, and then her frown deepened, she opened her mouth, but her throat was dry. She took a deep breath and blinked rapidly, "Logan?"

He nodded slowly- carefully as he frowned at her as well, "Yeah...?" He looked at her with a confused expression as he stepped out into the cold morning breeze, "After pretending that conversation with me was too much for you last night, I'm surprised you're at my house right now."

"I- but-," Emery started, but found she had nothing to say. What was Logan doing at Jimmy's house answering Jimmy's uncle's door?... She blinked and took a step back to look at the address next to the door. It matched the address on her phone.

No. It couldn't be? But.

Logan scratched his head and looked at her for a second, his brown eyes sliding over her baffled face, he suggested, "Well, you can come in, but I'm waiting for some-,"

"Alisha?" Emery asked, cutting him off simply and watching him carefully as his eyes widened and a small frown formed on his face.

He scoffed, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the fact that you invited Alisha over when you have a girlfriend." Emery accused. Becoming angry as she finally put the pieces of this confusing puzzle together.

Why, why, why did Logan have to be Jimmy? She thought she was the clever one, using an alternate name to hide her identity, and here was Logan Isley standing in front of her in 'Jimmy's' house.


Logan's eyes narrowed as he said to her, "Excuse me for wanting to invite the person I've been talking to for like six months over after she didn't fucking meet me and give me my phone over the summer."

Emery rolled her eyes, "So. If I wasn't Alisha, but Alisha was a real girl, what would you have done? Because she wouldn't have known about Cassidy?"

"Does it matter?" He asked crossing his arms over his broad chest and quirking an eyebrow at her. Though this quirk wasn't flirtatious, but serious.

Emery sighed heavily, "Kinda!"

"Alisha would've known about Cassidy because she was the one who recommended I date her in the first place so I could get over someone else.. Do you not remember that conversation?"

"What?" Emery asked quietly. So she brought this situation on herself? She sighed; she did remember telling him to go for it. To stop waiting for someone who 'wasn't on the same level' as him. She meant Jimmy not Logan! "Fuck." She muttered to herself, and then looked at him and his eyes glittered as he shrugged.

"So, does it matter what would've happened with Alisha?" He pressed again.

It was Emery's turn to shrug, she adverted her gaze and then pouted, before asking, "And what the hell kind of pseudonym is Jimmy? I hate that name."

Logan snorted an offended laugh, "I don't like Alisha either. Where the fuck did you pull that from?"

"It's my middle name." Emery replied callously, glaring at him and crossing her own arms over her chest.

"Well, James is my first name." He said defensively, then he sighed and his eyes softened, his eyebrows lowered and he asked, "Are we done insulting each other now or...?"

Emery smirked and went for the change in conversation, "James Logan Isley?" Logan nodded, "Oh... I actually like that. It flows nicely. You go by Logan because-,"

"It sounds cooler... Obviously. And do I look like a James or Jimmy, really?"

He was forcing her to look at him. He could tell the entire time they'd been talking she'd been looking everywhere- but at him. Emery took a deep breath and looked him over before shaking her head, "No, I guess not." She told him then sighed, "So. How did our phones get switched?" She asked seriously, placing her hands on her hips and looking at him. "All I remember is my phone dropped and YOU picked it up."

Logan sighed uncomfortably and didn't respond.

"So you switched our phones... Right? You did it on purpose. Didn't you?" Emery pushed, "I know you did. Why would you do that?" Logan sighed prepared to explain when Emery randomly said, "Invite me in, it's cold out here."

Logan chuckled, "So demanding." He teased a playful smirk forming on his lips.

"Damn right." She said waiting for him to open the door and allow her in. "Open up." She urged nodding towards the door, watching as he 'subtly' moved to block complete entry, making it nearly impossible for Emery to even attempt to squeeze in. Her teeth chattered as a strong gust of wind hit her cheeks. She pouted slightly and crossed her arms under her breast and pressed her arms hard into her ribs. Why was he being so difficult?

"You could say please, Emery." Logan taunted his smirk deeping considerably, almost into a wicked smirk as his head lowered slightly and his eyes searched hers.

Emery shivered as the light brown orbs held hers. Warmth filled her body momentarily barring her from the cold as she didn't release his glare. "I'm going home." She stated. She couldn't be there. He was looking at her like he did in May, and she couldn't allow that. She wouldn't fall back into that hormonal stupor.

