The Perch (R)

One advantage of having a Pastor for a father was that I was pretty much guaranteed a pretty good summer at the Christian Camp growing up. I was a lifer at the 'Spirit in the Woods' Teenage camp and that's where I met Rebecca who came every year too.

My dad promised me a job as a camp counselor once I turned eighteen and I talked Rebecca into applying for a similar position so we could keep on seeing each other in the summer. And then, of course, I used my connections with Dad to make sure she got hired too!

I was feeling excited and eager when I reported to the camp for my summer tour following my high school graduation knowing that I had finally made the big time, going from camper to big deal counselor with a chance for some fun and rewarding leadership experiences before college began in September.

Most parents thought the Christian Camp was a safe environment for their kids and it generally was because the boys and girls were kept separate at the camp for obvious reasons. The boys bunked together on one side of the camp with male counselors and the girls were on the other side with female counselors. Most of the activities were segregated and about the only time the sexes spent time together was at the outdoor auditorium when religious services were held and when meals overlapped.

But now that I was eighteen and a counselor, I didn't feel quite so restricted, monitored, paranoid and pent up. Mostly, I was looking forward to seeing Rebecca again. We had become good friends during the past several years and I had long ago noticed how she had grown into an attractive young woman with big deep blue eyes and brownish blonde hair which she kept in a ponytail.

The counselors were older and more trustworthy so we were allowed to meet on regular occasions without much hassle. Each counselor was in charge of about ten campers and we were responsible for their activities, safety, and whereabouts during the day.

Having been a camp lifer it was easy for me to transition to the counselor role. I learned from some good mentors over the years and I tried to pass on my wisdom, ethics, Faith and friendship to the younger kids in my new assignment. I also tried to see Rebecca as much as I could, usually during meals and sometimes after lights out for the campers when the counselors were given free time although we were usually too tired after our long days to do much of anything beside have a soda in the counselor's lounge and talk for a while before bed.

On Sundays, after morning services, the counselors usually rotated the afternoon off to relax and enjoy some off duty "down time." I saw to it that Rebecca and I were assigned the same off schedule and the first Sunday we got time off I packed some items to bring along for lunch away from the camp.

I met Rebecca at her cabin and we looked like twins with our identical khaki shorts, white camp counselor tee shirts and our tanned skin from working outdoors all the time. We left the camp and hiked over a little used trail that extended a few miles into the woods and then up to a bluff that overlooked a small pond surrounded by woods. It was our first time away from all the kids and our first chance to have a little bit of privacy.

Rebecca was a "good" Christian girl who respected the tenets of our Faith so I never tried to put the moves on her very much beyond hand holding and the occasional kiss on the cheek. I'm not sure if she saw me as a romantic possibility or just enjoyed my companionship at camp and I never really pushed the issue. Sex was always clashing with our faith and it was usually the big elephant in the camp.

I brought Rebecca to a small cave-like opening in some rocks nestled among some trees above the pond.

"What's this?" She asked.

"Just a neat little place I discovered a few years ago," I explained. "The boys hike up here all the time."

We got comfortable in the little perch that was patted by needles and moss with our legs dangling off the edge in midair and we enjoyed the view in front of us. The pond and the surrounding woods were a colorful blue and green in the hot yellow sun of summer. We shared my canteen of water and snacked on the food I brought while updating each other on our counselor experience so far and talking about the year since we left each other last summer.

I was thrilled to be with Rebecca again and I felt as close to her as ever as we sat in our little perch chatting. We finished our impromptu picnic and then Rebecca leaned over and gave me a light kiss on my cheek.
"Thanks, Luke, this was very nice," she said.

I was surprised to realize that my dick had hardened by her innocent and platonic gesture. Realizing that I had just sinned against myself according to our religious teachings, I figured it was time to bail out.

"I guess we had better head back to camp," I said.

