My curiosity paces my mind,

Like a tiger in a cage,

I'd much rather let it run wild,

But it might go on a rampage.

I'd rather watch the stars,

Then all these cars passing by,

They block out the sound,

Of the rest of the night.

In the front row I can't hear the band,

For the sound of the crowd,

I'll slip on my headphones and wonder,

Do they know they're too loud?

This city is a monstrous place,

Preying on our sincerity,

I lost my way in these cruel streets,

These alleys are verging on ghastly.

My apartment's dirty carpet,

Is the closest thing I've seen to moss,

Since I don't know when,

I find this as quite a devastating loss.

Think I might pack my bags,

And head for the hills where

The horizons kiss the sun goodnight,

I think I might like it there.

So take me away from this smoggy place,

Some place where clouds are just water,

Get me out of this concrete cage,

To a place where the stars are brighter.

I'll fall asleep to singing birds,

Instead of the ambulance's plaintive wail,

If you want to reach me don't bother to call,

Threw out my cell phone in exchange for mail.

If you ever get tired and want to shut your eyes,

Away from the place that never sleeps,

Just pack your bags and catch a ride,

You can come out to meet me.