Make It Nasty



Chapter 15

Logan stood with his arms crossed over his chest and his back against the subzero refrigerator door. He was deep in thought; even the delicious aroma of the lasagna and garlic bread baking in the oven couldn't penetrate his pensive state. He tipped the green tumbler filled with ice cold water to his lips and drank.

"Logan, I don't really understand what you're trying to accomplish." Ryan Isley, Logan's dad's brother said, while he poured himself a goblet of scotch. "Like, what are you doing?"

Logan shrugged, "I don't know." He mumbled, after bringing the tumbler away from a large sip.

"Well it's your life, kid." Ryan continued after watching his nephew pout for a few more seconds. His blue eyes twinkled as he remembered what he felt like when he was caught between being a good friend and doing what he wanted to do. Those were the times.

"I know that." Logan sighed and ran his free hand over his face and through his chestnut hair. "I just want to do the right thing for Darrell and Cassidy, but it's really messin' me up."

"You can do both." Tracy, Ryan's wife, piped up, as she pulled apart hearts of romaine lettuce that would be the side salad for the lasagna dinner.

"But, how?" Logan asked rather loudly in frustration.

"Well first you need to talk to Cassidy." Ryan advised.

"Yeah, she needs to handle her own business instead of using you." Tracy said, rolling her eyes, "What even makes her think that Darrell's going to want your sloppy seconds?"

"She's not sloppy seconds, we only officially dated for a few weeks-," Logan paused, "She wouldn't even let me kiss her."

"And you kept dating her?" Ryan asked dumbfounded, shaking his head a little.

"She was hot." Logan replied.

"And you let her break up with you?" Ryan accused shaking his head even more, "Tsk. Tsk." Ryan joked, hoping to gain a least a hint of a smile from his nephew- Logan didn't smile.

Tracy's emerald eyes rolled, "Tomorrow or after dinner, you're going to need to have a talk with her. Ya hear?"

Logan nodded, "I plan to... But how can I do both? Be a good friend and get what I want? It's so confusing."

"Well you-," Ryan started, Tracey cut him off.

"I think I'm better equipped to deal with relationships." She said smirking slightly.

Ryan chuckled, "Whatever."

"Tell the truth. That's what you need to do. Tell Cassidy what you're going to do and why. Then just do it."

Logan sighed, "Okay. I will. But what if she's not ready?"

"She needs to get ready; she only has a few months left before it's too late." Ryan said.

"It's never too late to notify the father of your child." Tracy said.

Logan groaned, "I don't know how the heck I got caught up in this mess." He said mostly to himself.

He saw a pretty face.

That's how.

He thought he could get over Emery by jumping into another relationship. He thought that by the time she came back from London he could have already forgotten about all of the feelings he had for her. Sadly, that wasn't the case. He rushed into a relationship with a girl because she was easy conversation and had an amazing body.

He thought that she was just shy. She rarely hung out with him, and when they did hang out she didn't hold his hand. He had believed it would take time, but she was pretty. She would open up and cause a great distraction from his best friend's sister.

That wasn't the case. Four weeks into the relationship, she ended things with him. He was confused, very confused. He hadn't done anything wrong. He was a good boyfriend, respectful, kept his hands to himself.

Then she told him she was having Darrell's baby and he was even more confused. She said she had hoped that by being around him she could gauge Darrell's personality and see if he would take the news well.

Logan had felt used, but then again he had kind of used her as well. So he agreed to help her get closer to Darrell. Of course pretending that they were still in a relationship wasn't his idea, but he wanted to help, not for any other reason except the fact that the baby was his best friends and Cassidy was a good girl. He still questions how she could put herself into this sort of situation too.

Still, with Emery being back, and him being in a fake relationship, he couldn't believe how difficult and stressful his life had become.

Every time he was around Emery he wanted to touch her, hold her, kiss her, and tell her how much he'd really missed her since she'd been gone.

But he couldn't because he would be betraying his relationship credibility. Even though the relationship was false he had to pretend it was real and it was killing him.

"I'll talk to her tomorrow sometime." He finalized, looking at the leftover ice in his cup and then at his uncle.

"Are you staying here for New Year's or going to a party?" Ryan asked after acknowledging the fact that Logan probably wouldn't be home all day tomorrow. Although his brother had supplied Logan with a small house closer to his school, Logan preferred living with his aunt and uncle and spent most of his time at their house.

Logan set the tumbler on the counter and pursed his lips before responding, "Probably going to a party."

"Don't drink and drive."

Logan nodded, he liked the fact that his uncle didn't preach about not drinking alcohol, but rather cautioned Logan; even though as a lawyer he should have been attempting to curve his nephew from behavior as such. "I won't… I probably won't even drink."

Ryan fixed Logan with a knowing look and Tracy from the kitchen table mumbled, "Sure." Sarcastically.

Logan chuckled at the skepticism his aunt and uncle displayed then shook his head. He couldn't believe he considered these people his parents when his actual parents were still very much alive. Didn't help that he and his uncle were only twelve years apart. So maybe Ryan was like a big brother, but still more fatherly to him than his own father. Who provided money- that was it. And Tracy, who always helped him out with female situations, when his mother provided relationship advice to magazines all the time. Lord knows why- she and her husband rarely see each other.

That's why he enjoyed his friendship with Darrell- they had similar situations when it came to their parental units. Though he closer relates to Emery in the situation, because by his parents he generally feels unloved- except he had Ryan and Tracy- Emery had no one.

He frowned- it was time to do work.


Emery rose early and prepared to meet with her pageant coach, Bailey.

She really liked Bailey, they'd met about six times since their initial meeting and every time they met Bailey had warmth about her that Emery felt comfortable with and when she left Dixon at home, Emery and Bailey seriously bonded. It was almost a mother-daughter kind of bond. She needed that.

They shopped, actually shopped. Bailey didn't throw clothes at Emery saying, "You'll wear this on Wednesday… And this to bed." Instead she showed Emery clothes, and asked her opinion while giving her own opinion. She understood Emery's tastes. Understood that Emery was more modest than what the normal 'pageant' girl was. Emery hadn't intended to be modest- she blamed part of it on Mayfield and Hobbs- and also on the fact that 'Make It Nasty' was stranded in her nightstand drawer, she didn't need to wear sexy clothes- or anything excessively revealing, and since she wasn't pursuing Logan she could be herself.