Rebecca nodded but I was looking at her in a new light noticing how pretty her face was and how cute she was with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. When she leaned over to reach for some trash we had left, I stared longingly at her hips and shapely legs. Realizing that I was looking too long at her, I turned away and looked in the opposite direction but Rebecca placed her hand on my thigh just below the edge of my shorts.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Am I sure?" I asked with confusion.

"About leaving?"

I looked at her with surprise, not sure of what to say next.

"Luke, we've both been waiting for this moment for a real long time," Rebecca revealed. "Honestly, I've killed myself trying not to be promiscuous with you. If you want to kiss me or something, it would be alright... with me."
So, this was it….finally! I slowly moved my lips towards her and she closed her eyes when our lips touched. For the first time, I noticed the soft feel and the warmth of her wonderful lips. I felt my cock get a little hard again as Rebecca's breath pressed against my cheek. The kiss seemed to last for hours and when it was done Rebecca was smiling at me and staring deeply into my eyes.

I gently eased her onto her back and then I lay next to her on the soft needles and moss. I resumed the kiss only this time I was stunned to feel Rebecca's wet tongue slide between my lips. I had French kissed girls before but this time it was hotter than I had ever experienced. I slid my tongue along hers until I inserted it into her mouth and our tongues continue to play and explore while my cock grew hard in my shorts.

I laid my arm across Rebecca's waist as we kissed and I internally debated whether I should take it another step. I had dreamed and fantasized about this moment for a long time and now it seemed the reality of our mutual interest had come true. Over the next few minutes as we continued to kiss, I slowly pulled a section of Rebecca's T shirt from the waist band of her khaki shorts. Then I placed my palm on the small section of Rebecca's exposed stomach. She sighed slightly and offered no resistance so I slipped my hand into the small opening of her T shirt and ran it across her stomach. Her skin felt so smooth and warm and I repeatedly ran my hand across her tummy, going slightly higher with each pass.

I was building up the courage to try and feel her breasts as I kept waiting for her to move my hand away but she didn't. At some point, I pushed my tongue deep into Rebecca's mouth and moved my hand upwards at the same time. I placed my outstretched fingers around the cup of Rebecca's bra which supported her left breast and again she didn't stop me.
I slipped my tongue back and Rebecca returned with her tongue deeply into my mouth as I moved my fingers to just below the bra cup and I slowly slid them between her flesh and the cotton material. My hand now covered her naked breast and I thought I was going to die, not only because I had finally felt her soft tit but because she actually let me. It was smooth but firm and her nipples were so hard against my palm. I started to move her bra cup off and above her breast when Rebecca broke off our kiss.
"Luke" she said in a heavy breath. "We have to stop!"
"Aw man!" I groaned. "I knew this was too good to be true. I'm sorry."
"Luke" she softly said. "It's okay. Really. Its just that…well, you know."

We sat up together. "I understand," I sighed with frustrated defeat.

"I'm glad you do," she said. "This is hard on me too."

Gazing off into the distance to avoid her eyes and to force myself not to say anything that might hurt her feelings, I saw something in the distance that caught my eye. "What are you looking at?" Rebecca asked when she noticed me staring.
"Um, I don't know," I said, pointing to my right. "I thought I saw something. Or someone."

"Shh, listen," Rebecca said and sure enough we heard voices and giggling and laughter.

And then two people emerged from the woods. I saw a flash of red but I couldn't get a good look at their faces.

"It's Sarah Martin," Rebecca whispered

"The swimming instructor?" I asked quietly.

Rebecca nodded.

Sarah came across as self-centered and stuck up. I thought she talked down and demeaned some of the kids she didn't like, as if they weren't worth her time.

"Do you know who's with her?" I asked
Rebecca moved closer and whispered the answer. "It's Paul."
"Paul?" I asked with surprise. "That self righteous, pious, squeaky clean, goody two shoes, holier than thou Jesus Loves me because I'm a Saint, Paul?

She giggled. "Yeah, him."

