_Chapter 1_

I should know it's sometimes dangerous to read and walk at one time. But I never listen to the many things my parents constantly remind me of. And for once I'm glad I never did listen. Because then I wouldn't have met Aaron. When I ran into him, my first thought told me he was mad. But he wasn't. He smiled and we both reached down to pick up my book. Our hands met on the cover of Deep Trouble, the book I was reading. "So your a Jillan fan. Have you ever read the new seris called Ending. It's really good." I smiled and looked up. "No, actually I'm just finshing this one. Um...I guess I should ask if you know where Brown's street is?" Brown's street was the street I curently live on. I must have gotten what with the whole reading and walking thing. I was on a road called Truckerton. Hm, yep I'm lost. I agreeded with my thoughts, I was lost. I was thankful Aaron wanted to make sure I get home safe. Apparently he lives on that road to. He just moved there so I guess I never hardly saw him. We learned alot about each other. And we had alot in common. I was either having my first crush at age thirteen or this guy just made the world spin slower for me.