Turning on her heel she made moves to head back to her car, when a firm hand wrapped around arm. She frowned, but allowed Logan to pull her into his uncle's house. Just like she'd allowed him to pull her at the concert. He closed the door behind them trapping the cold air outside. He pressed her against the cold door and sighed as he stood in front of her.

Emery was all sorts of uncomfortable. There was no way she should have been this close to a guy who was in a relationship. No way in hell. They were at least arms lengths apart, was that appropriate distance? Emery pressed her lips together tightly and focused her eyes on the red cotton fabric of his long-sleeved crew neck. Logan was quiet.

Too quiet for someone in a relationship.

"Logan?" Emery whispered, looking up at him slowly. When her eyes met his she exhaled quietly. His usually bright eyes had darkened slightly and were hooded as he met her gaze too. He sighed lowly and leaned in closer to her. "Logan!" Emery called attempting to draw him out of whatever haze he was in.


Emery exhaled and pressed herself against the door. "You must be a really shitty boyfriend." She said shakily. Her whole body was quivering with nerves and she was praying he couldn't see.

He blinked repeatedly before clearing his throat and stepping away. "No I'm not."

"Yes. Yes you are. Why are you so close to me? If Cassidy were here-,"

Logan rolled his eyes and took additional steps back before muttering a, "Fuck." Under his breath.

Emery pressed her lips together and pushed herself off the door. "Are we going to talk about how our phones got switched?"

Logan looked at her; his eyes were still dark as he cleared his throat, he said simply, "I didn't switch them on purpose. I let some girl borrow my phone to call her parents and it must've been the girl we bumped into that night."

"Oh." She sighed again. A guy like Logan keeping up conversation with a girl he's never seen before, this must be just as disappointing for him. She berated herself for not figuring out a solution to their phone swap earlier as she chewed her lip and stared at the hardwood floors of his foyer.

Logan cleared his throat again, "So, I think it's time for you to go." Logan said leaning against the wall. "Since you seem to think we can't even have a conversation anymore because of Cassidy."

Emery nodded accepting that things were just not the same. She was uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. She'd texted and flirted with Jimmy thinking she could always back out of actually meeting him. And it turns out that she already know him.

She sighed, "Yeah okay. See you later." Turning on her heel and walking to the door. With her hand on the doorkbnob, an anxious feeling stopped her from throwing the door open and marching out pretending she wasn't confused. And slightly hurt by this new bit of information.

She wasn't ready to leave yet- so she pushed the comfort aside. Thinking quickly while biting her lip, Emery pulled his phone from her pocket. She turned and looked at him, "Hahahaha you freak. I've seen your penis now!" She teased.

Logan who was watching her retreating figure, while rubbing his neck, froze and crimsoned, "We won't speak of those pictures." He mumbled clearing his throat. "I get bored."


"Just erase them from your memory. You're probably like corrupted and destroyed now." He rubbed his hands over his face and shook his head. "I don't do that anymore."

"Right." Emery said sarcastically then looked sideways, "You've got a girlfriend now you don't need to."

Logan sighed, "Stop bringing her up." Emery's eyes widened and her heart sped up in her chest wildly, she could hear the pounding in her ears. "You can stay and we can chill if you just, don't bring her up." He paused, "Please."

He was dead serious as he leveled her with his gaze. Emery nodded, she was confused, but she would rather stick around him than be confused about his relationship problems, but that didn't stop her from asking, "Did you guys fight?"

"Uh. Nah, nothing like that." He said.

"Oh." She didn't press anymore, but instead she sighed and decided she couldn't stay. Yes, she could still have a crush on him, but no she couldn't hang out with him- at least when Darrell wasn't around. She knew girls didn't like their boyfriends hanging around other girls, and she wouldn't be that girl. "I have to go anyway."


"I'm meeting my new pageant coach with my mom later and I should probably go get ready."

Logan frowned, "I thought you were done with pageants."

"I was, but a condition of being here is picking up where I left off." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh." Logan sighed, "Okay. Hey at least come meet my cousins before you go." He offered, biting his bottom lip and shoving his hands into the pockets on his denim jeans.

Emery grinned and nodded quickly, "Okay." She agreed quickly.