"No way! What the heck are those two doing together?"

They were standing on the shore of the pond talking quietly now. Then I noticed that Paul was rubbing Sarah's arm as they talked. Then she giggled and started to peel out of her counselor clothes. My eyes went wide and I looked at Rebecca with surprise. Her face was red, especially when Paul stripped out of his clothes and they both stood in front of us naked.

"Adam and Eve," I muttered sarcastically.

"We need to get out of here," Rebecca urged.

"Too late now," I said. "Nowhere to go. They'll see us for sure if we move."
"There are two naked people over there!" Rebecca exclaimed with embarrassment.
"Shh!" I warned. "They're probably just going to skinny dip for a few minutes."
"I suppose," Rebecca acknowledged, but she sounded ashamed.

Paul and Sarah stood with their feet in the water holding hands and talking but they didn't make any move to go into the water.

"The counselors told us the pond was no good for swimming," I said. "Maybe they know that."

"So what are they doing naked for then?" Rebecca frowned.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Sarah's gorgeous naked ass and when she turned around I got a full view of her wonderful front with her red pussy hair and firm breasts. Paul wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and began kissing her neck.

"You don't think…." Rebecca asked fearfully.

I put my finger to my lips. "If they see us now they'll really think we're perverts."

Paul kept kissing Sarah and suddenly he pushed her to the ground. She was on all fours and he dropped down on his knees and began fucking her from behind! Rebecca's eyes went wide and I thought she was going to scream so I covered her mouth with my hand. I could see the shocked look on her face and I shook my head 'no' to make sure she didn't make a sound.

I looked back at those two and mouthed a silent "wow" as Sarah began to moan loudly. Suddenly, Paul stopped what he was doing, pushed Sarah over so she was lying on her back on the ground and I watched as Paul lay down, stuck his head between her legs and began to lick Sarah's pussy.

I felt Rebecca squirming next to me but I kept my hand over her mouth and tried to keep her still. The silence in the air was soon filled with more moans from Sarah as she moved her head from side to side. I felt my cock get hard again. I had never seen anything like this before and while I knew I shouldn't be watching I couldn't take my eyes off of the naked couple.

Not only did Sarah's red hair make her stand out but I saw how hard her large pink nipples had become as Paul pleased her. Sarah stretched her legs straight up in the air and she let out a long moan and her legs shock for a moment and then relaxed to the ground. She then got on all fours again while Paul returned to his knees and scooted behind her. I noticed that Sarah's butt was much higher than Paul's hips and she had to slowly move forward bending at her knees until her butt was level with Paul's cock. Paul's hips soon were moving, pumping his cock in and out of Sarah who finally screamed out in joy and all of a sudden Paul was huffing and puffing too and they both collapsed to the ground, purring and moaning and cuddling and kissing.

After a few minutes, they got up and went to the water's edge, washing themselves off before they picked up their clothes, kissed again, got dressed and disappeared into the woods. I removed my hand from Rebecca's mouth and we both sat there for the longest time without saying a word. It was obviously awkward and embarrassing and what do you say after witnessing something like that?

Figuring that it was now safe to talk, I looked at Rebecca with wide eyes and then I broke into an embarrassed giggle. "Man! That was something!" I remarked.
"I've never seen two people do it," Rebecca admitted, sounding like she had just witnessed a horrific car accident.

"Especially in the woods!" I noted.
"'They were really doing it!" Rebecca said as if it had all be an illusion.
"Wow!" I said. "Never in a million years would I think of them doing that."

"Anyway, that was way beyond embarrassing and awkward and disgusting and sinful," Rebecca announced.

"And yet I couldn't look away," I admitted.
"Well," Rebecca asked nervously. "What should we do now?"
"Nothing," I replied. "I really don't want to get them in trouble and I am not responsible for what they do. I know that it's wrong what they are doing but...this could stir up a big mess around here. I don't want to be in the middle of it and besides there's no need to be a rat over this. We would have to tell everybody we were perverts into voyeurism."
"It would be quite scandalous," Rebecca agreed. "But it wasn't our fault. We were here first."
"This is true," I agreed.

