Title: Little Moments

Author: NoChristmasJokesPlz

Genre: Humor/Romance/General (genre changes based on chapter

Rating: T for swearing (SO many F-bombs, courtesy of high school students) and Kellen's dirty mind (Rating will change based on chapter)

Warnings: This story WILL contain SLASH (most likely not explicit), either femslash or m/m slash, so if relationships between two men or two women squick you, TURN BACK NOW. This chapter, however, contains (gasp) het! A guy and a girl! Weird, right?

Summary: A series of drabbles revolving around some characters from One Moment and their funny little romances.

Chapter Details: Kellen/Mona. Set roughly twenty-four years before One Moment.

For those of you who haven't read OM, but would like to, there's a link in my favorite stories. Or just go to the ShrineoftheSlashGods profile on FP. (That link is also on my favorite authors.)

Chapter One: Dizzy

"Oh gawd, there goes Dizzy."

Kellen tilted his head, glancing at Lacy sideways as she spoke. She was clinging to Cal's arm, as usual, as if he'd try to escape if she relinquished her French-tipped death grip. He and his friends were crowded into his convertable in the parking lot of Benjamin Carraway high school. "Dizzy?" he asked, quirking a brow.

"Desdemona Viaren," Lacy said with a snort. "Some weird hippie bitch from school. She dresses like a total freak."

"She's an artiste," Marc crowed, in a very poor imitation of a French accent, from the backseat. Lacy snorted again.

"She's fuckin' crazy is what she is," she said, glaring hatefully at the short brunette trotting happily across the school's car park. She was cute, Kellen thought. Not really hot like Lacy was, sitting on the trunk of the convertible next to Cal, her feet planted on the backseat, in a pair of skin-tight stretch pants and a thin red tank top (and no bra, he noted). Her long, dyed aburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and the way she leaned forward emphasized her cleavage rather nicely. She was Cal's girlfriend, though, if that really meant anything. She'd thrown herself at Kellen more than once, but he'd heard from Marc that she was not only a pretty lousy lay, but that she'd given him something that made it burn when he pissed. No thank you.

"Do you wanna know what she did the other day?" Lacy was saying. "We were doing one of those stupid classroom theatre things, where we have to read from the script of some play, and she busts in, like, twenty minutes late, dressed in some weird, poofy outfit with a skul and a fake mustache and she starts fucking monologue-ing or some shit!"

"It was funny as hell," Marc sniggered, scraping back his scruffy black hair. "Oh god, and yesterday, at lunch, Lacy threw an apple at her. Hit her right in the fucking head. So the little psycho whips around and start slinging water on Lacy and yelling 'The Power of Christ compels you!' and 'Get thee behind me, Satan!' It was the funniest shit ever!"

"No it wasn't!" Lacy shrieked indignantly, shoving Marc roughly.

"Watch the fucking nails, crazy!" he hissed as her long nails scratch his arm.

"It was pretty funny, wasn't it?"

All four looked up suddenly as a cheery, lilting voice joined in. The subject of their conversation was leaning on the side of Kellen's car as if she belonged there, bright blue eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled. "Don't get me wrong," she continued, oblivious to their shocked, and, in Lacy's case, slightly surprised yet hostile, stares, "the apple thing was great— there's nothing funnier than a potential concussion, but what I really loved was how you acted all modest when everyone could see your bright red bra through your white tee shirt when it go wet!"

"Get lost, freak," Lacy hissed venomously.

Dizzy smiled dreamily and brushed a small, pale hand through her waist-length, cocoa-brown curls, which were held out of her heart-shaped face by a gauzy floral scarf. "Ah, but that's just it, Lacy dear," she crooned. "We're all already lost, aren't we? Simply drifting along without knowing, without caring, where we're going." Her eyes closed and she nodded once, as if she had just imparted some profound knowledge and insight into the meaning of life or something.

Kellen couldn't help but laugh. "That's deep, man," he drawled, trying to sound as stoned and sluggish as possible. Lacy, Cal, and Marc sniggered, but Dizzy just opened her eyes and shrugged.

"Yeah, not really," she quipped carelessly. "I think that was written on the bathroom wall at a café or something."

"Was it, now?" Kellen replied, leaning back against the driver's side door, one arm tossed carelessly over it, opening his stance and inviting her to admire his physique. Honestly, the girl was alright. Sure, she was a little off, and Kellen would have thought she was stoned off her ass if her eyes weren't so bright and clear. "What other deep and profound things d'you find on bathroom walls?"

Again, Dizzy shrugged, and Kellen's eyes fell to her chest on pure instinct as it shifted beneath her flowy white peasant blouse. She had a nice rack, that was for sure, and no doubt real (unlike Lacy's, whose were a gift for her eighteenth birthday a few months ago). "Nothing profound," the odd girl said with a little laugh, drawing his attention back to her face. She had nice lips, too. Full and shapely and a soft blush-pink that he could easily picture wrapped around his—

Oh, right. She was talking. "Mostly random phone numbers, swears words, and crude drawings of winged penises. I found a funny limerick once, but I can't for the life of me remember how it goes."

"That's a shame," he said distractedly, struggling to keep his eyes from drifting down to her chest again. "Are you doing anything later?"

He heard Lacy's sharp, annoyed intake of breath, and Marc nearly choking on his drink, but he ignored it in the favor of turning his most charming smile on the strange girl.

She looked honestly thoughtful, her lips pursing and her nose wrinkling cutely. Kellen smiled a little. "I think today's my day to pick up my little sister from school, actually," she said at length.

"After that then," Kellen pressed, tilting his head in the way he knew girls couldn't resist. "Do you want to go out and do something?" Maybe fool around in the backseat and let me see what's under that pretty shirt… he thought lasciviously.

"Nope!" Dizzy chirped instantaneously, beaming as if she hadn't just turned Kellen down cold without even a thought. "But it was nice chatting with you." She saluted smartly before turning on heel and flouncing away, her long, flowered skirt fluttering behind her. Kellen just stared after her, utterly dumbstruck.

Cal burst out laughing, baring his teeth in a delighted leer. "Damn, Kel!" he snickered. "You just got shot down by Dizzy! That's poetic somehow, man. I just know it."

Kellen groaned irritably, shoving his sneering blond friend. "Shut th'fuck up, Cal."

Hai all! Since I'm kind of stuck for Awkward First Dates at the moment, I thought I'd start another sort of side project for One Moment. This one is a series of drabbles revolving around random moments, usually romantic, but occasionally family-oriented, in the lives of some of my favorite characters. :3 Most of the characters I use will be of my own creation, not ANT-chan's, since I know my characters much better than I do hers, so it will mostly be the Adelais family, Cirque members, or other random side characters. :D Hope ya like!

This chapter is Kellen's first real meeting with his future wife and the mother of his children, Desdemona "Dizzy" Viaren. Kellen was sort of a dick in high school. Okay, a super dick. XD