Logan smiled and took a step closer to her before throwing his arm over her shoulders. Emery's cheeks heated as he pulled her in closer to his side, leading her further into the house. The sound of the TV greeted her ears, but she stopped walking causing Logan to stop as well.

"Wait." She said slowly.

"They're just kids. They won't eat you." He told her.

Emery shook her head, "So that picture I sent you in my bikini. That ass one." She didn't meet his gaze, but she knew he was watching her.

He laughed. "What about it?"

Emery finally turned to look up at him. "You pervert." She stated, he asked for that picture knowing it was her. He was just getting weirder and weirder.

"It's not like I don't look at your ass anyways, but now I have something to see when you're not around."

Emery wanted to gasp, but it was so like Logan she wasn't even surprised. "You're fucking weird." She whispered. "What do you mean you look anyways?"

"I mean," He paused his hand trailing from her shoulder to her hip. "Exactly what I said. I look anyways. Obviously."

"Oh my God." He just admitted to checking her out, what the actual fuck? "You're weird." She accused again.

He shook his head, "Nah baby. I'm just normal. You got ass. I've got eyes." Emery's cheeks heated at his words as she adverted her gaze. "Aye girl, don't go getting shy now." He teased, laughing.

"You're so bad." She said for lack of a better word. "You don't have it anymore do you?"

He narrowed his eyes and gave her a knowing look. "I do, but it's getting kind of old will you send me another one?" Emery opened her mouth to respond, but Logan continued to talk, "Unless you'd prefer to just give me the real thing."

"Logan!" She said rather loudly.

Don't say it.

"Don't say it." Logan said her thoughts aloud as he pulled her closer to him and bit his lip. What was he going to do? He looked off and sighed. Life was really fucking him and he needed to figure some stuff out.


A deep voice said from behind them, nervously, Emery jumped from Logan's arms and turned around to see a man, as tall as Logan standing near to them. He wore the standard business suit in the color of navy blue and a white dress shirt underneath the jacket. He had a brown briefcase in his hands that matched his leather shoes. His hand held a cellphone that he held away from his body, and a Bluetooth was attached to his ear. He had light brown hair that matched Logan's and piercing blue eyes. He was clean shaven, and extremely handsome.

"Uncle Ryan." Logan said, a nervous chuckle escaping his lips, as he wrapped his arm back around Emery's waist and pulled her back to him. "You're home early."

"No, actually on time for lunch." He said easily a big grin on his face, then his blue eyes turned to Emery, "Logan go tell my kids I'm home." Logan sighed as his arms dropped from Emery's waist and he turned and left without another word. Emery panicked, wondering why he left her with his uncle who wouldn't take his eyes off of her. "So, are you Cassidy?"

Emery shook her head, "No." She replied, a little nervous.

He smirked, "Didn't think so." He said and Emery's eyes widened slightly. What was that supposed to mean? "You're Emery then?"

What was THAT supposed to mean?

She nodded, "Yes."

"Ohhhh." He said as if discovering something, before grinning widely, "I'm Ryan, Logan's uncle. How are you this morning?"

Emery shrugged, thinking about whether to lie and say she was okay- when she was actually far from okay. "I'm alright, I guess." She said with a sigh.

Ryan nodded, but before he could reply, Logan came back into the room, and cleared his throat, "Emery I'll walk you out." He said coming back, his arm going right back around her waist, Emery blushed, she really didn't want to appear like a home wrecker in front of Logan's uncle, when she tried to wrench herself from Logan's hold, he held on tighter. Ryan noticed and chuckled slightly.

"Nice meeting you Emery." Ryan said and Emery nodded and returned the words before Logan took her back out into the cold.

By her mother's SUV, he sighed, "You got a car?" He asked.

Emery shook her head, "Nah. It's my mom's 'old' car. Emphasis on the old. Bitch is brand new." Emery complained

"It's nice." Logan complemented, chuckling a little at her small rant.

Emery nodded, "Did I mention it's new?"

Logan nodded too and laughed harder, "I think you did..." He trailed off and paused, before licking his lower lip and inhaling before asking, "So then if you ever need rides you can still hit me up, you know?"

Emery sighed, "Yeah," Emery paused, "But to be honest, Logan, we have a weird thing going on here."

He nodded, "I know."

