Take this butterfly net,

Try to be precise now-

Go catch yourself a cloud

Or a lullaby or a wish.

Make it count

Don't waste your chance

Once it's in your hands.

Don't squeeze too hard-

Cup it softly, let it glow,

It'll crumble if you finger it,

Or if you're too rough-

It's a small thing,

With a heart like a mouse.

Keep your eyes closed,


Until your eyelids are wrinkled

And your nose is white.

Savor this moment,

Taste it on your tongue

As you swipe the air

With your little red net.

Keep trying.

Toss out your hopes-

Just like a fisherman

In his small blue boat.

He's being juggled and thrown-

Pitched high up like a paper plane

Without wings,

By frothy exam paper waves

And nasty green eyed serpents.

Cross your fingers

You're hoping for fish,

Made from fluff and comets,

For wishes constructed from junk-

Dim shooting stars and stickers.

You'll haul them up later-

All tangled in silver strands

Weaved from success

And an odd sinking feeling-

Your boat has sprung a leak.

Don't worry.

There's your butterfly net

Here's a cork-

Go catch yourself

Another lullaby

Another cloud-

Another wish.