Dry my eyes, end my tears

Make my worries disappear

Hey I'm begging, begging please

Please don't leave me here on my knees

Make me laugh and make me smile

Hold me tight and stay a while

If I could wish upon a star

I'd wish to be there where you are

We'd dance and sing the night away

With dorky songs that gently play

I think you must have magic powers

To make me dream of you for hours

And hey, maybe you're just my friend

But that's not how I'd have it end

Wish you'd like me like I like you

Cuz now I don't know what to do

At times you grin at all I say

At others you just walk away

I wish you could make up your mind

Cuz through all this you still would find

I'd be that girl in your embrace

You'd brush my curls back from my face

Your eyes would sparkle, bright and blue

Your smile would be brilliant too

But let me tell you most of all,

I'd never ever let you fall

We'd face the world, the strongest pair

All challenges, we'd challenge there

Is there a way you'd understand?

I need someone to hold my hand

But not just someone, I need you

And I'll dare to say you need me too

So maybe we should take a shot

After all, I mean…why not?

The problem is that I'm too shy

I don't know how, I don't know why

But if you knew how I think of you

I'm wondering if it would sound new

Cuz maybe when I look at each twinkling star

You're up wishing too from wherever you are

And it would be great if you're wishing for me

And you're dreaming of all that you wish we could be

Truth is, to be honest, well, let me tell you

I'm pretty much head over heels about you 3