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Chapter 3: Work

Evan looked at the simple design of the rug on the floor; it wasn't too shabby, just a plaid rug made with plant fibers and dyes. He studied the flow of the thread, and saw it followed the timeline of the two words, each major death highlighted by a black and gold thread. He heard his father talking about it one day

/) (\

"Evan." The man in robed in black said

"What is it Father?" He asked, his Amethyst eyes shining with curiosity.

"This rug you see here marks the history of the two worlds. It is a valuable craft to historians, and you, one day should study it like your brother has."

"You mean Onii-Chan studied this rug?" The young boy replied with awe.

"Yes…Now, let's start here…"

/) (\

The memory quickly faded out of Evan's mind as he got up, and he sighed. He had Nostalgia on his mind, but knew it would be overkill later. He looked around for a certain Angel.

"Alyssa! Are you here?" He called out, with no response. He summoned the blade, and went to check around the area for the Angel. She only moved in yesterday, but with them bonding over a simple treat made them feel like old friends.

Evan checked her room; all he saw has the overkill of pink and technology. Along with some of her 'Trophies', like a severed Goat-Bear head, or the plumage of a Roc. She seemed to be an avid hunter, well for an angel at least. He closed the door, and sighed. Where could she be?

He decided to walk down the hall; it had various paintings of Reapers past, and some small details under them. He knew that if she wasn't here, she was outside getting herself use to Abyss.

"No… That wouldn't be logical, but considering an angel in Abyss, that's already illogical." Evan muttered as he walked by some plants. He turned his head, and saw a faint gleam. Suddenly, something lashed out, and he toppled over. When his vision cleared up, he saw Alyssa on top of him

"W-what are you doing!" Evan asked her with shock

"What does it look like?" She asked, a little annoyed

"Trying to give me a heart attack!" Evan yelled

"You're not old! Come on, loosen up a bit!" She exclaimed

Who are you and what have you done to Alyssa? Even wanted to reply, but kept the thought in his head

"Are you always… Like this?" He asked her cautiously

"No… I just have this weird urge from time to time to pull pranks on people." She replied, getting up and dusting herself off. She extended a hand, and he took it, helping him stabilize. She put on her glasses, and went off to her room. Evan still thought the whole ordeal was a little odd…

/) (\

"This is it Alyssa…" Evan tells the girl next to him. They arrived at a tall building made almost entirely from glass.

"Why is it made of glass?" Alyssa asks

"We might be considered as 'hell' but at least we want to look nice, to prove people of the World wrong that Abyss is not the Hell they think of. Do you see any raging infernos or us burning souls?" Evan asked her as they stepped inside the building. Evan still had his Reaper's hood, but instead of his regular cloths, had a black suit on. Alyssa had on a nice lavender business dress on her, the skirt might be cut low, but it still looked good on her, and the glasses simply lay on her nose

"No… I guess you guys are trying something…" Alyssa tells him, and then pushes the elevator button. "What floor?"

"69." Evan replied with a small smirk appearing on her face.

"For Ms. Serious, your awfully-"Evan was cut off

"Don't speak of this…" Alyssa pleaded, and he gave a curt nod. They silently waited in the elevator, with nice mahogany walls and soft carpets. They listened to the cheery elevator tune, and then walked out when the door opened. They had a pretty nice view of Abyss, though it was dark, it still was very nice. The building seemed to emulate a better aura then the places around them. Evan led Alyssa to a room where countless demons were located. They saw a Succubus, a Witch, a Vampire, and such others. Evan gulped in nervousness at the meeting that was about to begin.

Here's where I prove that I can surpass my father…

Evan and Alyssa sat down in the two available seats, the head of the table, and the chair to the left of it.

"So you two finally arrived. Eliwood, would you like to introduce the young gal next to you?" The Vampire asked him

"It's Evan Sir, well Alucard, this is Alyssa. She's an angel." He responded in kind, which made all the looks shot at her. She blushed, and Evan felt sympathy for her.

"I see she's the new ambassador then. I see… hopefully she doesn't go insane…" Alucard responded, his long white beard flowing from a gentle breeze, and ashen skin almost perfectly standing out to the rest of them.

"Now, that we have this in order, we can start this meeting. You know why, right?" The Succubus asked Evan

So that we can discuss something…

"We need to talk about something, right?" Evan asked cautiously, not wanting to seem childish or wrong

"Very good… Now, we've been having reports of Werewolf attacks in the forest." She replied with a stern look on her face

"What do you mean Janice? I was just there yesterday, I didn't see no wolf." The witch replied with her foreign accent

"Rosa calm down." Janice told her in a reassuring tone

"What do you mean calm down fool, If I can't pick my mushrooms, you know very well I lose sanity." The witch replied to Janice. She had Umber skin, and her hat was adorned with skulls. Janice had light Amber hair, and a red cocktail dress on.

No matter how much she tries, a Succubus will always look slutty…

"So… Where did the reports originate?" Alyssa asked, breaking the silence.