"We really shouldn't have been looking," Rebecca sighed.

"I know," I replied.

"It's kind of perverted."
"I guess," I said. "But it's definitely not something you see every day."
"We should go," Rebecca said as she began to scamper from our perch.

Something had obviously changed between us. I guess watching two people fuck in front of you can ruin a date! We gathered our belongings and Rebecca adjusted her bra and tucked her shirt back into her shorts. With the porn going on in front of me, I had almost forgotten my earlier memorable exploration with Rebecca and I wondered if that was the end of that.

I jumped to the ground first and I waited for Rebecca to descend. I helped by holding her as she crawled down the front of the rock. Once she was on the ground, I hugged her tightly and I was relieved when our lips met again. Rebecca was letting me know that we were still okay. We slowly parted our lips and held hands while we hiked back to camp but we didn't speak as we walked and I happily recalled in my mind the events, the touches, and the feelings of the day being with Rebecca and I hope she did too.

I suppose Paul and Sarah wrecked all that as neither of us could get the images of them fucking out of our minds. When we got within sight of the camp, we embraced for one more kiss before departing to opposite sides of the camp. Later that night, I lay in my bunk thinking of the day and wishing I had enough privacy to jack off to the sensation of Rebecca's soft lips and warm feel of her breast and maybe to the thought of Sarah's round ass.


The next afternoon, I walked on the dock which extended out into the swimming area of the lake. It was my turn to be the lifeguard for a couple of hours and I sat in the lifeguard chair and watched the swimmers. I saw Paul in the water with his campers and I thought how lucky that guy was and I began to day dream for a second and then I abruptly snapped back to reality when I realized I was staring across the dock instead of looking at the swimmers in the water. I recognized her red hair and knew it was Sarah on the other dock and it seemed she was smiling directly at me before she drove into the water and then she was lost in a group of giggling girls thrashing about in the water. I wondered what she would say or think if she knew what I saw.
Rebecca and I continued our routine and we met when we could. We never talked about what we saw and I'm pretty sure Rebecca wished it had never happened. When you spend your entire life being told that (teenage) sex is wrong and sinful and bad and scandalous and perverted and the devil's work, to witness it first hand was sort of traumatic. I was feeling guilty, perverted, shamed, sinful and yet I was strangely turned on all at the same time. I couldn't get the image of Sarah's ass and red pussy hair out of mind, not to mention how hard her nipples looked. I had been forever changed by what I had witnessed and my sweet and tender moment of making out with Rebecca and even getting a feel of her breast had been trumped by the perversion that was Sarah and Paul.

While Rebecca and I maintained our outward appearances as usual, I yearned to touch her. I wanted to kiss her and feel her breast again. I wanted to be with her and it was tough acting all normal during the week. I was thrilled to see that we both had Sunday afternoon off again and we agreed to meet after Sunday morning services. We left after lunch and we walked the same trail back to our stone cave at the crest of the hill. We embraced with strong lasting hugs when we reached our secret place. I felt so exhilarated to feel Rebecca's body pressed close to mine.

"You don't know how hard this week has been or how long it took for today to get here," I told her.
"Is hasn't been any easier on me either," she told me. "My body aches for you too."

"I'm glad," I smiled as I took her hand and led her the last few feet to our stone perch.

Rebecca climbed up first and I watched her butt ascend above me and then I followed. Rebecca took off her hiking shoes and socks, dangling her bare feet off the edge of the perch and I did the same thing before sitting next to her as my feet were hot from hiking. We sat quietly for a few minutes enjoying the view and the cool air on our feet. We were relaxed and at peace knowing we had privacy away from all the screaming campers and fellow counselors (unless Paul and Sarah showed up again, of course).
Rebecca spoke first. "I'm not sure what to do," she said. "I know it's silly but..."
"I know," I replied. "We've known each other for a long time but this is a big first for us. I'm not sure how far you want to go with this."
Rebecca leaned over close to me. "As far as you are comfortable with," she whispered.