"I'm not sure we can be like we were, now that you have a girlfriend, and I am sorry for bringing it up, but I'm really uncomfortable with this. I'm sorry."

Logan's eyes widened and he nodded again in understanding, "Aye, it's alright. I'm glad you're actually gonna talk to me this time instead of yell at me."

Emery grimaced, "I'm sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it. But okay." He sighed, "So you're saying we can't be friends?"

Emery shrugged, "You're really flirtatious."

"I know. Cassidy knows too, she won't mind."

Emery shook her head, "Yes, she will."

Logan rolled his eyes, "But-,"

"I just think it will be better to talk and shit when we're around Darrell otherwise-," I'm going to do something I regret.


"Logan." She pleaded.

"But I don't want to."

Emery frowned obviously, she was going to have to lay it on hard, and be straight up. "You have a girlfriend." She said, "Fucking act like it."

Logan's jaw dropped as she unlocked her door and weaseled into her mother's car before he could even respond.

Then she was gone. Fuck.

But she was right, who was he to try and push Cassidy out of the picture whenever she was around her. She probably thought he was the biggest douche now. He shook his head.

So much for trying to be a man of his word. He was going to have to talk to Cassidy.

He shook his head and sighed, he should have just found a way to give her phone back in the first place. This was too complicated and drawn out. He was becoming tired of playing around.


Emery sat in the passenger seat of her mother's newer car as they pulled up to the small Italian restaurant on the corner of the street. Her mother parallel parked like an expert before looking over at Emery.

"Remember what I said earlier?" Eden asked looking pointedly at her daughter.

Emery nodded, "Don't speak unless spoken to."

Eden's red painted lips curved into a smile, "Good girl, and order off of the kids meal."

Emery frowned but didn't respond with what she wanted to say instead she said, "Okay." She just wouldn't order, child food is shit no matter what the restaurant was.

"Okay, let's go meet Bailey." Eden said unbuckling her seatbelt, Emery followed suit and then stayed behind as her mother led her into the restaurant.

They were seated. Arriving earlier than Bailey, there was an awkward silence between them as Emery began to scroll through her phone aimlessly until the chairs across from her were pulled out. She was surprised that there were two people and she looked up. First looking at the woman in front of her mother who had light brown hair with blonde highlights that was cut into a stylish bob and donned neutral makeup except for her lips. She wore a long red coat that matched her lipstick and had a fashionable white handbag. That was Bailey. Her new pageant coach.

She smiled brilliantly, "Hi." She said in a chipper voice. Emery smiled politely and replied with a simple greeting as well. "So you're Emery?" She asked, Emery nodded and Bailey turned to Eden, "Oh my gosh, she's so beautiful Eden."

"Yes." Eden said proudly, turning to Emery and smiling.

Emery smiled, and it was genuine. For some reason Bailey's worlds made her feel really good.

"Emery, this is my son Dixon." Emery's eyes turned to the fourth person at the table and her eyes widened a little.Hello handsome. "He tagged along to see the pretty girl." She teased, "Are you satisfied?"

He nodded, "Of course." He said simply. Bailey smiled at Emery again and turned to Eden to carry out a conversation while Dixon continued to look at Emery. "So, you go to Freemomt right?" She nodded and a sparkle shone in his sapphire eyes, "Darrell's little sister?" She nodded again, "Everyone was wondering where you went. Everyone." He exaggerated.

"I didn't realize I was so popular." Emery said, thinking back she didn't recall having people hanging off of her, although everyone knew her name. She smiled secretly, realizing she was popular. Cool.

Dixon chuckled, "You just gotta look around, baby girl."

Oh geez, those words. They still made her cheeks hot, but they didn't make her feel like how she felt when it was Logan who said them. She smiled awkwardly and looked away from him down towards the table until Bailey cleared her throat.

"Emery, tell me about yourself." She said, her blue eyes glaring at her as a smile was on her face.

"Um. I'm seventeen and I have a cat." She said easily.

"Okay, what about special talents. Do you have any?"

"Uh, I like to cook." Emery said.

"She's really kind of boring." Eden interjected. "But I'm sure we can find something that will make her more qualified."

Emery turned to her mother as her jaw dropped, "You don't know me. You don't know if I'm boring. Eff you." She wanted to say, but she just turned back and looked down at the table.