Bailey complimented Emery on the small things, like her choice of jewelry. She liked it. She needed it. She craved it. When Eden tagged along she was usually the third wheel, standing to the side attempting to provide input, but Bailey would excuse her rude comments with something reassuring to Emery.

Emery loved it. For once her mother was the one in the shadows. Emery was actually starting to like the preparation for pageants. She visited the beauty shop and had her hair professionally straightened. It looked luxurious- soft and shiny. She hadn't cut her hair since she was eight, and usually donned her hair in its natural state- crinkly waves that were a little frizzy; it was long reaching her mid back.

She woke up with a smile on her face days that she knew she was going to be meeting with Bailey and the smile didn't disappear until the next morning.

Downstairs in the kitchen, she filled her glass with orange juice and leaned across the counter as she languidly sipped.

Darrell entered the kitchen as well and looked at Emery before scratching his head, his short tight curls ruffled beneath his fingers as he grunted.

"You look like shit." Emery noted.

He sniffed before grunting again and heading for the refrigerator, "I know. I was up all night last night applying for colleges… By the way, have you got accepted into any schools yet?"

Emery nodded, "USC. Arizona. That's it so far."

"Arizona State or University of Arizona?"

"University of Arizona." Emery replied, sipping from her glass and watching her brother pour his own glass.

"Nice." He replied.

"Where did you apply?" She asked.

After taking three gulps he smacked his lips, "NYU. And all the same schools as you and also Oregon." Emery nodded, "Do you know where Logan is going?"

Emery tensed slightly, "Shouldn't you know that."

"I do, I was just wondering if you did... Are you cool?"

Emery pursed her lips and nodded slowly, and looked at Darrell. "Of course."

Darrell nodded as well and leaned on the counter too, "What are your plans for today and tonight?"

"Well for tonight, Dixon invited me to a New Year's Party, and Chelsea and Trenise should most likely be there so I'm going to that." She said recalling the fact that her two best friends, went to almost every party.

"Cool cool."

"Are you going to that party? It's Ben's?"

"I don't know yet…" He thought for a second, "I don't know."

"And then for today I'm meeting with Bailey we're going to practice my 'presentation walking'." Emery said with a smile.

"So you like pageants now?"

Emery shrugged, "I like my coach… For once, we have, like a mother-daughter bond. It's nice… So I guess I kind of like the whole thing. It's doable."

Darrell chuckled and the sound of their mother's heels entering the kitchen quieted them as she came in looking stone cold. "Emery I need you to look extremely presentable today, we're meeting your new coach."

Emery sat up; abandoning her orange juice on the counter as she frowned, "Wait… What?"

"I fired Bailey yesterday. She was too friendly; we need someone who gets work done."

Emery's frown deepened and she walked out of the kitchen quietly without another word. Darrell looked at Eden who had a slightly confused look and slightly offended, but more pissed off than anything.

"Mom." Darrell said, "I don't get your obsession… You are seriously going to regret living vicariously through your daughter…"

"I'm not living vicariously through her." Eden replied.

"Then what the heck are you doing?" Darrell pressed, "You two aren't the same people. What you want, and what she wants are two different things. But because of you I'm not even sure she knows what she wants. You need to quit trying to control her life."

"I'm not." Eden replied defensively.

Darrell's eyebrow quirked, "I don't get why you can't just be her mother instead of her manager- she doesn't want that."

"Then what does she want? To wear cargo shorts and be a boy? I won't let that happen."

"Maybe if you talked to her and stopped making things about yourself, you'd realize you caused that to happen." Darrell said truthfully. "And now you fired her coach? Why would you do that?"

Eden looked at him wildly, "She said that they had a mother-daughter bond. Bailey isn't her mother. I am. I saw how they interacted and Bailey was just so-. They only bond they need is coach-participant."

Darrell smirked as he nodded, "You got jealous of their relationship?" Eden didn't respond instead her eyes darted towards the hardwood floors of the kitchen. Darrell's eyes widened slightly. This was new. "All you have to do is be her mom…" He told her, suddenly feeling sympathetic. He never thought that his mom actually loved Emery just, as he said, wanted to live vicariously through her. He had to tell Emery. Or maybe he couldn't, not yet. Emery was going to be upset for minute.

"But I am."

Darrell shook his head, "Yeah, you're her mother, but you're not her mom." He said, and then stood up from where he leaned over the counter, and walked out of the kitchen.

Upstairs he knocked on Emery's locked door ready to ask if she was alright, but after several moments realized she'd want to be alone, so he headed back to his own room to fall asleep. He couldn't believe his mother was actually jealous. He shook his head, complicated.

Things were just so complicated.


Logan's Jeep pulled to a stop in front of Cassidy's house in the afternoon and he took a deep breath. He was ready to confront her on how she was going to handle this situation. It wasn't his problem. He wanted to help, but he wanted Emery more.

He still couldn't believe he just walked out of her house that night. He'd felt bad, but he was angry. He knew the kind of guy Dixon was. The things Dixon had said at practice about two months previous about Emery, made Logan uncomfortable. He needed to protect her from guys like that. Guys that would use her. Like Dixon.


He had been so jealous.

He regretted inviting 'Alisha' over, because that ended their text conversations. He could no longer talk to her freely under the pretext that she wouldn't know she was actually emailing/IM'ing her brothers best friend. It had been fun flirting with her through text, she was so free. He was even jealous of Jimmy because of how easily she flirted with him, and when she sent that picture. He couldn't believe she was so easy with a stranger. He immediately went over to her house, with the intentions on confronting her- letting her know he was Jimmy, but then he got distracted by her bikini, and decided he'd like to remain anonymous.

Still- he should have told her.

This was Darrell's fault.

Why did he have to have a sister?

If she was any other girl everything would be fine, he'd have approached her with ease like he did Cassidy.

Cassidy. Right.

Logan approached the front door and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds the door opened and Cassidy poked her head out. "Oh, Logan… What- what are you doing here?"

