Summary: Some moments have more significance then others. One shot. Sad goodbye.

One could speak of the hours, the weeks, years even but a single moment is all it took.

For worlds to be shattered, for people to be broken, for you to be gone.

You're dead and I am not sure what that means.

Do I cry for the loss of what has been, for the pain, for you.

You so bright and playful. You with that wicked smile and that cackle that no one else can quiet replicate. Those eyes maybe not pretty but so alive. That wonder, that utter stupidity that sent us all into fits.

And perhaps for those silent moments too. Where you could simply sit and let be. No judgment just the warmth of your presence.

The ripple effect of your absence fans out. I ponder how deep and how far those ripples will go. How many people will this touch. How many years will we still feel you.

In a way I know you're truly never gone.

You're still in your Mother's mind, in her sigh. In you're father's humor and you're boys passion but mainly I like to hope, you're in my heart.

We will miss you but night must follow day and we must carry on. You are the lover I lost, the lesson I learnt, the light in my dark. You will always be maybe not as you once were but still you will remain. You will not be forgotten by those who count but remembered and treasured until the moment we meet again.