Chapter Four

"Siiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn!" Azurah called while running towards his friend. Sinthius sighed at turned to the neko. "What is it Azurah, did penguins get into your dorm again?" He said with slight sarcasm. "Ha ha, very funny, but no. Cain found me and-"
"Hey neko!" A loud voice shouted behind him. Azurah's cat ears folded back and fear showed in his eyes. "Too late..." He squeaked. Sinthius dared to look over Azurah's shoulder. A tall male with black hair, dark skin, red eyes and wearing a long black leather jacket, dark blue shirt and ripped jeans was running towards them. "Azurah!" He roared. Quickly, the neko and the silver-haired teen turned and began running. "Gods Azurah! How do you get me into these things?" Sinthius shouted at the top of his lungs. "Shut up dude and run!" Azurah shouted. "To where?"
"I dunno? The garden area?" Sinthius thought about wasn't a bad idea... Maybe it can work. He responded with a nod and the two of them started heading towards the garden area. If they could make it to the forest, they'll lose Cain for good. Sin didn't like the idea of going into the forest area, but it was probably better than getting a beating by Cain. Just a few more steps... A few more steps... They can make it... Even when they got into the forest area, they kept running. They didn't want to risk anything when it came to Cain. Finally, when they were out of breath, they stopped. Azurah merely fell onto the ground wheezing for air. "Darth Fader, calm down a bit, huh? You're making me light-headed." Sinthius panted, bent down and resting his hands on his knees. "You... Realize... That you probably... Made fun... Out of both... Of us... Right?" Azurah breathed. Understanding what his friend meant, he shot a light beam close to Azurah's fingers. The neko was so tired at the moment, that he didn't even flinch.
After catching their breath, they decided to look around a bit in the forest. The sun was peeking from behind the leaves in the trees. They were in a clearing, and they could see that there were a few mushrooms growing here and there. Birds were chirping everywhere and Azurah could've sworn that he heard a river nearby. This was a real peaceful place... It looked almost like a setting in a movie. "So... What now?" Azurah asked. Sinthius continued to look around and shrugged. "I... I don't know..." He said. A small bird swooped down close to his head. The bird's flashy feathers caught Azurah's eye and began chasing the bird, due to his animal instincts. The other began following him. "Azurah, get back here! We don't even know where we are!" He shouted. The neko could only ignore him and continued his hunt for the pretty bird. "Azu, come on man! I'm tired of running! Azu-!" His yelling stopped when he came up to an old building. It looked like nature was going to take it any second now with the amount of vines and moss growing around it. He looked to his right and saw Azurah slowly stalking the small bird. By now, Sinthius could tell that the bird was a blue jay. He groaned and walked up to the neko. "Azurah!" He yelled, causing the bird to fly away.
The said neko huffed and turned to his friend. "Way to go man! That was gonna be my-" He stopped and looked at the building. "You just now saw this thing?" Sinthius asked, raising a brow. Azurah only gave the human a sharp glare and turned his attention back to the building. "How long do you think this place has been here?" He asked, walking around it.
Sinthius shrugged. "I'm not sure... A long time?" Azurah rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything. He knew if Sinthius was the one that asked, he would've given the same answer. "C'mon, lets go inside!" The neko said, but before Sinthius could reply, he had already went through the door. Groaning in frustration, Sinthius followed Azurah inside. He stopped at the door and gulped. Was this the place the boy was locked in? What if this building was haunted? "Dude, you gotta check this out!" He heard from the inside. Hesitantly, Sinthius opened the door and peered inside.
There was books scattered on the old tables and bookshelves. There was no smell inside, other than the dampness in the air. Light flowed inside from the windows and the bookshelves were almost as tall as the building itself. The carpet was a dark gray and the walls were white. Despite how old it looked outside, the inside looked like it was taken care of. Speaking of which, where was Azurah? Sinthius looked around and couldn't find him. "Dude, over here!" Azurah shouted from behind the counter. Sinthius jumped at the suddenness of the neko's voice, then got angry with himself for being scared so easily. He walked over and looked over the counter to see the said neko with a small book in his hands and his tail wrapped around a lit candle.
"What are you doing?" Sinthius dared to ask, not looking forward to the answer.
Azurah stood up before replying, "This candle was already lit when I came in here." His friend gave him an odd look, folding his arms across his chest. "So?" He asked. Azurah groaned and held the candle closer to Sinthius' face. "So, why was it already lit?" He asked. Sinthius had no answer to this and remained quiet. Before long, their question was answered. A ball of water flew past them, causing them to turn around. A tall male with silver hair, which covered his left eye, with black and dark blue tips, red colored eye (or eyes), and pale skin was glaring towards them. He wore a dark blue shirt, a crescent moon necklace, and blue jeans that had flames at the bottom and brown earthy shoes. They have only heard of him, but they never saw him around. Was this where he went all the time? He gave the two a sharp look. "Why are you here and how did you find this place?" He asked. Azurah was at a loss for words. Luckily, Sinthius could help them out. Hopefully.
"Uh, well, hehe, long story. You see, we're chased into here by a dark elf and, well, we need a place to hide for a bit, sooo..." His voice trailed off. The taller male simply folded his arms across his chest, his expression showed that he didn't believe him. Sinthius cleared his throat and spoke better, "Look, we really did need a place to hide, and we stumbled onto this place."
"Question is, why are YOU here?" Azurah asked, pointing his finger at the tall male. Sinthius facepalmed. "I am only here because this place has been abandoned. I want to take care of the books here, is that too hard to ask?" The male turned away from them, already getting slightly irritated by the neko. "Every student is going to buy books now. What use is a library?" He sounded slightly hurt, but the other two didn't hear it. The male cleared his throat and turned back to them. "All right, if you're going to hide here, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Skyler, but please call me Skai."
"Okay, well, I'm Sinthius this is Azurah." The said neko waved, causing his friend to give him a light bop on the head for acting like a goof. Skai gave them a small nod before saying, "Pleased to meet you. I suppose..." He muttered the last sentence so they wouldn't hear. "Do what you want, but be quiet and don't ruin the books." He turned and walked away, leaving the two standing there. "... He seems like a nice guy!" Azurah chimed sarcastically. Sinthius only rolled his eyes before picking up a book.