"I think we need to talk about our situation." He said, biting his lower lip, a habit he noticed Emery had when she was anxious or nervous- and he'd picked it up. He smirked slightly, before remembering where he was and why.

"Yeah me too… I've been feeling bad about this lately… It's cold, come in." She said, opening the door wider and allowing him into her parent's apartment.

"Thanks." Logan mumbled as he stepped into the warm living room.

Cassidy closed the door after he entered and locked it, and then moved to the couch to sit down. She muted the TV, silencing MTV. "Ironic, huh?" She asked motioning toward the TV with the remote.

Logan's eyes caught the screen and he smirked, Teen Mom. "Yeah." He murmured, sitting down next to Cassidy and sighing.

"This looks so bad." She said.

Logan sighed and ran his hands over his face, "I know… So, remember how I told you about the girl I like."

"Darrell's sister, Emery. I know… I'm really sorry, Logan. I'd hoped to have already told him and fixed this whole situation before she came back." A tear rolled down her face and she instantly wiped it away, "He doesn't even recognize me now… He's going to hate me."

"He won't hate you." Logan reassured, but really he didn't know. "You just have to talk to him. Besides, you said you guys were drunk."

"We were! But, I'm just not the girl that I was that night. And I really hoped that by being around you, he would understand that I'm not an annoying, desperate, slut." Logan pat her back. "I just wanted to listen and go home. I only wore jeans and a t-shirt, and then my friends were like, 'oh we have backstage tickets' and somehow we ended up at some party in the middle of the city. I feel so horrible! What am I going to do?"

"You're going to tell him that you're pregnant. Refresh his memory. Let him know me and you are just friends and have been for a while."

Cassidy sniffed, "I'm scared though."

"I know you are Cas, but I can't stay in a fake relationship with you."

Cassidy growled, "I hate her for making this difficult."

"Well, she's your baby's aunt, so don't."

"I know, I'm kidding. I knew this was coming, I should have prepped for when you'd 'dump' me." She joked. "Jeez she's so pretty and nice- she was so jealous of me that night. I felt so bad. I was ready to spill everything, but you dragged me out of the room so fast."

"Wait- what?"

"You and she could be dating by now if you'd have just let me cuss Darrell out for giving up on something he's good at."

"Wait- she was jealous?" Logan asked.

Cassidy frowned at him, "You didn't notice. She was practically crying when I said I was your girlfriend. You almost fucked everything right there though. You were all awkward. It was cute though, you didn't want her to get the wrong idea. I shouldn't have come over."

"Nah, it was good that you did, because then she wouldn't know I had a 'girlfriend'."

"Of course because you wouldn't tell her about your fake girlfriend."

Logan smirked slightly. "So do you think she likes me?" He asked hopeful.

Cassidy nodded, "Who wouldn't? You're extremely handsome and you're a really good guy. I mean she might fall in love with you when she finds out that you were helping me. You're really sweet. If I wasn't tied to Darrell right now, she'd have some competition." Cassidy said, nudging him slightly.

Logan crimsoned, "Two girls fighting over me?" He waggled his eyebrows.

"Nah, it doesn't seem like anyone could compete with Emery."

Logan shrugged, "I don't think so." He admitted.

"That is so cute. Why haven't you guys dated before?"

"Well-," Logan sighed, "She's my best friend's sister. He'd kill me."

"Look at us all afraid of Darrell."

"Well we are involved with the two most important people in his life… But I'm not really scared of him."

"Yes you are."


"Then confess to him. Tell him you like Emery and see how he takes it. If not well- I'm sorry for you. I mean, I'm pregnant. I should be more scared."

"He's my best friend."

"He's my baby's father."

Logan chuckled, "Fine. So it seems we both need to talk to Darrell."

"We really do."

In Logan's pocket, his phone began to vibrate against his thigh and he frowned before retrieving the phone from his pocket. Looking at the number his frown deepened as he didn't recognize the number, he decided to answer the phone anyway. "Hello?"

"Logan?" He perked up, a smirk forming on his lips- she called first. After he left her house because he was jealous they had avoided each other like the plague. He was beginning to wonder when he was going to try to talk to her again, or if she was going to be the one to break the streak. He thought it'd be him. "It's Emery. Can you come and get me?" She sniffled, and the frown returned to Logan's face- she was crying.

"Yeah, of course, where are you?" He asked, already standing up, alert.

"I'm at my house."

"What happened to your mom's car?" He asked, testing the seriousness of the situation with a joke.

She didn't laugh or respond; she just sniffled and quietly asked, "Please?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there." He told her.


"No problem."

She hung up first as Logan pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at Cassidy, "I gotta go."

"Was that Emery? Is she okay?"

He shrugged, "I think she's crying… She doesn't cry."

Cassidy frowned, "Oh… I think you should tell her about us, so you can clear up everything between you two."

"I can't do that without telling her about the baby… She might tell, Darrell."

Cassidy licked her lips nervously, "I know, but I feel like it would be best if she told him, that way he can process everything. I'm just scared to do it myself. I don't think he likes me as a person, and I want him to know I'm just- scared."

Logan exhaled and looked at Cassidy for a moment before nodding, "I'll tell her, I don't think it's a good idea, I feel like you need to do it. But I'll tell her for you."

"And for you. I want you guys to stop playing around. It sounds like you've been waiting for each other for forever and I'm a hindrance."

Logan smiled slightly and then gave Cassidy a quick hug. He could feel her belly against his stomach and he sighed. She was five months in, Darrell needed to know ASAP, she was about to find out the sex too.

"Alright, I'll text you after I tell her, okay?"

"Okay." She said, and then walked him to the door.

Logan walked out into the cold and then hurried to his Jeep.

He couldn't help going ten over the speed limit on his way to the Johnson residence. When he pulled up in front of the house he frowned. He could already feel the tension oozing from the house. These people had more problems than a little.

-I'm here.-

He texted Emery, then got out of the Jeep to go stand near the front door. He didn't want to knock, but he wanted to see Emery's face immediately. Too see if she had in fact been crying. She didn't come out and he sighed, deciding to just wait in his car, as he turned around, he saw her heading down the driveway, a duffel bag, and a suitcase trailing behind her, and Comet's tail languidly moving underneath her arm. He frowned as she stopped by his car and turned around and looked at him.

