A dancer moves

Like the notes of

A melody; or

Like the breeze

That tempts the trees.

She turns

Again, again,


Aligned, compacted,


She falls,

The weight of the music

Slows the laws of


The floor pulls her

Down, while the melody

Holds her.

But it cannot

Keep her


She rolls,

Smoothly across

The unforgiving studio floor

Because she knows

If she does not

She will die

At the hand of gravity.

Then up


To complete

The story she tells

With her movements.

She finds

a duet

in the mirror.

A partner

In the floor.

A friend

In the secret onlooker.

A lover

In the melody.

She has sculpted

Her body, her


The arches of her feet,

Her back,

Are stretched .

Her lips


In a smile

That holds a secret

Only to be told

By the tips

Of her fingers.

Eyes half closed,

She stands on relive

Losing this

Calm moment in

Her private paradise.

A dance.