"I don't think she's boring." Bailey said with a huge smile, "Cooking is a talent. Especially if you can whip something amazing up in under ten minutes. Is there anything else that you're good at?"


"She's a good gymnast."

Emery sighed, "I was."

Eden pinched Emery's thigh in warning and glared at her and Emery pouted and slumped in her chair. This was so many different forms of fucked up shed probably lost count. Eden turned to Bailey and Emery was tuned out of the conversation.

"Psst." Dixon whispered across the table, Emery looked at him and he smirked and ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. His skin was still sunkist from football, and his eyes were alluring. "Do you-," He paused and went through the motions of smoking a cigarette before lifting his eyebrows. Emery shook her head, "What?!" He asked loudly as if he was shocked, "You look like you need a hit."

Emery laughed nervously, "I'm good."

"I was trying to get us out of here so we could talk." He admitted after waiting to make sure their mothers were deep on conversation before propositioning her.

"I don't think my mom would like if I left." Emery told him.

"Do you always do what you're told?" He challenged.

Emery sighed and stood up from the tabled, "I need some fresh air, I'll be right back." She told her mom then offered a pleasant smile for Bailey. Eden nodded her consent and Emery walked away from the table and out of the restaurant.

She leaned against the restaurant wall and crossed her arms under her chest. Dixon came out too and stood next to her. "Hey." He said simply.

"Smoking is bad for you." She told him as she watched him light his cigarette.

He shrugged. "It's okay."

Emery smirked, "Says you."

"Is my smoking going to stop me from getting your number?"

Emery's jaw dropped. Was it really that easy? Was the all she needed to do to get a guy's number? Just tease him? She smiled a little. It was time to move on from Logan/Jimmy. Fucking Logan Isley, screwing her like that- And why not Dixon? He was cute enough.

She shrugged, "I don't know is it?" She asked and then frowned. No. No. No. That's her and Logan's thing. "I'm sorry." She shook her head. "Do you want it?"

Dixon smiled, his pearly teeth glittered in the sunlight. "I do."

She gave him her number before returning to the restaurant and sitting next to her mom. Dixon immediately started texting her as he sat across from her.

This was fine. It would do.


It was late at night. Emery was home alone. All of the lights were off and she was just sitting on her kitchen counter eating Ben n' Jerry's.

The water from her pool aided by the moonlight glittered and cast a moving shadow on her kitchen walls. The sound of the refrigerator hummed softly behind her. The green numbers of the clock on the stove and the microwave read three in the morning.

Darrell was at a Christmas party on the coast somewhere.

Eden was with Dennis- probably at their downtown loft being their usual hedonistic selves.

And Emery was alone, save Comet who was probably sleep somewhere.

Emery exhaled loudly. She couldn't sleep. She was upset.

She shouldn't have been upset. She had left for months, and didn't even try to talk to Logan. She brought this on herself. If she'd at least tried to talk to him- he wouldn't be in a relationship. She was crazy. He felt for her as much as she felt for him. She knew it. Everything he did- does, everything he said- says, and she had the audacity to believe he just wanted to have sex with her. She shook her head and laughed.

But he knew she was Alisha.

That's what she didn't understand. He knew she was Alisha, yet he went and got in a relationship.

Emery rolled her eyes. That's what she was stuck on- that's why she felt that her feelings weren't reciprocated.

But when they were around each other, he acts as though he doesn't have a girlfriend. Why? Logan's not that kind of guy. She wouldn't allow herself to believe that Logan would cheat on his girlfriend, no matter how far he were to go. He's not that kind of guy.

That's why he doesn't do relationships.

Then why do you want to be in a relationship with him? He seems untrustworthy now? And if he isn't the type of guy to be in a relationship, what makes you think he'd want to be in one with you just because of the flirtations that happen between you two?

Emery sighed heavily.

Too confusing.

She spooned a spoonful of her red velvet cake ice cream into her mouth and pouted.

"It doesn't make sense." She said quietly.

Keys hit the kitchen counter behind her, and a chill from the early morning cold followed the owner of the keys. "What doesn't make sense?"

"You scared me." Emery said quietly- noting the way her heart was racing. "What are you doing here?"

She didn't turn around because she didn't need to. Logan came around the counter and pulled himself up next to her.