So she had been crying. Even across the driveway he could see her tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. He walked to her and unlocked the door, not saying anything as he took her stuff from her- aside from Comet and put it in the back. She climbed into the Jeep, and closed the door firmly, but quietly. Logan followed suit, and started the ignition before pulling away from her house.

He didn't say anything until after they exited her lavish neighborhood.

"Where are you trying to go?" He asked.

She sighed, "Do you remember when you kidnapped me?" He nodded, "And at your house you said that if I wanted to escape my mom I could come stay with you?"

He frowned, he didn't remember, but he said, "Yeah… So, you're trying to stay at my place?"

She nodded, "If you don't mind…"

He shook his head, "Of course not…" Then he paused, "What happened?"

"She fired my pageant coach because I liked her."

"Wait… What?"

Emery ran her hand through Comet's fur and sighed, "She said, that it was business not play." Emery sniffed, "I really liked Bailey… Why is she so mean to me?"

Logan didn't know how to answer. He wasn't even sure if he should have answered. So he stayed quiet, the entire ride to the house his parents bought for him. The only words he spoke to her after they arrived were the words he had to say when showing her the guest room. She was quiet as she tried to pass him into the room, but Logan stopped her, his hand wrapping around her arm.

She didn't look at him. She looked horrible, she felt horrible, she wanted to take a nap, but she didn't want to take a nap back at home. She didn't want to be back at home. She was glad Logan was such a good guy, but she wished he didn't have to see her being maudlin and pathetic.

Logan pulled her body to his as he enveloped her in a hug. She needed one. He needed to feel her against him. He needed to help her. He wrapped his arms tightly around her body. She didn't hug him back, but he was fine with that. He just hoped that she'd understand that he was more than glad to be there for her. He held her body against his, her head lay on his chest; he tried to steady the rate at which his heart was beating so he wouldn't seem too excited. Emery heard it, and at the same time tried to steady her heart. She was feeling so bad about her situation, now was not a time to be going crazy because Logan had his arms around her in the best hug she'd ever received.

Finally, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight, "Thank you for being a good friend." She mumbled, before pulling herself out of the hug.

Logan nodded, as her gaze met his. She bit her lip and watched his eyes as he looked at her. "You should take a nap. We're going to a party later."

Emery frowned, "What? Do I look in the partying mood?" She asked, smiling a little bit.

Logan smirked, "It's to cheer you up." He said, and then moved out of the doorway to let her into the room as he made his way to his own room. He needed to breathe. He wanted to go back a kiss her, but it was a bad idea. Now was not the time. He couldn't kiss her until after she knew about Cassidy's situation.


Emery woke up from her nap feeling a whole lot better. Realizing she was away from her mother and the depressing state of her house she actually smiled a little before throwing the white comforter off of her and getting out of the full bed. She pulled a sweatshirt over her head as she exited the bedroom and headed to the living room where she could hear the TV.

She saw Logan sitting on the black couch with a PlayStation remote in between his hands. He looked at her and smiled. "Oh. Hey."

"Hey." She said, noticing it was dark outside, she frowned, "Are we still going to the party?"

He paused his game and leaned back on the couch, "We don't have to." He said, "We can bring in the New Year here together... If you want."

Emery looked at him before raising an eyebrow, "Well-,"

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. The party 'starts' in like a few minutes at eleven… If you want to go, we should go."

Emery nodded, "Okay. I'll go get ready. I'll be quick." She told him, turning on her heel and leaving the room.

Her cheeks were excessively hot. Geez, bringing in the New Year together, whatever could Logan Isley have meant. She closed the bedroom door behind her and proceeded to prepare herself. In the shower she took extra care to make sure her hair didn't get wet.

She slipped into a pair of black jeans, and pulled a light denim three-quarter shirt on. She rolled the jeans up at the bottoms to make them capris and the put on her white canvas sneakers. She ran a hand through her straight hair and tousled it slightly before giving herself a once over. Picking up her phone she headed back out of her bedroom and the same time that Logan was coming out of his room.

His slim-fit grey jeans stopped at the top of the black lace-up top sneakers with and he wore a basic navy thermal shirt. His chestnut brown hair was tousled and still a little wet from his own shower. He tucked his wallet into his back pocket and nodded at Emery, "You look good."

"I look simple… You look good."

Logan smirked, "We're both just basic as fuck... You ready to go?"

Emery nodded and looked down at Comet who was sitting at her heels. "I already fed you." She said, it was a hassle sneaking around the house retrieving Comet's food and litter box- after all she had snuck out of her upstairs bedroom window. She didn't feel like confronting anyone on her decision to go to Logan's and she couldn't go to Chelsea or Trenise's because they didn't know her full story and she didn't want to tell them.

She looked back at Logan, "Let's go."

"Alright." He replied as he nodded towards the door.

Finding a spot to park at the party was difficult, the streets were lined with cars, so they parked a block away and walked into the party. Emery liked the fact that music was blasting. A party was definitely what she needed to get over her funk.

As they approached the front door Emery's phone buzzed in her back pocket, she pulled out her phone and sighed, she'd totally forgotten about Dixon and how he had invited her to this very party.

-I take it you can't go…?-

Emery replied carefully, -I'm at the party, mom probably wouldn't have let me go, so I had to sneak out and get a ride from Logan.-

-Logan Isley?-

Emery didn't respond to that one, because she could feel Logan behind her, stumbling over his feet to read her messages over her shoulder, she didn't want a problem with him like she had days ago. She returned the phone to her back pocket and bit her lip.

Logan smirked; she made the right decision by putting that phone away. He wouldn't want to have to take it from her. He shook his head as he threw his arm around her shoulder as they walked through the door that was already wide open.

Music blared from a booming sound system, the catchy rap tune instantly rushed through Emery's systems, and she slightly bounced as they made their way deeper into the party.

It was hot, dimly lit, crowded, and loud. Emery loved it. She moved her hands to the beat of the music as she pressed herself closer to Logan. Logan's hand left her shoulder and moved to her waist as he guided her through the some more of the crowd of teenagers, looking for a little bit of space. Not finding any empty space, they just stopped walking, and Logan found himself pressed closely against Emery.

