Stay in the Light

The flickering light hung just a few feet above Brad Boccia's head. He came down into the old tunnels of the mine to try and find a lost boy. He went missing a few days ago and a whiteness saw him playing by the mines. Thinking that he might of went in and got lost, the small town of Norton quickly put together a search party to look around the mine's many tunnels.

About half an hour of searching, they finally found the kid. Dead. Even in Brad's position the haunting memory of how they found the kid makes him want to vomit. The kid's eyes were open wide with horror. His stomach was torn open, it looked like he was eaten. Blood covered the floor they stood on.

An ear shattering scream brought Brad back to reality. Another of his friends is now certainly dead by this thing. Brad was had no idea what it even looked like, the tunnels are so dark that it is hard to see even five feet in front of you. Brad closes his eyes, hoping foolishly that it will block out reality. Hoping that if he tries hard enough, he can go back home and none of this would have happened. Tears begin pouring out of his eyes like a broken dam. He will never see his family again. Never see his beautiful wife, never get to watch his daughter grow up.

Brad could hear movement just outside the door of the old room. His breath hitches in his throat, too scared to let out even the slightest noise. His hands are shaking and his heart his threatening to pound right out of his chest. Sweat falls to the floor below him as he tries to get his body back under control, failing miserably at it. As quickly as the strange noise came, it vanishes. Brad slowly let out his held breath.

A sudden large bang against the door causes Brad to scream in pure horror. Brad backs up to the very end of the room and just sits there under the light, watching as the door threatened to explode with each hit that it received. Terror has completely overcome Brad. He can't think straight, his ears are plagued by a constant ringing and his vision is blurry. The door explodes open causing Brad to cover his face with his hands to protect himself from the wooden shrapnel. All Brad could see were blood red eyes staring into blue eyes. The shaking came back, except this time it wasn't just his hands, it was his whole body. Brad didn't even bother to choke back a scream as the flickering light flickered a few more times before finally accepting its death.