"Same for you," I replied back.

She softly kissed me with her lips interlocking with mine. We wrapped our arms around each other as the kissing became more passionate. I once again felt my cock grow hard and I slowly dug my hand into the back of Rebecca's shorts. My fingers felt against her cotton panties and I caressed her butt cheeks through the material. Rebecca moaned with approval and she lifted my T shirt over my head. Her eyes glazed over my naked tanned chest and she began to softly kiss across it, stunning me when she sucked on one of my nipples.

She sat back. "Did you like that?" She asked softly.
I nodded as she stretched her legs out on the needles and moss and I was surprised when she removed her T shirt. I moved my legs beside hers as Rebecca nervously grinned while tossing her hair from side to side. Then she reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and slowly removed it from her body.

I saw what I had only felt for a few minutes the previous Sunday. Her boobs were more beautiful than I had imagined. They stuck out like Hershey kisses and her nipples were a light brown, almost oblong when hard. Her chest was so white compared to her very tanned neck and arms which resulted from wearing one piece swim suits. I slowly extended my index finger and ran it along the tan line of her chest while I stared into her deep blue eyes as my finger continued to run across her chest.

I leaned forward and placed a nipple between my lips. Her hard nipple felt pleasant on my lips as I flicked my tongue against it tasting her. I moved her nipple deeper into my mouth and I began to happily suck on it. Rebecca let out a moan as her hands clenched the skin of my back. I slowly released Rebecca's nipple from my mouth as my hands cupped each breast, enjoying the sensations coming from each finger.
Rebecca nervously pushed on my chest until I released her breasts.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I don't think I would be doing this if I hadn't seen what we saw last week,' she told me.


"I've been thinking about it all week," she admitted. "I want you to be happy the way Sarah looked happy with Paul."

I lay back flat on the perch and pointed toward my groin. "Look what you do to me," I said.

Rebecca's eyes went wide and she actually giggled when she saw that the center of my shorts was raised up.

"Do you think Paul and Sarah was the devil tempting us?" Rebecca asked.

"No," I admitted. "I just think they were two horny people wanting to get laid."

"How come I was disgusted by it at the same time I was turned on by it?" She asked.

"I guess we're just human," I sighed.

She leaned over me and ran the tips of her nipples lightly down my chest as she unbuckled my belt. She sat up slightly and continued to unzip my shorts. Pulling the folds of the material aside, a column behind white cotton briefs stuck out which she lightly ran her hand across it. Rebecca noticed how wet it was.
"You didn't cum did you?"
I shook my head. "Only pre-cum but I'm almost ready to shoot my load just from touching you."
Rebecca nodded in understanding. "We've both been worked up for weeks."

"I think we need some release," I said. "There's no place to beat off around here. There's always people around."

She grabbed the waist band of my shorts and briefs and I swallowed nervously as she slid them off down my legs. Rebecca placed the clothes to the side and stared at my hard cock waving in the air with its pre-cum oozing from the tip.

"Wow," she said. "That's what it looks like."

She placed her finger tip on my cockhead and lightly smoothed the clear sticky liquid around the head. My cock had a slight spasm as her finger played with it.

"Are you going to cum now?" She wondered.

"I feel like I'm ready to explode," I admitted.

She continued to lightly feel and explore and then she placed my dick in her gripped hand while moving it up and down. We exchanged smiles as Rebecca knew what pleasure she was giving me. The silence of the outdoors was broken by the sticky sound coming from her hand rubbing on my cock.
"Have you done this before?" I asked.