"We're here to cheer you up!" He shouted, over the music in her ear. "So, what do you want to do?!"

"I wanna dance!" She shouted back, already swaying her hips to the beat of the music.

Logan's heartbeat picked up as he looked down and licked his lips. Bending to her ear again, "With me?!"

"I don't care with who!" She replied honestly. "But you'll do just fine!"

Logan smirked, and placed both of his hands on her hips, following the seductive sway of her hips, his eyes shot down as he pressed his self against Emery completely. She pushed her back into his hard chest. Geez, he must've really worked it out in football, he was incredibly muscular. She felt it when his arm was around her shoulder, weighing her down, but pressed against him... Whew.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she slowly winded down and back up. The artist of the song droned, 'Make It Nasty' repeatedly and it stuck in her head. As she swirled her hips back into Logan's, who closely followed her movements. His hands dipped under her shirt and came into contact with her smooth stomach; he gripped her hard, and pulled her further into him. Grinding his hips into hers. Emery's placed one of her hands over his under her shirt, and their fingers laced through each other. She grinned, and her other hand went into the air to balance her as she twirled her hips against him.

She'd never danced with someone at a party before, she usually just watched from the sidelines. Feeling like no one would want to dance with her, when she was wearing cargos and snapbacks. With Logan, she was going off of what she had observed other people do and what she had practiced against her bathroom wall and in the mirror. She decided not to worry about whether or not she was doing it right, as she soon realized she was very much in control of the dance and where she went he would follow. If she went down, he bent as well. If she rotates, he circles. Her teeth cut into her lip as her head fell against his chest as she swirled her hips to the catchy beat.

Logan's mouth neared her ear and is hot breath sent shivers down her spine, "There you go." He said. Emery blushed realizing that he knew it was her first time 'grinding'. She nodded, and continued to lead him. The hand that was in the air, crooked and she lightly touched the back of his neck, before running her fingers through his full chestnut hair. He shuddered, and she felt that, one by one a butterfly began to take flight in her stomach as his lips lightly touched the tip of her ear, and then skimmed her ear until he reached her earlobe which he nipped with his teeth repeatedly. Emery's lips fell open slightly and she opened her eyes, and watched in a haze as he kissed her ear then her cheek and pulled back to look at her. His eyes were dark and cloudy as he stared back at her.

God, the things she would do to this boy.

It ended too soon, the song, and when it did, Emery found that she was very much out of breath. Logan offered to go with her to get a drink and she agreed. Even though another song had immediately started up, Emery needed to get off of the dance floor. Dancing with him was fine. She figured it was his responsibility to remember he was in a relationship therefore she wasn't going to stop him from ruining his relationship. Though, she did believe that 'once a cheater, always a cheater', she didn't know what to do. She liked him. Clearly. Now what?

In the party-hosts kitchen she leaned against the counter as Logan handed her a beer, she gladly accepted as he popped one open for himself and tipped it to his lips.

"Emery!" The sound of her voice being called halted her from finishing opening her beer. She looked up to see Chelsea come stumbling into the kitchen, "When the fuck did you get back, girl?"

"Last week." Emery answered, eyeing her wasted best friend, and deciding to put her beer back on the counter and forget about it.

"And you didn't call, bitch?" Chelsea asked.

Emery sighed, "I've been bu-,"

"Come here, let's go see Trenise and group hug, we missed you so much you have no fucking idea, let's go." Chelsea grabbed Emery's wrist and dragged her from the room before she could even say a word to Logan.

Logan pouted slightly before shaking his head. He should have told her about Cassidy before the party, because he wasn't going to be able to control himself around her tonight. Evidence was in the front of his tighter pants.

"Logan, I hear you brought my girl to the party." Dixon said, after entering the kitchen and staring at Logan for a second.

Logan frowned, "Your girl?" He scoffed.

"Yeah, my girl… I think she likes me, and I like her… So she's mine… I think, I'm beginning to see that you want her to be your girl though, am I right?" Logan didn't respond, he just stared blankly at Dixon with his beer at his lips. Who was this kid to try taunting him? He smirked, but still didn't say anything. "Well, here, buy me cigarettes until I'm legal mid-February and I'll stop hittin it."

Logan rolled his eyes, "Dude, what the fuck is your problem?" He knew for a fact the only thing 'hittin' was marijuana, and he was trying to lay claims over the girl that Logan has none for about seven years.

Dixon raised an eyebrow, "What's yours?"

Logan laughed a little shaking his head, "I'm not buying you cigarettes. You really can't threaten me with anything, to be honest."

"How would you like it if I told Cassidy about you grinding all on Emery?"

Logan shrugged, "She's not my wife or my girlfriend, so…?"


"Look, you seem to think you can threaten me with Emery, but she's mine." Mine. "I don't know what you're seeing through your little smoked out eyes, but she's been mine. The fact that you even tried to get her number makes you look pathetic, for some cigarettes? Get the fuck out of here with that."

Dixon sneered at Logan, "I didn't try to get her number. Well I did, and I succeeded. For the last week we've texted nonstop. What have you done? I can tell she sure as hell isn't thinking about you. So fine, fuck the cigarettes. I like Emery though, and with or without the cigarettes I'm going to try things out with her." Logan sighed heavily. "Prove that she's yours, and I'll back off. Unlike you, I don't play around with relationships."

"I will tonight, keep your eyes open." Logan said simply, before taking another sip of his beer and pushing past Dixon on his way out of the kitchen.

He was so annoyed, he'd never dealt with so much stupidity, must be what cigarettes and weed do to the brain. That's a prime example of why he doesn't fuck with that shit.

Emery and Chelsea weaved through peers as they hunted for Trenise. Emery missed being with her friends, but she wished she hadn't allowed Chelsea to pull her away from Logan. He was probably in the kitchen, feeling like she'd just rejected him or something. She pouted, but kept her eyes open for Trenise.

When she finally spotted her, what she saw shocked her. The way she was flirting and kissing Justin Todesey's cheek, made Emery's cheeks heat up. She looked at Chelsea, "Are they dating now?"

Chelsea shrugged, "They've been fooling around for a while… I really don't know if they're official."

