Africa Essay

As the car travel along the expanse of the African Sahara desert, I practiced taking deep breaths. What we were going to do was illegal and could have us executed. No would have us executed. The other day Abiola, a dear friend of mine, wrote in the paper about government corruption. I don't know how he got his boss to print that, maybe he too wanted to talk badly about the government, but he did print it. And the entire news, editing, and printing department for government affairs was put in jail. Just like what happened 1967 to Wole Soyinka. You speak out, you get arrested. Accept Wole Soyinka was calling a cease fire, speaking in the name of peace, my friends from the newspaper wrote words in their article I would never dare to repeat myself.

I promised myself when I was younger I would never get involved in affairs of conspiring against the military, yet here I am riding in a car taking me to the planning of a coup d' etat. My friends, as you already know, have already taken action against the government and somehow I got whisked into this madness as well. I got a personal request from Abayomi, whose last name I don't know of, asking if I would join the cause to end government corruption. I guess they wanted me because of the fact that I used to be a member of the OAU, the Organization of African Unity, before it was shut down.

Twenty years ago, an unknown group of Swahili-speaking Afrikaners, called the South African Rights Society, (SARS) had their own coup d' etat against the South African government. These people came and attacked the government by the millions. They raided the capitol building and with a live television broadcast had the president and about twenty other of the most important government officials hand over the government to them. It is theory that they had someone hostage or had something the officials wanted because they handed everything over to them without much of a fuss. But for whatever unknown reason, they gained control.

They soon made the government a command economy and put the old apartheid system back into play. The only blacks that weren't affected by the apartheid were the Zulu. They were given leeway because one of the men in the SARS, of Boer descent, had kinship with some Zulu natives. So the Zulu people gained immunity to the apartheid system.

On the day of the president of Zimbabwe's daughter's rite of passage celebration the SARS attacked the country of Zimbabwe. Destroying the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and the capitol buildings first. And they gained control of their government. And slowly they started expanding the nation of South Africa till it literally took up the whole southern part of Africa.

The nation continued upwards till it had conquered up to the countries of Tanzania and Congo.

The United Nations tried to place a sanction on South Africa, but were unsuccessful. We were never told what happened to them. All we know is that for some strange and unknown reason we haven't heard from the United Nations ever since. Some suspect that the United Nations doesn't exist anymore. But the true reason is unknown.

Nigeria and Ghana tried to mediate their way out of being conquered. They reached an agreement, which consisted of them sending 75% of all their cash crops to South Africa, without receiving any payment. And none of the residents were allowed to substance farm. They shut down all schools including the harambee, which are considered out of the reach of the African governments. The children were sent to work on the farms. Due to this the ethnic groups of Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, in Nigeria, died out. This lead Ghana and Nigeria into economic distress. And while their governments were weak South African conquered them and all the countries surrounding them.

They also made pastoralism illegal. They did this to conserve the veldts in Africa from becoming overgrazed and becoming desert. This caused the Masai people to have to move to the cities to find jobs, which formed a problem with overpopulation in big cities in Kenya and Tanzania.

But making pastoralism illegal did little to stop the growing desert. The desert still continues to grow. Some believe that once all of Africa becomes desert it will be useless land and the SARS will end their rule. But we don't have the time for sitting around and hoping the increasing desert will save them. We have to act now.

The old members of the OAU, The Economic Community of West African States, and some others who want to overthrow the South African government and make it a multiparty system are gathering today in a secret location in Morocco. Morocco was never officially conquered by South Africa, but is under surveillance and control of, so it seemed like the safest place to go to plan our coup d' etat. We are calling ourselves the African National Congress, for we are working towards the goal of overthrowing an apartheid system, just like Nelson Mandela and William de Klerk. Only this time we are going to throw out an entire government rather than trying to get rid of a few segregation laws.

I have no idea how the SARS will react, and all our troops have been preparing for the worst. But what we are doing is right and we have to end the SARS reign of terror and corruption. I hope that even if we don't succeed our fight will encourage the other African nations to rebel against the government. But for right now I have to focus on wining. For, if in the years to come we don't, Africa may no longer be.

The driver tells me that we are now going to switch cars, to make ourselves less noticed. I get out and get into the new car presented to me, and I find Abayomi waiting in it. I take a deep breath and put on a confident, but serious, face and take a seat across from him. Right now every move we make will determine the future of Africa. Or at least, we hope.