"Let's just all be calm and rational about this. There's no need to scream Logan." Mrs. Henderson said trying to soothe her son down.

"Calm down? How do you expect me to do that? You're asking me to get married to a girl that looks like she's about to have a heart attack from all the fried chicken she ate. Did you even stop to think about the fact that I'm only 17?" Logan Henderson yelled at the top of his lungs. He was pacing back and fourth in the study room while my mother and I just sat there watching his outburst.

Yes I was hurt by what he had said. I knew I was not a good looking girl at all. I may be 5'11", but my weight was a major issue. I didn't know how else to put my sorrows away other than to eat. When I was down, I'd eat, happy stressed or bored I would eat. I had no self control whatsoever when it came to food. It was like my kryptonite.

I'd go weak in the knees when my housekeeper made her stir fry noodles with dumplings. That was a whole different issue as to why I was supposedly planned to marry Logan. We went to the same school. He was popular because he was the school's star basketball player and also the son of . His father owned the local tv companies and he was very much successful.

Me on the other hand, I was Tatiana Fiori. My father was Santiago Fiori, media moghul. The only reason Logan and I were supposed to get married was because of a business agreement between my dad and his. They wanted to join ventures, which meant my dad wanted to buy the tv stations and make Logan's father as a partner. What I never understood was why the both of us had to get married.

I had obediently followed my parents orders, plus it was Logan Henderson. He was the most amazingly handsome guy I've ever seen. Yes, I liked him. So did the rest of the other girls in my school.

"Logan, you must understand your father's decision. It is important that you see the positive side." his mother attempted to reason with him.

"See the positive side of things when -" he got cut off by the sound of the study door opening. In came Mr. Henderson and my father. Both of them held cigars in their hands which were already lighted. My father sat next to me and my mother and all Logan's dad did was lean against the big oak table which was his work station.

I noticed how Logan had this tamed look now on his face. I could tell that he was humble in front of his father but treated his mother like she was trash.

"Now, what seems to be the problem that I could hear you bellowing like a cow from all the way in the bar room?" his father said as he dragged his cigar and slowly released the smoke out in small rings.

Shocked didn't even cover what I was feeling. Heck, the look on Logan's face was even more priceless. "Umm I- it's just that."

"Just that what? You're a bratt who treats your mother disrespectfully but pretends to be well behaved in front of me? I am sure we have thought you better than this Logan."

Logan shook his head cause he obviously had nothing else to say.

" The reason we have asked you to get married is so we can ensure that there will be a rightfull heir for this empire that not only I have worked hard for, but has. Now, I am going to leave the both of you alone to talk it out and maybe we will have an agreement in half an hour."

Everyone left the room and I was still glued to my chair. He stood facing the floor to ceiling window and I could only see his silhouette. He was a tall boy presumably. His father was a very tall man but then again, so was my father. Logan had thick black hair which screamed RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH ME. His eyes were as blue as the Caribbean ocean. He stood at 6'5" and was tipped to be the next best thing in basket ball.

Me on the other hand, I was tall, fat, had black hair like my father but green eyes like my mother.

"Listen here Tatiana. You're going to tell your father that it's not necessary for us to get married because I will never marry someone like you. I have a girlfriend who will not be happy when she hears this bullshit. How can you even keep quiet and agree with this? Did you somehow think that I'd go blind or actually think that this might work?"

"Ok." was the only thing I could say because if I said anything more, I would have cried and I don't want to do that. I got up and started heading to the other room. Before I exited, I turned around to see his expressionless face and said "Judging someone by their looks without getting to know them is just pathetic. And no, I'm not desperate to marry a douche like you. I deserve better." I closed the door gently.

In the other room, I talked to my parents in my native tongue. Italian. I told them that I don't want to marry him and to just allow the companies to merge together. I was hurt and I was just ready to leave this house.

It sucks being the victim of a one sided love. Always waiting and hoping that something might happen. That they might change and notice you. It seldom was like that anyway. So I made a new resolution to myself. It's time for a change. And it starts tomorrow. After I cry with a bucket of ice-cream.