She shook her head no. "It's a sin, right?"
She lifted her hand up the length of my cock until it popped out of her hand. She then stood up and looked at my nude body for a moment before she began to remove her shorts and I stared at her with an admiring face while she stood before me in just cotton panties. She placed her thumbs into the elastic waistband and I nodded 'please' before she pulled off her panties. We were now together, completely naked.

She turned around to toss her panties into the clothes pile and I stared at her white ass that contrasted to the rest of her tanned body. I was too moved to saying anything so I just looked at her beauty as turned back around and sat in front of me, spreading her legs apart with a serious look on her face, watching me stare at her pussy for the first time.

"I wanted you to see me," she whispered. "You're the first. The only."

She took her index finger and removed another drip of pre-cum from my cock head. Then she took her moistened finger and placed it between her pussy lips.
I raised myself up slightly by my elbows and watched her touch herself. Her finger appeared and disappeared as she began to rub herself. In a short time, Rebecca spread her wet pussy lips open for me to see. Her finger began to move in small circles over her hard clit as she began to quietly moan.

"This is what I do when I think of you," she whispered.

She let out a gasp of air, paused her finger, closed her eyes, and then continued rubbing. She opened her eyes and looked at me seriously as she inched a little closer and began to pump my cock with her other hand while she continued to touch herself. She began to move both hands faster until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh I'm going to cum, Becks!" I yelled.

She quickly stopped touching herself and she placed her palm inches above my cock as it began to jerk up in her fist as hot cum shot onto the palm of her other hand and drip back to the earth. I kept shooting loads of cum into her hands until finally I relaxed.

"I haven't been able to beat off since we got here," I said almost desperately. "That was a long time coming and so much better with you here with me like this."
Rebecca looked at the white globs of cum on her hands. "It feels weird." She slowly wiped the warm cum along my thigh.
"I've been really worked up this week thinking about us," I told her. "You're pretty good at this."
Rebecca blushed. "Thanks."

"You sure you've never done this before?"

"It's a sin," she reminded me. "Just alone. But that's still a sin."
I sat up and Rebecca took my hand and rubbed it over her pussy hair. I took her invitation to explore and I began to run my fingers along her clit and along her pussy lips. Being too eager, I ran my fingertip to her pussy hole where I stopped and blushed.

"Rebecca, I've done some stuff with girls but I've never have gone all the way."
"Then this will be something special between us," she smiled.

"Are you sure you want us to do it?"

"Luke, I'm eighteen and heading to college. Don't you think it's about time?"

"Even if it's a sin?" I asked.

"God will forgive us," she said.
She leaned over to softly kiss me and I enjoyed the warm wet tight feeling as her tongue slipped into my mouth and my cock grew hard again. Her hand found mine and she led it back to her opening.

"Go ahead and touch," she urged.

I began moving my finger in and out of his her pussy while I tried to keep my thumb moving on her clit at the same time. Rebecca began to moan and thrust her hips against my hand. I was sucking on her tongue as she squealed out a pleasurable moan.

"I want you in me," she whispered.
She gently lowered her back to stone surface and spread her legs apart. I boosted myself up and hovered over her on my hands and knees, kissing up her stomach, across her breasts, and finally back to her lips. With an exchange of tongues, I lightly lowered my body on top of hers, enjoying the feeling of flesh against flesh and her nipples pushing into my chest.

I slowly moved my hard cock back and forth along her wet pussy lips. Then I maneuvered my hand on my cock and guided it to her pussy, slowly sliding in. It felt so wonderful like falling into a soft warm pillow. I remained still for a minute, enjoying the feeling for my first time and then I felt Rebecca's hands clench around my back and her legs rose around my hips. I knew it was time to start pumping and with some help from her legs around my hips, I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy in a slow steady rhythm. She cried out and I knew I had just taken her virginity.

"Oh, Becks," I sobbed. "Thank you so much."

"Keep going," she said through her tears.

It seemed to be a long time before Rebecca started to moan in orgasm and her legs pushed my hips harder and faster. I soon realized that feeling in my balls and cock. I was going to cum soon.

