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Book 1: Shadowlight

Chapter 1: Birthright

Eliwood Thananis Death, or Evan for short, woke up with a jolt. He knew what today was, and his excitement was brewing. He was going to be inheriting his father's job today, one of the most important jobs in the Abyss.

The Abyss is like a giant Dark Metropolis, where Demon and Fallens alike spend their days. It is eternally twilight in that area, and everywhere in Abyss for that matter. The mysteriousness on the never changing lighting has worried some. In the western reaches of Abyss is a forest, with twisted trees and poisonous swamps. Dios, the thing inside all things that allows use of magic, is like a heavy mist in this forest. Those who venture near, normally come out insane, or demented. To the south is Ifrit Volcano, it is a dangerous place to live, with Ashen Hellfire spewing out of the ground every so often, and other strange phenomena happens here too. Like Meteor Hail, or Lava Rain. Only those who can withstand fire can survive this living Inferno. To the east is the Sands of Time, where Time originates from, and a timeline doesn't exist. The Temperature of this area is also an extreme, as it can range from Absolute Zero, to Supernova Temperatures. To the north are the frozen icy depths of hell, it is often called the Unholy Ocean, because of many strange twisted creatures that live in these frigid depths. There is always a raging Blizzard in this area, and opposite to it is a huge Maelstorm. These two disasters orbit around each other like a binary star system, making crossing this godless place almost impossible.

The opposite of Abyss is Sanctuary, a giant garden like place that is lined with benches of Marble and Ivory, and if the Home to Angels and others. The garden has many different consumables, from the lush and deadly nightshade to the golden Apple of Sin. To the South in Sanctuary is the Monochrome Wasteland, where neither Black nor White can be told apart. In the middle of this place is a Prison, which is where almost all court cases in Sanctuary and Abyss happen, the court's Judge is quick to execute anyone. To the North is the Helios Mountains, where thunderstorms are as common as air. Here is where better souls come to purge their sins, and for Angels to make offerings to God. To the East is the Spatial Woods, where Space originates, and the place is normally filled with broken, distorted matter. Here, Mushrooms grow to their prime, and normally have magical effects, but at the cost of unwanted side effects, like insanity to other, more dreadful effects. To the east, is a crystal lattice, and is another place where Dios is like heavy mist. Some of the holy beings who venture in aren't that Holy anymore. This almost inescapable, ever changing Crystal goes by the name of Dioxum Novus. In the Ancient Tongue, this translates to "The Magical Star," but most call it the "Sanity Breaker."

The middle realm is called Terra, or Earth by its residence. Abyss and Sanctuary to those who live on Terra is simply referred to Hell and Heaven. Terra is very much not hard to describe, as its geography is simple really. It has a Giant Landmass surrounded by water, with a lot of different Climates. Two Countries are well known to Abyss and Sanctuary. They are Called Solos and Lunos. These two countries are normally competing with each other, and even though there are a lot of hostilities, there is still peace between them.

Evan gets up, and changes out of his bed clothes, when he returns to his bedroom; he is dressed in his usual clothes. A jade green reaper's hood, with his family's insignia on the top, and at the tail of the hood is a light blue crystal orb. On the hood are intricate runes that allow the wearer to use magic. He then has on a light silken shirt, with a light hue of purple to match his Amethyst colored eyes. His shorts are made up of wool from an animal that is called a Cumulus. This cloud like creature is valuable for its meet, milk, and wool. The shorts are light beige and have a couple of pockets.

Evan stands at around 5 ft. 6, a little tall for his age; he only is twelve after all. He has a light mop of shaggy blonde hair on his head, with it being jagged around certain areas. His eyes are cold; the Amethyst color not able to show any emotion at all. He has a scar on his left hand, the darkish red standing out from his almost ashen skin.

He brushes his teeth, gets his sandals on, and walks slowly out of the room. He soon reaches the living room, a simplistic place with a TV and a giant bookshelf. He grabs his mage's book, and heads off to the dinner table. He takes a plate of Cockatrice eggs with a side of bacon, and reads his book. He notices his brother at the table.

"Morning Evan." He tells him

"Good Morning Big Brother." He replies

"So, today's the day. I remember when I had the chance to inherit this, but I declined. I knew that publicity was what I didn't want. So I declined, and continued taking care of what I had to do." He tells Evan, whom just put the book down.

"Really? Well, what do you want to do?" Evan asks

"I want to get out of here; I want to get out of the Abyss. It doesn't feel right for a human to be here. I hope to find a way out someday." He replies, taking a bite out of whatever he was eating.