"Your brothers trashed- supposedly. And he didn't want you here alone cuz since you've been gone there have been a lot of break ins over here, so I came."

"To protect me?" She teased- though her voice lacked humor. "Why didn't you bring him home?"

"I wasn't at the party... He texted me."

Emery nodded, "Oh."

Logan's arm brushed hers slightly as he scoot closer. "Anyways- what were you talking to yourself about?"

"None of your business." She said, "I thought we decided not to talk to each other without Darrell around."

"You decided to do that, but I didn't agree. I want us to talk."

"Um." Emery was at a lack of words. Her heart was racing, not from the previous scare, but from his admission. Geez, Logan.

"I had a bad day thanks to you." The butterflies invaded her stomach as he scoot even closer, the cold arm of his varsity letterman jacket pressed against her skin that was exposed from only wearing a large t-shirt.

Emery blushed, "Yeah?"

Logan nodded, "I felt like I lost a good friend. It was a bad feeling. Very bad."

"I'm sorry to hear that..." She pouted.

"Nah I'm the one who needs to be sorry. I shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable. I like flirting with you, but I do understand why you'd feel bad..." Emery nodded, "So I'll stop flirting with you as long as we can stay friends."

Emery smiled shyly and nodded. "Alright."

Logan nudged her with his shoulder, and Emery's small smile turned into a grin as she swayed. "So why aren't you asleep?" He asked, "Were you scared?"

Emery turned to him and glared, she could see his face thanks to the moonlight. "Do I look like I'm afraid of staying home alone?" She asked quietly. Logan looked at her for a second before shaking his head.

"It's cold as fuck and you're only wearing a t-shirt and eating ice-cream. Explain this."

Emery giggled, "London toughened my up a little. I'm no longer cold in forty to fifty degree weather." She joked.

"Shutup." Logan replied, laughing.

"I'm serious, though." She said defensively. Next to her on the counter her phone vibrated and she picked it up.

-Did you fall asleep again?-

She smirked and went to reply, -no-

Logan leaned over and peered at her conversation. She powered off her phone and leaned away enough to look at him. "What?" She asked.

"Who are you texting?"

"Not Jimmy." She teased, and Logan grinned, then she sighed and told him, "This kid named Dixon."

Logan frowned, "Hornet?" She nodded. "Where the fuck did you get his number from?"

"His mom is my pageant coach. He came along today..." Emery answered.

Logan's light brown eyes narrowed slightly, "Don't text him anymore." He said lowly.

Emery frowned, "Why not?"

"He just wants to fuck." Logan said bluntly.

Emery cringed slightly before she sighed, "Don't all guys just want that?" She asked, and she was perfectly serious.

Logan bobbed his head, "Mostly."

"I'm not going to stop texting him just because he wants to have sex with me, Logan." She added his name in hopes to turn their conversation into a lighter one, but the air was thick. For some reason, who she decided to text, wasn't a matter to be taken lightly.

"Don't be stupid, Emery." He added her name too- to mimick her. She frowned. So he could have a girlfriend, who he probably sexed up on the daily, yet she couldn't talk to one guy?

"Am I usually?" She challenged.

Logan sighed and hopped off the counter. "I don't think you should text him anymore." He told her honestly, fixing her with a knowing glare.

"I will if I want... I'm not dumb."

"But he is. You can text anybody you want to, but I'm telling you- don't text him."

"Don't tell me what to do." Emery shot back, "Who would you prefer I text?"

"I said anybody but him."

Emery rolled her eyes, "But I want to text him." It was kind of a lie, she was beginning to regret giving him her number because he texted her nonstop.

Logan's jaw dropped as he stared at her, dumbfounded. "You said you weren't scared of being home alone, so I'm leaving. Have fun texting Dixon. Don't come crying to me when he humps it and dumps it." And he began to walk from the kitchen.

"I won't. Trust that." Emery said sneering at his retreating back, she heard him snort a sarcastic laugh before the front door opened and slammed shut.

She sighed and turned back to her ice cream. She heard the key given to him by Darrell, 'in case of an emergency', turn in the lock and she rolled her eyes. Clearly he was jealous...

"Well shit, I'm jealous too!" Emery shouted, as she hopped off of the counter. Placing her cup of ice cream on the counter, she buried her face in her hands, "So much for that friendship." She muttered miserably.