"Mr. Brown, I'm the buttbuttin you hired to kill Katie."

"It's a buttbuttin, idiot!" Mr. Brown looked around in fear. "There's someone watching us with a profanity filter!"

"What do you expect? It's a kid's show, after all..."

"Well, this is embarbutting! I thought this was Saturday Night Live!"

"No... It's Saturday Morning Dead, the kids' mystery humor show." Suddenly eager, he said, "Have you been hypnotized, Mr. Brown?"

"No!" Mr. Brown said, and nodded.

"Ah! I see." He vanished from the screen.

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"It's over now. The person who hypnotized you is dead, Mr. Brown. Where's Katie?"

"Why do want to know that?"

"You hired me to kill her!"

"I would never hurt my daughter! You must be thinking about someone else."

The buttbuttin turned to the audience. "He's been hypnotized. Of course he doesn't remember." He scratched his head angrily. "How embarbutting!"