-This is a poem describing a month that I wrote at school. The original point of the poem was for me to read it in front of the class and they try to figure out which month I am describing, as the same with other people's poems. Now I'm just titling it "June" to make it easier. :] –


A clean blue blanket

Stretches across the sky.

A bright yellow star radiates

Light from way up high.

Lots of flowers bloom

Across the green plains.

They bring your ultimate doom-

Those dreaded allergies.

They days are long,

The nights are not,

And for long, lovely hours

It is blazing hot.

School is at its end- Hurray!

No more books, tests, or homework.

Now we can sleep in all day

While our summers wither away.

Maybe we should savor

The time we have at school…

Should we see the end as a favor

When adult life lasts so long?