A Perfect World

Bathed in gold, lights and glory

Call it a sign, call it destiny, call it mine

Suede footsteps gracing the silk carpets with perfection

Untouchable, unbreakable, the roles simply don't apply

No one has the right to stand above

In this world, dreams are made for those below

The very presence of God touching mortal hands

All worship our master, the one who runs the show

Our Phantom of the Opera, the ruler of this game

In good grace you give your blessing

Grant us the right to live our lives

In ballroom mask you send your specter, to take all that away

Stained with tears and sacred orders, we carry out a whim

Single minds united as one, we spill their blood

So let the champagne flow, dear father

In Neon light you stand as Patriarch, while we will bare your Sins