Emery nodded, well; at least he'd stop harassing her. Thinking about the way he'd knocked her pizza to the ground to get her attention instantly made her steam as she looked away. "They'd be cute together, but I think I'll have to catch her back at school in a few days." She told Chelsea.

Chelsea nodded, "Yeah… So how've you been? Where'd you go? Are you okay? Did you go away to give birth?"

Emery frowned, "I'm okay. I was just in London, not having a baby, but doing women studies."

"Women studies?"

"Yeah, it was lame, I know what I'm not majoring in in college."

Chelsea smiled, "I want another beer. Hey were you dancing with Logan?"

Emery nodded and smiled shyly, "Yeah."

"Nice. I want to hear all about that, but it's too loud here. Maybe you should go find him… The ball is dropping in," She pulled out her phone and looked at it, "In like two minutes." She waggled her eyebrows and Emery blushed.

Yeah she would find him to congratulate him on the New Year. She nodded at Chelsea, "I'll go then." Chelsea grinned at her and walked back in the direction of the kitchen. Emery really didn't think she needed another beer, but who was she to stop the fun. Turning around she made her way down a hallway and in the direction of the living room, where the music had turned off, and the television had come on in order to watch the ball drop.

She pushed past people and stood on her tippy toes to look for him. He was tall, it really shouldn't have been hard, but finding Logan was proving to be a challenge. Dixon stepped into her path and grinned, his blue eyes sparkling even in the dim light of the rather large living room. She smiled back.

"I've been looking for you all night." He admitted.

Emery grinned, "Hi. I actually got here like twenty minutes ago."

"Really? Why were you guys so late?"

"We were fashionably late." She said looking down at her outfit and smiling at him.

Then she bit her lip and looked around the living room as the countdown began.


Her eyes scanned around her, nobody she knew. People were barely even familiar.


She stood on her tippy toes and looked above heads.




It's too damn crowded.


This is certainly a fire hazard.


I shouldn't have let Chelsea taken me away from him.




Maybe I should move around.


Why is Dixon looking at me like that?


Step away from Dixon. Shit, he is a little too close.


Where is Logan?


I wonder if he is looking for me…?

"Happy new year!"

Emery lowered herself from her tippy toes in disappointment, and prepared to congratulate those around her, when a large hand wrapped around her left wrist and pulled her into a brick wall of a body. She shrieked nervously and looked up into the topaz eyes of Logan Isley. Definitely the first pair of eyes she wanted to see in the New Year. She began to smile, when Logan's eyes hooded and his lips crashed down onto hers.

Although the initial clash of their lips felt awkward, Logan softened up his kiss as he softly tugged at her bottom lip. He pulled away and looked at her. His grip still firm on her wrist as his eyes searched hers. Emery was stunned, she wasn't expecting that. She licked her lips slowly and looked at the lips that had just touched hers. A giddy feeling exploded in her as she smiled a little. Logan smiled too, a coy smile, his eyes not straying from her eyes until she bit her lip. Logan released her wrist, and his finger touched her lip. He pulled it from between her teeth, and his finger trailed a path from her lower lip to her chin which he tipped up slightly. Slowly, his lips descended back towards her. Gently he placed his lips on hers, and their eyes closed. He moved his hands to wrap around her body as he pulled her closer to him. Emery threw her arms over his shoulders, curling around the back of his neck. Logan slowly and deliberately ran his tongue over Emery's bottom lip, gently persuading her to open up and allow him to deepen the kiss.

Logan's lips were warm and soft, much softer than she'd ever imagined they'd be. As his tongue caressed hers, Emery's mouth opened wider, and their lips shifted, he tasted of Corona, but Emery didn't mind, there were still traces of his minty toothpaste. Emery could feel the heat of his body now, pressing obscenely into hers, and she wanted him closer. She slid her hands along the back of his neck, and ran her fingers through the hair at the back of his head, the slowly she moved her hands down to his arms feeling his corded muscles as his grip on her waist was tightening in a possessive way. Logan pulled her hips harder into his, while applying pressure on her back so he could capture more of her mouth. Again, he took Emery's lower lip between his teeth as he ended the kiss.

Emery pulled her head away from his and looked at him in astonishment. He was her first kiss. Did he realize that?

He smirked at her. "Shit, I've been waiting to do that since your dad's merging party. Remember in the closet?" He asked as he casually ran his hand up and down her side.

Emery nodded stiffly, not knowing what to do with herself. She was a bundle of nerves. The lower half of her body was responding to him in a way she'd only read about only. She didn't think it was as powerful, but she couldn't even form a word.

"Damn, so I take it you liked that kiss?" She nodded once again. "I'm glad. Theses lips right here are the masters of kissing. Remember that aight?" Emery buried her face in her hands, and laughed. She couldn't believe she just kissed Logan Fucking Isley! "I know, I'm hilarious. Happy New Year, by the way."

Emery looked at him, and smiled, "You too." She replied finally able to speak.

"Shit, what a way to bring in the new year…"

Emery smiled, "My first real kiss." She looked at the ground, her cheeks flushed. "Was incredibly cliché."

Logan laughed, "I had to do it." He told her blushing as well.

They both avoided each other's eyes.

"Cassidy." She mumbled, grimacing and allowing guilt she tried to keep away to wash over her.

"Is not my girlfriend." Logan stated bluntly. Even though people were celebrating all around them, Emery and Logan were surrounded by a dead silence.

Emery's eyebrows furrowed, as she looked up at him wildly, "What? What the hell happened?"

"We haven't been dating since the end of November..." Logan admitted.

"Then why'd you lie about dating her last week?" It was Logan's turn to grimace. Emery licked her lips quickly in agitation, "Geez. You like to lie, huh? About who you are dating... About who you are over the phone."

"I have reasons... Legit reasons." Logan said quickly, "Real reasons. I swear."

Emery cocked her was to the side and lifted her eyebrow, "What are they?"

"Well two different reasons, one I don't want to talk about here, and the other I'm not ready to talk about."

"You always have reasons." Emery recalled as she frowned slightly, Logan was aware she was referring to the reasons why he didn't kiss her last May at the bon fire. She sighed, "I don't get it."