"Rebecca... I am going to cum any minute. You want me to pull out?"
She moaned. "Cum in me, Luke. I want to feel it. I had my period last week. It's okay."
The closer I got to cumming, the harder and faster I pumped my cock into Rebecca. I let out a groan and then stiffened while loads of hot cum erupted from my cock into her channel. I let the pleasure pass through my head as each spurt left my body. I couldn't believe I had actually just fucked Rebecca and came in her. I wanted to cry and laugh and dance all at the same time.

I relaxed on top of Rebecca as my cock slowly slid out. She untangled her legs from my hips and let them relax. She held me with her arms around my back and my face was pressed against her breasts as we lay there silently. I saw blood spots on the stone beneath us.

"I love you," Rebecca whispered. "I'm glad it was with you. I waited for you. I wanted it to be with you. It was always you."
I replied without thinking or hesitating. "I love you too."

While we lay together quietly, I realized how much I really did love her. She was the only girl I thought about, the only girl I wanted to be with. Finally, I slowly got up, stretched, and searched through the pile of clothes for the canteen of water. I found it and took a long drink as I stood naked at the edge of the perch and stared at the pond and woods. I had never felt better or more alive in my life. I sat back down and Rebecca cuddled into my arms with her back against my chest and my arms around her waist. We shared drinks from the canteen and bites of a candy bar that Rebecca had in the pocket of her shorts. We stayed cuddled together naked in the outdoors for almost an hour and then Rebecca felt my cock harden against her ass cheeks.
"Feels like someone is happy," she smiled.
"Yeah, I agreed. "Let's do it again."
"Sounds nice, she said, "But I think we'll have to save that for another time. It's getting late and we should go back."
I began to lightly kiss her on the back of her neck and softly caress her breast. "You sure?" I whispered.
"God, you make this so hard," she laughed. "But yes, we do have to go back."
"I guess you're right," I said sadly. "I just don't want this day to end."
"Luke, I understand," she sighed. "It was wonderful. But we don't want to get into trouble or caught."
"I know," I said as I began to sort out my clothing from the pile.

We slowly dressed and we exchanged smiles. I descended the perch first and then I helped Rebecca down too. We had left the camp hours earlier virgins and now we walked back to camp experienced lovers, holding hands with our arms around each other's waist. When we arrived at the outskirts of the camp, we looked to see if anyone was around and then we gave each other a long passionate kiss before separating for each side of the camp.

I was in a dreamy state the rest of the evening and I slept soundly through the night. I was bright and alert for the next day but found that my body was very sore from making love. Rebecca and I both found it very hard not to act normal around each other when we met for lunch or breaks. We found it very hard not just to stare into each other's eyes.
I counted the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Sunday arrived again and we could go to our secret place again. We talked about college and our future plans as we walked. Rebecca was going to UMASS-Amherst which wasn't all that far from my hometown of Hillsboro. I would be attending Green College and living at home and because UMASS was only about twenty miles away we planned on seeing a lot more of each other than just the summer camp experience. We were both excited by that prospect, convinced that our newly discovered love would get us through our college days.
We climbed onto our perch and immediately began to strip off our clothes after a week of being responsible Christian leaders and mentors. We were both anxious to enjoy each other and we stared into each other's smiling faces as shirts were removed and shorts dropped. Soon we were naked and embracing in the open air. Rebecca lay on her back and I kissed her breasts while my cock grew against her thigh. I sucked on each nipple and pulled on them with my lips. My hand roamed her stomach and settled between her legs. After a quick hand glide over her pussy, I began to lightly finger her clit as I kissed across her stomach.

"Do you want to try what Paul did to Sarah?" I asked.

"You mean with your mouth?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah," I said. "We should see what it's like. After watching Paul please Sarah, I want to put my tongue between your legs and find out what pussy eating is all about." Rebecca moaned lightly from the touch of my finger and she giggled slightly as my tongue ran from her belly button to the top of her left thigh.

