the flames,
of life and love.
watch them burn
with comforting, warm

watch the wax fall
down like lost tears.
collecting at the bottom,
a dry mess,
of hurt.

don t leave your candle to burn,
if you re not willing to use its light.
light it.
leave it.
watch it die.

shorter its life
crawling to the end.
burning its insides.
for you.

can you feel its warmth?
absorbed by the air.
because of your absence.
because you lit it and left it.
to burn to die.

burning at both ends
quickening its demise.
feel the flames
that burn its heart.

the candle screaming
nearing the other end.
flame on the ambush,
no way out.
and left.

candle go out.
candle shine no more.
candle die.

all that s left are the ashes.
the wax and the smell,
of a burnt out life.