"Hmm, somewhere in the heart of the woods." Janice replied with certain sureness

"And what we're going to do about it?" Alyssa asked again

"Send you two." Alucard replied

"Are you crazy? These are just kids, why don't you send a grown women like me instead." Rosa retorted, obviously caring for the two

"I think a Reaper and an Angel need to be tested, to see if their synergy is good." Alucard replied, lowering his Bloody Mary.

"Ou-our synergy!" Even blurted, confused at the matter

"You think we're… No, no, you see, we aren't like that! How could you think such a thing!" Alyssa stammered at the man's inquiry. She looked a little confused to Evan

We live together for starters. Evan, if he could roll his eyes, he would.

"Hmm, this shall be interesting. A Reaper and an Angel working together to solve the world's problems." Janice commented, taking out a cigarette

"But I'm an Angelic Ambassador!"

"But I'm supposed to Reap Souls!" Evan and Alyssa blurted in perfect Unison

"You're right Gal; let's see this to da end!" Rosa replied to Janice, ignoring the two's complaints

"Hmm, Evan, Alyssa. I know pronounce you Mūn'u~ōkā!" Alucard said

"English?" Evan asked

"Moonwalker, but since there are two of you, I think it would be better to call you Moonwalkers."

"Moonwalker… I've heard of that before, wasn't it-"

"A rag tag group consisting of some of the most clashing morale values that saved the world?" Alyssa finished for Evan

"Yes, now, we will tell you when you have missions like this." Alucard told the two

"No wait a minute, how will we tell Sanctuary! We can't simply go up there and tell them this." Alyssa blurted out

"You seem to forget Onee-Chan, I was sent here just for this Meeting." Replied a small child sitting in the chair

"Hermes!" Alyssa yelled

"You know Ota-san would do this, I'll tell him now." Hermes replied, being surrounded in a white light. With that he disappeared into thin air, and after a certain working out of some things, the meeting was adjourned.

/) (\

Evan sat down, watching TV. Nothing was really on, so he curled up onto a pillow, and softly drifted to sleep. It was comfortable to him, and he enjoyed naps on his couch. He hazily saw Alyssa sitting next to him. She just gave him a nod to continue sleeping. It seemed awkward, but wasn't.

He was surprised when he felt a nudge, and saw Alyssa looking at him. He saw in her eyes she was also tired, and she made inaudible sounds from her lips. Evan, almost completely understanding in this state, just gave a curt not of his head, and he felt her next to him. He protectively put an arm around her waist, and her small wings gently adjusted to his stomach. The two then drifted off to sleep.

/) (\

Evan had strange, yet wonderful dreams. Full of dancing Goat-Bears and a deer that served Peppermint Schnapps, lollipops that did the Macarena with a light diamond dust falling over the scene; like some whimsical drunken winter wonderland, but the weird part was that Evan was sober during the dream. He really didn't find any meaningful in the dream, but why did he remember it so crystalline?

Odd, this must out of something important. It involved a lot of Sweets and Liquor, and things only possible with magic? Was I seeing a vision or something else entirely? Maybe it's a forewarning of something to come…

He felt Alyssa stir next to him, so he just lied there for a moment, lost in his thoughts. He wasn't aware that she was trying to get up, and he still had a grip on her. He heard her squirming, and then let go of her. She jumped up, panting, and gave him the evil eye.

"What time did we fall asleep?" She asked

"Three." Evan replied

"What time is it now?" She asked again, worried that her day was taken away

"Six." He responded in kind

"Great. I'll get started on dinner then…" Alyssa moaned, going into the kitchen

/) (\

Evan and Alyssa quietly ate their dinner together, already being tired from the nap. It was Udon Noodles with a side of Salad. It wasn't anything to fancy, they were both tired, and it was a long day. They sat on the deck, watching the sunset. It was a very nice view, but Evan just had a feeling that something was amiss.

"So, that was work? It doesn't seem like much, we just have meetings all day. I thought it was going to be terrible." The Orange said

"Well, we have field work; those three get to leisurely sit around all day trying to solve this place's problems." The blonde responded in kind

"I thought I was going to get a fluffy room with a nice cherry wood desk with a man-servant; surely you guys have something better for the ambassadors to do." Alyssa told him with a hint of disappointment

"Well, normally, but since you actually brought a weapon, and seem more interested in helping out both of our worlds instead of doing paper work all day." Evan told her, finishing a piece of meat.

"True…" She agreed, casting an awkward silence over the two

"Hey, did you dream about sweets?" Evan asked her, breaking the silence

"No, why do you ask?" She responded curiously

"Hmm, just this dream I had. It feels like something important is going to happen to us soon involving dessert… I don't know what though." He responded in kind

"Hmm, maybe we'll figure this out when we go to the forest. It's just a forest, right?" Alyssa asked cautiously

"Nope, you'll see when we get there Alyssa. Thinking about it, I'm really not surprised that Werewolves are in the forest." Evan told her, setting his plate down

"Why?" She asked him

"Like I said, you'll see Alyssa. I'm going to be, good night." He told her, walking inside of the house. Putting the dish onto the kitchen counter and then walked into his room, and slept in his bed. Alyssa just stayed out there a little more, wondering about what he meant.

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