"Okay?" I asked.

"I guess," she replied nervously.

I climbed between her legs and began to lightly kiss the hair around her pussy. The slightly sour and earthly smell of her wet lips filled my nostrils. I took my hands and spread her pussy lips open. I could actually feel her heat as my lips drew closer and my tongue touched her pussy for the first time.

Rebecca closed her legs together. "This is really a sin," she said.

I pushed her legs apart and continued to explore with my tongue but I had to keep pushing her legs apart as my tongue touched and tasted each body part for the first time. Rebecca finally relaxed her legs as she began to feel the pleasure of my tongue.

"Holy cow," she moaned. "I thought it felt like fingers at first but your tongue is smoother, softer, wetter, more agile, and more exciting."

I let my tongue lap across her clit.
"Keep licking there," She pleaded.
I concentrated my tongue on her hard clit. It had a pleasant feel to it as it moved and bobbed around my tongue. Then I took a finger and found that it inserted easily into her wet pussy so I began to move it in and out with my tongue lapping her clit like a dog.

Rebecca placed her hands on my head and then grabbed my hair, pushing my face into her pussy while screaming out in a large orgasm. I jolted as my hair was being pulled but then her fingers relaxed and I lifted my face to look at her. Rebecca opened her glazed eyes and looked down at me with amazement.

"That was so good," She said quietly. "Put your thing in me now!" She begged. "But you can't come in me this time. It's around ovulation time."

I slowly slid over Rebecca's body and placed my cock where my tongue had been. As Rebecca's legs lifted to wrap around my hips, my cock moved into her wet pussy. I was pumping hard and fast while Rebecca continually moaned and when I began to feel like I could cum I stopped moving with my cock deep inside her. I stayed motionless in her and I gave her a kiss, enjoying the feeling of her body surrounding me. Rebecca gave me a bright smile and I returned to my fast pace until I knew I was going to explode so I pulled out and watched as my cum shot all over her stomach and breasts.

"Oh, golly," she said as she rubbed her hand in it and then wiped her hand all over breasts and then moved her hand up to her mouth.

On impulse, I fell on her and kissed her madly. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you," I sang.

She laughed and clutched me with both her arms wrapping around my back. "I love you too, Luke."


My college years with Rebecca were one of the highpoints of my life as we spent four years enjoying a spiritual and committed relationship together. Funny how I thought things would turn out. I was majoring in accounting but and after a summer internship with a radio ministry I changed my major to Theology. After college, Rebecca and I parted ways as our careers and interests took us in different directions but we never ended our love for each other.

Years later, I stopped by the Christian Camp that my father still had ties too. I said hello to the director who was still running the place and I smiled at the new generation of campers and counselors that had replaced people like me and Rebecca and Sarah and Paul and the hundreds of others who had spent time at 'Spirit in the Woods' Teenage Christian Camp.

I took a walk along the familiar path to see if the perch was still there and indeed it was. I smiled with nostalgic reverence as I remembered my times with Rebecca there, discovering sex for the first time and realizing that I had fallen in love with my long time camp companion.

We had both left our virginities on that perch and I could almost smell her again as I remembered our times together on the stone nest. I was never a judgmental hypocrite when teenagers confessed to me their indiscretions and slips along the way, telling me of sexual encounters in closets or backseats, admitting that they lusted or masturbated or sinned against our Faith because I was one of those sinners once.

I talked about abstinence and safe sex, waiting until you knew you were in love, practicing self-sex and mutual masturbation as an alternative if they couldn't wait, but I never tried to shame them or make them feel guilty for their feelings and their urges knowing that I had fallen to the same pressures and temptations at that age.

I climbed up onto the perch and glanced around at our bed of lust.

"It sure was special, wasn't it, Becks?" I said aloud with a sentimental smile.