"Well, I'm sure you will find a way out." Evan encourages

"Thanks Evan, but now I have to jet. Sensei would kill me if I was late again." He then gets up, and runs out the door. Evan sighed; his brother was always taking care of him after the incident that happened years ago with their Mother. His father always was at work now, so Evan only really sees his brother. Even though his brother is two years older than him, Evan still looks up to him, but the things in his heart sometimes clouds his judgment.

He pushes in the chair, and merrily walks out of the house. Abyss only has one major town, and the sunlight was a little darker than most places. It seemed like it was never-ending twilight here, but there was a day cycle. Evan sprinted towards the Mage's Guild, where he normally practiced some magic. He greets the owner of the joint, and then walks outside. Evan was at the training field, where he saw all races that reside in the realm practicing magic. Scanning the field, he saw many spells failing, or backfiring

You need to have an object to increase your abilities at a young age like this, or must be in a magic lineage demon line. Fallens aren't really allowed to cast magic, or have limits on their abilities. Now, let me show them…

"Rime!" Evan shouts, his voice stopping the crowd. The simple ice spell had the dummy freeze over, and the ice attack was ripping it to shreds. He smirks, proud of his abilities. He continues to cast simple spells, like atmos, rime, and infernus. When he was done, Evan sits down, eating a sandwich he made when he was at home. Then a couple of Imps came to his way, and started to taunt him. He just got up, and walked away. He knew violence wasn't the answer. It's wrong to use violence.

He then continues his daily routine, grabbing supplies from the general store, grabbing pet supplies from the Vampires, and other things too. Evan, carrying a huge load on his shoulder, sat down, sighing, he puts down what he bought next to him. He then felt himself being pulled into a dark alleyway, and saw a faint silver gleam in the darkness. He started to shiver, fear enveloping his body.

"W-what do you want with me?" He questions, his voice stuttering

"I want to kill you fool. Your blood would fetch a good price." A malicious voice replies

"B-b-but, my dad's a Reaper." He stammers, his voice breathing heavily

"Ya, and I have magical dancing ponies." The voice replies sarcastically.

"I-I-I'm serious." He faintly retorts

"You don't sound serious." The voice replies as Evan feels cold metal ripping his flesh. Screaming, he sees blood gushing out of his right arm.

"PLEASE!" He begs, but he felt the blade go deeper. He screamed from the pain, but then, it stopped. Crying, he saw the gleam fall, and heard a soft thud. Evan then felt picked up, and knew who it was.

"B-big brother…" He sobbed, burying his face into his older sibling's chest

"It's all right, but how did this happen." He softly asked Evan

"I d-don't know … I mean …; it came out of … nowhere." Evan replied crying.

"I think, that was an assassin."

"Why would somebody assassinate me!" Evan wailed

"Maybe they didn't want the current ways to change, who knows, but we need to clean you up before your ceremony. Now, let's get you home and give you a bath."

"I love you Big Brother."

"I love you too Evan."

/) (\

Forgetting what happened earlier that day, Evan looks at his father, his short blond hair drifting through the wind. He knew what today was, and has awaited it for a long time. Though he hasn't lost his innocence yet, he was about to take on one of the Abyss' famed jobs. He was about to inherit his father's position as a reaper. He heard his name being called out,and he walkesd up to the podium, hearing the cheers of demons and fallens alike. His father was a tall man, and looked like he was well into his forties. His mahogany coat standing out from his luminescent skin, he held up a scythe. The ebony wood twisted in a way that made it look not even of Witch's craft, and the curved blade at the top, looked like a bloodied crescent moon. The Garnet blade was hued a little bit black, from stained blood. His father looks at him in surprise that he was the one standing there.

"Son, your only Twelve, yet you already have gone this far, I am glad to give you this weapon. Eliwood Thanasis Death, Do you swear to take this job, and uphold it until the next generation comes?" His father questions him, his ruby eyes piercing Evan's skin.

"I do." Evan replies, his Amethyst eyes shining in the corrupted moonlight. He takes the weapon, and felt the smoothness of the wood, and sees the sharpness of the never-dulling blade. He then turns towards the crowd. "I swear upon my honor, and my birthright, that I will become as powerful as Lord Grim himself!" He shouts, sending out the crowds cheers and joys. He then bows, and waves to the crowd, not knowing his promise, was more gripping then he could expect.

~End of Chapter~

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