"I'm sorry." Logan said quietly, "Emery."

Emery nodded, "You don't have to apologize dude. I'm just a little concerned for you."

Logan nodded and smiled slightly. "Okay... Well we can talk when we get back to my place, but for now turn that pretty ass around and throw it back for me... Yeah?" Emery snorted a laugh. "I mean we did come here to cheer you up, so, come on." He did a spin motion with his pointer finger as the music started back up again.

Emery's heart raced she was happy, but scared at the same time.

"Emery, I invited you first, don't you think you could give me a dance?" Emery's head turned to the side and she looked to Dixon who stood beside her with his eyebrows raised and a small smirk on his face.

"Oh, uh. I don't know."

"Come on girl."

Logan stepped closer to Emery and put his arms around her waist and pulled him to her. "Dixon, quit making an ass out of yourself. I already proved she's mine so back the fuck off."

Emery frowned, "Proved I'm yours?" The words caused havoc on her brain and in her belly. It sounded wrong and right. First she wanted to find the wrong before she celebrated the right. She pulled herself from Logan's grip. "How can you claim someone that you just lied to? As far as this goes, I just found out that you're single, after you 'proved' yourself… You're really confusing me Logan."

Logan's eyes widened slightly, "I said I'd explain later."

"Explain why you're 'claiming' me without my permission first- because I had no idea about that earlier..."

Logan licked his lips, "Because."

Emery's eyes widened, "Come find me when you're ready to talk about what's going on, yeah?" She looked at Dixon, "Lead the way." She said shortly, he immediately took her hand and started to pull her away. She chanced a glance behind her at Logan, who looked like he'd just gotten slapped, and his features were calculating. His gaze met hers quickly and with a tongue in cheek expression he turned away from her. So she turned too.

"I don't think I did that right." She mumbled under her breath. The music was so loud, no one could possibly know she'd talked to herself. She looked at the back of Dixon's head and bit her lip.

Moments later Dixon and Emery entered a different room, a bedroom. That didn't make her stomach too happy, as it lurched. There were a couple of kids inside, but she didn't get a good look at their faces because Dixon walked her straight to the other side of the room where some girl sat. After close inspection, Emery recognized Chelsea.

Dixon ushered Emery to sit down next to Chelsea, and then he sat next to Emery.

"Ladies." Dixon said, his voice sent a nervous chill down her spine, splintering yet soothing.

"What can I get for you two?" Chelsea asked, not yet noticing Emery. Her eyes glued on Dixon.

"The usual, babe." Dixon said, his small smile turning devilish.

"Alrighty then." Trenise, then proceed to bend over and flip open a large brick red cooler.

Emery didn't get the chance to snoop what was in the cooler, because Dixon said, "Chels, this is my friend Emery. She's new to all of this. And-," His words stopped short, whatever he was saying didn't sound to savory. Emery was trapped in her seat by Chelsea's wide eyes as she finally recognized Emery.

"Oh my God." She mumbled quietly, then repeated it. "Emery, what the fuck are you doing in here?"

Emery shook her head, "No, what are you doing in here?" Emery asked.

Chelsea didn't reply.

Dixon chuckled, "I'm gonna break her in." He said offering Emery a small smile, and when Emery returned the smile, she instantly felt like I was making a deal with the devil himself.

"Break me into what?" Emery had an idea, she still wanted to ask. Who was this kid to drag her up here like this?

"The first time, you're just going to be like, okay cool. But next time, you'll touch the fuckin' sky. Guarantee." Dixon said grinning wildly.

Chelsea rose from digging in the cooler. "Money first." She said extending her hand.

Emery passed a worried look between Chelsea and Dixon, and Dixon smiled reassuringly at her as he dug in his back pocket for his wallet. He fished out a few bills and handed them to Chelsea, who smirked, "So who wants to do the honors tonight?" Chelsea asked.

What the hell is going on?

"I'll do it, lemme show Em's how its done.." Dixon responded and Emery continued to look around, confused as hell. Chelsea opened the palm of her hand, unveiling a little brown stick, and Emery finally, understood. She handed the blunt to Dixon, before resting her back on the couch and sinking into the deep cushions. Emery noticed Chelsea avoiding her questioning gaze and finally he gave up waiting.

Emery watched as Dixon brought the blunt to his lips.

She watched as Chelsea fished in his pockets until she found a liter.

She watched as she found it, and extended her left arm over Emery, to light up the stick in between Dixon's lips.

She watched as she grinned at Dixon, and then looked at Emery finally, a small awkward smile playing on her face. Emery turned back to look at Dixon, who winked at her before closing his eyes and inhaling the life out of the blunt, before bringing it from out of his mouth.

Emery watched as he closed his mouth and held the drug inside.

She watched as Dixon opened her mouth and exhaled, little 'O's forming in the air in front of his face. It was actually fascinating. She always thought the idea of marijuana was interesting, but there was no way in hell she was going to try it- ever.

Dixon coughed repeatedly, "Damn." He said, his voice cracking as he placed the blunt back in his mouth to repeat the process, and then reached over Emery to give the blunt to Chelsea.

Emery watched. Slightly stunned.

She never knew Chelsea was into this kind of thing. She never took seemed like a smoker.

She was always too cool for that…

"Good shit." Chelsea said, and Dixon nodded slowly. She passed the blunt back to him. He leaned over Emery and kissed Chelsea on the cheek. "You're always so cute when you smoke." He said, and then he faced Emery. "Your turn. Here's what you're going to do. Put the blunt between your lips and kind suck..- It's an instinct kind of thing. You'll get the hang out it. Ready?"

Emery's breath wad hot and shaky, giving her the appearance of being scared as the white blunt was brought in front of her face.

The room was at a standstill. It seemed like everything was going in slow motion. Her eyes wandered to Chelsea, who was slouching on the couch, a look of pure delight on her face. Then her eyes found Dixon's- half lidded and looking at her with purpose.

And finally Emery looked at the marijuana, staring back at her expectantly.


What am I doing?


This is a bad idea. A really bad idea.

"Emily?" Emily? He's really going to call me Emery. Shit, I should've just backed it up on Logan. Fuck.

"It's Emery." She replied, still in a daze.

"Sorry, Emery, I forgot. So, are you ready?" Emery's eyes met his and she slowly, but surely started to shake her head. "Yes you are. You know you are. Babe, I don't have all night." His voice was like a low growl in her ear and she stared at him.

"No." She said firmly. Her gaze turning away from him. "Last time I checked, you asked me to dance, not to blow trees…"

"Ahhhhhh, I see what our problem is. What've you had to drink tonight?" He asked her.

"Nothing." She replied shakily.

"Well. That's a problem, you need to loosen up. Come on." Dixon reached forward and grabbed her hand. In no time he was pulling her out of the bedroom, and soon they'd ended up in the kitchen.

Dixon opened the stainless steel refrigerator door and peered inside, "Let's see. Beer. Beer sounds good. Which beer do you want?"

No beer. "Um. I really don't care." Was what came out of her mouth, and she frowned.

"Well. Personally, I like Budweiser, so, we're gonna go with that." Dixon said reaching into the fridge and retrieving two brown bottles with a red labels. He shoved one of the bottles into her hand and pulled her out of the way of the fridge so, that a random kid could get in. Off to the side Dixon popped the cap off of his beer and took a healthy swig. She watched him cautiously- as he watched her over the bottle. When he was finished drinking he pulled the bottle from his lips and gestured at her unopened bottle. "You going to open that?" He asked.

"Um- oh. Yeah." Emery said, placing her hand on top of the cap, she tried to pinch it off, but had no luck. She tried a few more times with no luck, and then she pouted, feeling pathetic. Why was she so nervous?

"Oh my God. Lemme see that." Dixon said setting his beer down, and snatching hers from her hands. He popped the cap off with ease, and then licked his lips. Not in a sensual, 'Me so horny' way, but a simple chapped lip way.

Emery was by no means interested in a conversation with this Dixon. In fact, she wasn't sure if she'd ever talk to him again after the party ended. He was attempting to push her into drugs, and she wasn't thrilled. She'd rather be worrying about Logan's problems than having weed shoved in her face, and the smell of Budweiser wafting up her nose.

God. Never again.

I am staying far-

Far away from this type of thing.


Perhaps this party was way out of her league. Or- maybe Dixon just wasn't right for her.

Chelsea was drunk and high. Which was weird because she thought Chelsea vowed to stay away from drugs, and now she appeared to be selling them?

Trenise was with her boyfriend? If that's what Justin is to her.

"You haven't had a sip of that yet. Are you scared?" Dixon was taunting her. Really taunting her.

She scowled at him, before shaking her head. "I'm not scared. I'm just not that thirsty."

Dixon, remembered the blunt between his fingers and he hit it quickly and coughed before asking, "What? You don't have to be thirsty to indulge." Dixon even through his laugh, she could hear this skepticism. Tipping his bottle up to his lips, he sucked in mass amounts of beer, and then brought the bottle away. "See. Easy. No thirst required." Dixon said and Emery rolled her eyes inwardly.

"Yeah okay." She replied coolly.

"Now it's your turn go ahead." Dixon urged her and she stared at him blankly, before declining as politely as possible. "Aw come on." Dixon was really hitting on her nerves now. "I promise you'll like it."

She looked down at the brown bottle and bit her bottom lip in consternation.

The sound of a female giggling hit Emery's ears, "Logan, quit." Was said through giggles.

Emery's head snapped up and she looked across the kitchen, and immediately tensed up. Wow. He was really fucking with her tonight.

Emery watched carefully as Logan backed some girl against the wall and stood really close to her. She could hear him whisper something, and the girl giggled nervously, and Emery bit her lip. Well damn. "See I knew I shouldn't have walked off, fuck." Regret surged through her as she spoke aloud and then covered her mouth and looked at Dixon, who was giving her a small smile, and then she looked back towards Logan who had turned and looked at her.

His eyes widened, and Emery just smirked slightly. It was her fault he was trying to seduce another girl, no need to cry. She looked at Dixon, "I've got to go."

"What about the weed, we were supposed to share?" He pouted.

She sighed, "I didn't agree to that." Then she moved around him and calmly exited the kitchen, before hurrying to get out of the rest of the house. She made it outside before taking a calming deep breath, and then she started to walk. Logan's place was ten minutes down the road; she just needed to go back home and think.

Logan wasn't in a relationship. Good.

Logan has reasons… Bad.

By the time she made it back to Logan's place she decided that she was going to get what she wanted- Logan. No more games. She was tired of them. If she had to open up 'Make It Nasty' for direction, then so be it. But, she wanted Logan- so she would get him.

Realizing the front door was locked; Emery hopped the fence, and entered the house through the guest room window. She immediately shed her clothes and put on her sweat pants and tank top.

She sat on the bed with Comet and sighed, as the wind from the window came in and chilled her. She took a few deep breaths. She was undoubtedly confused about Logan, but she didn't want to think about it. Her phone buzzed in her hands and she looked at the screen.

-Where are you?-

Logan texted her, she bit her lip and told him that she'd walked back to his place. Then she set the phone down again and sighed heavily. Logan had put his lips on her lips, and put his tongue in her mouth and she walked off with Dixon.

"That was stupid." She told herself. "No, he's stupid. He's stupid for trying to claim me like that." She rolled her eyes, "Oh, lemme grind on you, then steal your first kiss and your New Year's kiss, and then tell you that I'm not in a relationship and I haven't been for a fucking month." She rolled her eyes. "Stupid."

"Yeah. I am." Emery screamed and jumped off her bed, crouching on the floor she looked at Logan over the edge of her bed.

"What? How the fuck did you get in here?"

Logan shrugged, "Same way as you did…" He told her, and then sighed, "I am stupid. Let me explain myself. I like you a lot, but I need some time to fix things before I can ask you out." Emery stared at him, from over the edge of the bed. Her cheeks heated and her eyes widened. He licked his lips as he nodded, "I really like you."

"Oh." Was all she could say.

"Also," Logan crossed his arms over his chest and took a deep breath. "Cassidy's pregnant."



A/N: Aww, it's coming to an end.

Emery and I got accepted into the University of Arizona. (We're super happy, me mostly, lol)